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What is Woof Glider?

Woof Glider

Woof Glider is your doggy’s best friend. Keep your pet pup active and busy with the quirky indoor toy that your pup will love to chase around throughout the day all over the house and backyard.

The Woof Glider toy comes in vibrant colors and is mounted on a flattened base with soft rubber bumpers. The toy glides smoothly on the floor making the dog chase it across the room and have fun and stay active and healthy.

The toy comes with a built-in squeaker which makes it produce a low, squeaky sound that urges the dear doggy to pounce upon it and play some more.

How does Woof Glider Work?

The Woof Glider toy has a specially-crafted flat base upon which are mounted bumpers of soft rubber.

Toss the Woof Glider toy at your doggy and watch it glide over the floor while your pet chases after it. The base of the toy can slide over any surface, whether hard floor, carpet, or tiles.

As soon as the dog presses the soft part of the toy, it begins to squeak which makes the dog chase it across the floor all over again. The fun and vibrant pattern allures the dog into the game of playful chasing, and the specially-crafted rim of the toy makes it convenient for the dog to pick it up and play with it.

How to use Woof Glider?

Woof Glider is designed to keep your dog fit and active. It glides on any floor and encourages the dog to push, pounce, and chase it across the room.

The rubber bumpers are gentle on the teeth and do not contain any harmful chemicals. Just let the toy slide on the floor, and your pet dog will do the rest. The toy is very bright and attractive, and the way it glides on the floor compels the dog to chase after it and play with it all day.

The Name “Woof Glider” (Name Analysis)

What better name for your pet’s toys than a name that starts with the sound that he makes all the time whenever he is happy and playful? Woof Glider is composed of two words- “Woof” and “Glider.” Woof is the sound that your dog makes when he is having fun and running about, and as for Glider, well, of course, the toy glides around on the floor and hence the name Glider.

But a buyer can decide whether the glider can make your dog woof with happiness.

Woof Glider Claim Analysis

Let’s check out how far the Woof Glider toy makes your dog happy and active and the hard facts behind the claims.

  • Fun for dogs of all sizes and ages.”
    The toys may be fun for dogs but certainly not for dogs of all sizes and ages. The dogs who are of a slightly bigger stature find it difficult to run after a toy that is so tiny and perhaps designed for puppies. Besides, no matter how fun and attractive the Woof Glider toy may be, the dog loses all interest in it in a week or so.
  • “Glides across hard floors and carpets.”
    And that’s a lie. The base of the toy erodes within a few weeks and then it is no longer able to slide on the hard floors, carpets, and wood.
  • “Flat base prevents bouncing up to protect furniture.”
    Yeah sure, unless the of course, when the flat base gets eroded within a few weeks of use into a bumpy base that either stops gliding properly or starts bouncing against the floor and against the cupboards and wardrobes too.
  • “Rubber bumper won’t scratch or mark walls.”
    The rubber bumper might not exactly scratch the wall, but when it glides against the wall and floor, it leaves a faint trail of a mark behind it.
  • “Built-in squeaker and fun pattern.”
    The patterns might be fun, but the squeaker loses its sharp squeak within just a matter of days of rough use by the pet.
  • “Specially-designed rim lets dogs easily pick it up.”
    The rim is just a fancy design. There is absolutely nothing that can make a dog pick the toy up quickly from the floor with its teeth.
  • “Encourages chasing, pushing and pouncing.”
    But that is only until the dog stays interested in it. There is a 99% chance that you will find it lying in a sad corner of the room because your pet is quite tired of it and is probably looking for new diversions.

Woof Glider Price Analysis

You can buy a Woof Glider toy from the website for $14.99 and get another toy for free. But still shelling out $14.99 for a toy which your pet will mess around with for just a few days is a little too much.

There are other toys that are more fun and available at half the cost.

Offer Analysis

Woof Glider

The WoofGlider is available on an offer of “Buy one and get one free” for $14.99, payable online by credit card.

Reviews on the Woof Glider Site

The reviews on the product site are gushing on the wonders of the rubber toy, but these reviews seem wholly manufactured. The cooked up reviews claim about “World’s softest toy,” “Pet’s favorite,” but it is pretty evident that these reviews are not authentic.

Woof Glider Review

The Woof Glider makes tall claims and promises, but the toy fails to live up to them. Yes, the toy is fun to play with for the pets, but not or long. Besides, the toy is made up of chemicals that your dog might ingest while playing and suffer consequences.

There are other ways to keep your dog happy, fit, and active. Take him out for regular walks and sprints and give him good and healthy food to eat to make sure that he stays in good health.

Our Verdict

A happy dog is a healthy dog, but the Woof Glider cannot promise permanent happiness, only for a few days or so at the most. Besides, it has a hundred different adverse features from leaving stubborn marks on the floor and furniture to poisoning your pet with its chemical rubber.

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