Banana Smooth REVIEW

What is Banana Smooth?

Banana Smooth is a banana peel-based beauty lotion to be applied as a peeling mask that claims to make the skin look healthier, radiant and softer. Banana Smooth guarantees fresh-looking, supple skin, which, when applied to the skin and peeled off, by cleaning and hydrating while exfoliating, moisturizing and rejuvenating dry, flaky skin. Banana Smooth does not cause any pain or discomfort when applied and peels off easily.

 How does Banana Smooth work?

Banana Smooth claims to be an easy to use skin care lotion that must be applied like a peeling mask and taken off after it dries. It utilises the components like key vitamins, iron, potassium and others by exfoliating and restoring dry, flaky skin. It also aims to work by removing itchy, dead skin cells when peeled not only off the face but also tougher areas like elbows, knees and feet. What makes using Banana Smooth convenient is that it does not involve elaborate procedure of using it; you simply need to apply it, leave it on the skin for a little while and then wash it off.

What are the Ingredients of Banana Smooth?

Banana Smooth is composed of natural ingredients, notably vital nutrients extracted from banana peels and special cannabis and sativa extract. Other elements present in this skin care solution include Vitamins B6, B12, A and C, as well as iron, magnesium, potassium and manganese. Another point highlighted about the composition of Banana Smooth is that it does not contain parabens or preservatives.

About “Banana Smooth”

Promoters of Banana Smooth appear to convey that having a smooth skin is not so difficult if you own this unique solution. With the key ingredient being banana peel that guarantees smoother and softer skin, Banana Smooth acts as a power-packed exfoliator that peels off and reveals richer, softer skin. It works when it meets the skin on face, hands, elbows as well as feet by removing dryness, cracks and even itchiness. All you must do is apply it on your skin and leave it on for a few minutes, after which you peel it off. You are assured that you can find baby soft, glowing skin that has no roughness and irritation whatsoever.

Analysis of the Banana Smooth CLAIMS

Banana Smooth has been presented by its company as a much-needed skin care solution that banishes key skin-related problems like dryness of the skin. Its creators state that it is not composed of conventional or chemicals-based ingredients but actual fruit (banana in this case) peel instead.   

As for determining the actual effectiveness of any product, it is advisable to refrain from using it merely based on its advertisements and tall claims made by its creators. The same applies to Banana Smooth too, which obviously has been projected as a wonder skin care formula.

Detailed analysis of the claims and reviews for Banana Smooth from its promoters and customers does throw light on some contradictions between both. Banana Smooth has been presented as a unique beauty care product that’s wholesome and natural, crafted to perfection to remove dryness of skin. Its promoters highlight the presence of banana peel as its key ingredient, which is fortified with nourishing elements like iron, potassium and others.

However, reviews of customers who’ve used Banana Smooth do not fully echo what its makers have to say about it. While a considerable number of customers have appreciated the ability of this product to really make the skin turn softer and healthier, some have expressed disappointment over its effectiveness. Others have drawn attention toward factors like smelliness, stickiness and the mess it tends to create when used.

The best way to gauge Banana Smooth is to read reviews of maximum users and avoid trusting easily what its makers have to say.

Supposed Benefits of Banana Smooth for Dry Skin

While awareness about the fortifying effects of bananas is increasing, experts are now highlighting the benefits of banana peel on health and beauty as well. Studies have found that banana peel has three times higher nutritional content as compared to the fruit itself. It has made banana peel a highly sought-after natural ingredient for beauty treatment and skin care, including treating dry skin. 

Nutritional Contents and Nurturing Properties of Banana Peel

Bananas are high on nutritional elements like potassium, key vitamins and more. Since banana peel is known to be even richer in nutritional content, it is all the more beneficial for treating dry skin. Banana skin is rich in magnesium, potassium and Vitamin A, which lends it powerful hydrating and moisturizing properties that keep the skin soft and supple. In addition, banana peel also contains antioxidants, Vitamin B and vitamin E, which shield the skin from free radicals and reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

How to use Banana Smooth for Treating Dryness

Fasten banana peel (with pulp side touching the skin) to affected area

One of the most popular and effective methods of using banana peel to treat dry skin is simply keeping the inner part of the peel on the affected area and holding it there with gentle pressure. You need to ensure there is proper contact between the peel and your skin while opting for this solution. The peel can also be rubbed against the skin for a while after which you should leave it like that for at least an hour.

Another method of using banana peel is keeping it on the skin and fastening it gently there with a surgical tape or a bandage for some time, preferably a couple of hours or so and then washing it off.  

Using banana peels is an effective remedy that is inexpensive and convenient for removing dryness of the skin. Apart from dry skin, banana peels are also effective in solving several other health and beauty-related issues. Apart from skin care and beauty-related cures, using banana peels in different forms provides relief from various health issues like heart ailments, depression, anaemia, obesity, eye problems and more.

Banana Smooth Reviews

Noticeably Smoother Skin

Customers who have used Banana Smooth have posted mix reviews about their experience with Banana Smooth. According to Patricia Brown, Banana Smooth is quite a unique beauty product that works like a decent hydrating lotion. Though she’s not too impressed with its smell, she’s happy with the difference it’s made to her skin. It has cured itchiness of her skin too, which has been bothering her for ages. She’s also mentioned that although Banana Smooth has relieved her of dryness to quite an extent, it tends to feel a bit oilier in the summers. Overall, however, she’s quite satisfied with Banana Smooth and would like to continue using it

Bizarre Smell

Like Patricia, a good number of customers have mentioned in their review on the smell that Banana Smooth emits. Many of them don’t like it and call it foul. Others have termed the lotion weird or too fruity. Besides, using it for more than a month hasn’t shown any improvement for many of them.

Sticky and Messy

Banana Smooth has also come in for criticism for being too sticky. Julia Miller has written in her review thatalthough Banana Smooth makes her skin feel a bit softer after regular use for a few days, it does not get absorbed by the skin; rather, it leaves behind a feeling of gumminess that she doesn’t like as it feels messy and greasy. Some users have also said they feel this solution is laden with chemicals even though it claims to be natural and organic.

Intensifies Dryness

Contrary to what Banana Smooth is supposed to do, some dissatisfied customers have complained in their review that their skin actually feel drier after they’ve started using it. Some of them say they’ve started wondering whether Banana Smooth is created to treat oily skin.  Some of them even suspect it contains mineral oil and similar substances.

Possibility of Health hazards

Some customers like Olivia Davis have even gone to the extent of saying in their reviews that they’re afraid that using Banana Smooth might cause skin diseases and even cancer. They feel it contains harmful ingredients and therefore should be banned.

Our Verdict on  Banana Smooth

Company Behind the Banana Smooth

Telebrands – the As Seen On TV Giant is the official distributor of the Banana Smooth. There are sevral websites associated with the product Banana Smooth,

Is Banana Smooth a unique product?

Considering the reviews and observations for Banana Smooth sent in by a significant number of customers, we believe that it is a unique product in its own way. Most of its customers themselves feel so, as its key ingredient is not the fruit itself, but its peel. However, this is not the only product that claims to use an unconventional ingredient like fruit peel, as there already are some in the market. Still, Banana Smooth does have the potential stand out on a shelf of other products for what it’s composed of.

Is Banana Smooth over-hyped?

Overall, feedback for effectiveness of Banana Smooth is not too encouraging. Its makers repeatedly highlight its unique component, which is banana peel, but since it doesn’t do everything it proclaims, it does seem rather overestimated.

How does Banana Smooth compare at price with other similar products

Price-wise, Banana Smooth isn’t too expensive when compared with other products. A tube of Banana Smooth costs $19.99 plus S/H, and most of the other fruit-based products are also in a similar range (with quite a few being a bit higher as compared to it).

Tried and tested alternatives to Banana Smooth

Some of the prominent alternative banana-based beauty products (in the United States) are as under:

  • Ben Nye Banana Powder
  • Dermablend
  • Revolution

Banana Boat These products cater to different target groups. Though are not exactly in the form of lotion like Banana Smooth, are well-known and used by many  people.