Saw Drill Review | Drill Bit Review

What is “Saw Drill”?

It is an as seen on tv Titanium Nitride Drill Bit which saws, cuts, reams and slots. The official Saw Drill review [at] claims to combine forty [40] tools into one. The Saw Drill [or SawDrill] claims to have the functionalities of a Powered Drill, Jig Saw as well as a Router. The Saw Drill accommodates 36 different drill bits. You can attach the titanium coated high speed drill bits to the Saw Drill to drill a hole, then with a circular motion you can change the size of the hole to your liking, no need to change the drill bits.



How does Saw Drill Work?

The Saw Drill is coated with Titanium Alloy [Titanium Nitride] which has 90 Titanium sawing teeth. This makes the Saw Drill tough enough to chew through metal. As per the manufacturer’s official review, the Saw Drill will glide effortlessly through plastic and vinyl giving you the precise cut you want. Saw Drill is great for woodwork, drywall cutting etc.



The Saw Drill can also be used like a JigSaw to cut sideways through wood, to ream plastic and to slot metal. The official review claims the Saw Drill to be quick and easy. The Saw Drill will accommodate any drill that you already own, transforming into a multi-job power tool. Saw Drill saves time since you need to change the drill bits and move to a saw tool. With just a push of the Saw Drill you can make hole of any size [or a cut] you want.


Saw Drill Review | Drill Bit Review


Saw Drill Pricing

You get 2 [Two] Saw Drill Bits for $19.99 + S/h. The Saw Drill is available only at the official website

Price Comparison

When we compared the prices Saw Drill with other Titanium Nitride coated drill bits, we found that the Saw Drill bits are way too costly. The Saw Drill kit includes just two bits, while the alternatives at cost around $29 but come with a complete kit [ranging from 12 to 29 bits].



Saw Drill Review

Advantages of Saw Drill

All the benefits of the Saw Drill come from the Titanium-Nitride [TiN] tip

  • The “Saw Drill” supposedly will drill smoother and last longer
  • Higher Corrosion Resistivity
  • Since they are Titanium-Nitride coated, they look shiny
  • The “Saw Drill” drill bit will adheres to the surface naturally
  • The Titanium-Nitride in the Saw Drill is chemically inert
  • Has good resistance to high temperatures
  • Saw Drill bit is chemically inert
  • Supposedly has reduced wear due to abrasion
  • Improved tool life
  • Cheaper compared to Cobalt drill bits
  • TiN has Lower Coefficient of Friction which increases lubricity
  • Higher lubricity gives superior finish
  • Reduces Torque and hence Horsepower demand too is reduced
  • Good for Mild Steel, Cast-Iron, Copper, Bronze and Brass

Advantages Disclaimer

So when we analysed the reviews received from our “Product Experts” we found that most of the advantages of the Saw Drill quoted in the official review are “theoretical” which apply to all the Titanium Nitride drill bits in general. But not all Titanium Nitride drill bits are manufactured in the right way so their quality deteriorates considerably. The “Saw Drill” is one such drill bit which claims to be better than the other drill bits in the market but actually it lacks the quality of a true “Titanium Nitride” drill bit.



Disadvantages of Saw Drill []

  • The Saw Drill lacks the brad at the tip of the bit
  • Without the brad the Saw Drill bit slips when used on wood or plastic
  • Saw Drill bits cannot be sharpened or re-used
  • Deteriorated performance compared to Cobalt drill bits


Reviews of Saw Drill used on Wood

According to the Saw Drill user reviews, you need to put a lot of effort into drilling a hole even in hard wood. Also the Saw Drill bit produces a tremendous amount of heat when drilling in wood. The Saw Drill does not last even a few uses against wood and soft metals. Some reviews even say that the Saw Drill bits are so soft that you can bend them with your fingers.

Reviews of Saw Drill on Metal

As per the reviews, the Saw Drill bits are dull and burn up quickly when used on metals along with the cutting oil. But the biggest complaint is that the Saw Drill bits break and bend easily and are not sharp enough to drill soft metals. One Saw Drill user complains that even the new bits wobble terribly. Reviews confirm that Saw Drill does not drill Aluminium and Stainless Steel [303] efficiently and is not good for automotive repair too. There are numerous complaints that the Saw Drill bit snaps even under slightest of pressure. The Handyman’s verdict is that the Saw Drill bit has not undergone the heat treatment which would have made it durable.



Our Verdict

Experienced handymen consider the Saw Drill more of a “toy” and is not suited for serious drilling work. Our product experts explain that unlike Cobalt bits which are made from alloy, the Saw Drill is JUST coated with Titanium-Nitride – and that’s the difference. Mere coating the bits with TiN does not make Saw Drill as strong as the Cobalt bits.

So should you buy the Saw Drill?

Our answer is NOPE. Not because the Saw Drill is a substandard drill bit but more because there are better alternatives available. Also with just 2 drill bits, the Saw Drill is an incomplete kit. The other branded drill bits come in a wide range of sizes. We personally recommend “Mastercraft Titanium Drill Bit Set for Metal – 230pc Kit – Coated HSS – From 1/16″ up to 1/2 Inch” available at

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