Snake Flex Review

Snake Flex As Seen On TV Offer

Snake Flex’s as seen on tv offer looks very lucrative – 2 Snake Flex flexible screwdriver extensions for $30. But if you are not satisfied with them then you still have to pay $10 to ship them back.

What is Snake Flex?

Snake Flex alleges it is a universal flexible screwdriver extender that is designed to make its way around corners and easily fit in tight spaces! It emphasizes it is a must have too in every household.

Snake Flex Uses

Snake Flex Phony Uses


Again on the design-board, the Snake Flex has a lot of uses but it usefulness does not reflect in the reviews.

How does Snake Flex work?

Snake Flex claims it is very simple and easy to use! Just slide on the Snake Flex, choose any screws, nuts or bolts, and you will have an extender that can reach up to 12 inches. Though at this very point there are no reviews that can substantiate with this claim.
It asserts its secret lies in the steel torsion linkage that twists and turns inside its rigid outer shell, allowing you to flex to the perfect angle. A claim that seems too far-fetched and will only be confirmed after Snake Flex is reviewed. It also states that it delivers a better angle for increased torque making it easier to turn no matter how tight the spot. Though at this very point there are no reviews that can verify with Snake Flex claims.
Snake Flex maintains it is extremely durable, so it even works with your power drill, a claim that can only be validated once users review Snake Flex. Official website of Snake Flex is and
Snake Flex Features and Benefits

In theory the Snake Flex has many great features and benefits, but in the real world it is hardly any useful.

Snake Flex REVIEW

The Snake Flex universal flexible bit extender makes hefty claims in it infomercial but the reviews reveal the practical usefulness of the flexible bit extender. We have summarized the pros and cons of Snake Flex screwdriver here:
Flimsy – It lacks strength. The Snake Flex is very fragile and breaks down easily. And won’t last for long if used regularly.
Not suited for heavy-duty tasks – Snake Flex is not suited for tough tasks. Can be used only for small projects. This makes their use very limited.  Snake Flex is not suited for HVAC related work though depicted so in the infomercial. Snake Flex is more like a toy and certainly not made for the handyman.
Low Torque use – Suited only for low torque operations only. The Snake Flex begins to curl on to itself at higher torque.

Hit or Miss – Most Snake Flex extenders would not just turn. Applying more force would cause them to break.
Furniture – Snake flex is not suitable for furniture job. Also it is not meant to be used for automotive tasks.
Control – Snake Flex is hard to control and it creaks.
Pricing – Snake Flex universal bit extender is priced at $27.
What do I get? –  You get 6 Phillips & Flat tips | 10 Hex and Star tips | 6 Sockets | 1 Racheting driver. Most of these bonuses are useless and there is no way you can buy just the main unit.
Availability – The Snake Flex universal flexible bit extender is available only at the official website chances are quiet high that the product is back-ordered.
Returning the product – You have a 30 day window to return the product if you are not satisfied. But you still have to pay $7 for shipping the product back to the manufacturer.

Snake Flex Torque  

Snake Flex Torque

Snake Flex User REVIEWS and COMMENTS

“I started with an excellent idea. I attempted to fix the screws of my footstool using the Snake Flex. It was rotating after a try though but did not entirely fasten with the screws. So I took Snake Flex extension off and attempted with drill bit by connecting it straightforwardly, and that filled in successfully.”

“I can’t extract the necessary torque required to drive lengthier screws (3.5 inches) without twisting the Snake Flex upon itself. It would play out somewhat better for shorter screws/little fasteners that have a pilot gap/strung addition. But, I would never repurchase this nor suggest anyone for the same.”

“The Snake Flex is nothing but a toy for regular household uses. It could be useful for complicated screws for initiating them yet to loosen up a standard warehouse bolt, this will be just useless.”

“I think Snake Flex was a great new idea however there were a few things that seemed to concern me. For instance, I once attempted to service the screws of my coffee table and while I was able to rotate but not fully, which meant the screws weren’t tight enough. I had to think around it so tried with drillbit directly and surprisingly that did the trick!”

“Unfortunately I could not transfer the required speed to be able to insert longer screws (3.5 inch) while not damaging it into a curled version of itself. In the case of shorter screws or small bolts that have a pilot hole / threaded insert, this might be the better option.However, this is not something I would see myself buying again or even recommend to a friend.”

“The Snake Flex does not function properly on medium to high torque screws. It is a bit fragile and can get broken at ease.”

“I used this Snake Flex to bore one opening and then drive one screw, and it worked wonderfully. At that point, I attempted to force another screw, and the tip fell off.”

“The whole connector rotates and turns with the bit. The metal used, is so hard that it jams splinters as well, but does the job though.

The Snake Flex is crafted in an outrageously cheap way. It worked great for around 10 minutes; however with the first run through any good stress, the thing snapped off.”

“I purchased this Snake Flex recently and utilized not more than three times, and it broke. I operated just on 8 wooden screws and in soft wood. I didn’t imagine this kind of performance against the cash I paid for the gimmicky Snake Flex.”

“Snake Flex screwdriver extension was unable to handle a great deal of torque, possibly due to a lousy unit, but the tip got broken while attempting to tighten a rack. Note, the opening was already drilled at that point, and a mere seating of the screw was required.

It is stringent to put pressure on the bit when it has the Snake Flex extension is attached.”

“The Snake Flex extension cannot get recognized as a sturdy one. The quick change tip broke the first day. It won’t screw into tough wood by my impact (that is why I bought it).”

“The Snake Flex looks modest, and when you twist it past a certain point it quits turning, I got the inclination it will break on the off chance when I utilize excessive torque on this thing.I expected that it would be a little more slender and of better quality. The item is around 1/4″ thick, so if you are extremely tight on space, it won’t be much help.”

“This Snake Flex extension does not have that much similarity with the advertisements in terms of working. A decent distance is required to turn the snake, so you need ample space to move it properly. Likewise, the end wobbles to a considerable extent which is a quality issue. It has a nice magnetic end, anyway, the connector end won’t safely affix within an impact driver. I realize that Snake Flex most likely would not hold up to an impact driver, however the capacity to use it with one would prove to be handy. The carrying case of the item is impressive, and the bit adapters are a decent bonus. One final issue with it is that you need to put heavy compression with your other hand on it to shield it from slipping on the screw. It is difficult to do with one hand, particularly in a tight spot.”

“So in case, I’m working in a crunch of space, probably trying to get out something that is very stiff or tight and this Snake Flex fails to work on anything with a minor piece of torque on it. I tried to get a few screws under the dash of my vehicle (of course the difficult ones), and it just didn’t work. The Snake Flex twisted into some perfect crevices that I couldn’t get in to, and the end turned. If you attempt to turn the screw, it just starts to slip.”


Snake Flex is not the only universal flexible bit extender  available out there in the market. There are several of them available at A simple search for “flexible screw driver extension” would list at-least dozens of them. They are tried and tested and have reviews and ratings associated with them. They pros. cons and usability does not differ much from the Snake Flex though. We recommend buying one of those from

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