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What is Pet Perfection?

Pet Perfection is as seen on tv Ultrasonic Pet Trainer. As per the review on the official website, you can gently and safely stop bad behaviour of your pet with just a press of a button.



How does the Pet Perfection ultrasonic Pet Trainer Work?

Dogs can hear sound frequencies that humans cannot, these frequencies make dogs behave badly. The Pet Perfection Pet Trainer emits an attention getting signal that is safe in the K9 range. The “Sound Safe” feature of the Pet Perfection Pet Trainer device makes sure that the frequency stays in the comfortable and safe limits. To put it in other words, the Pet Perfection Pet Trainer’s ultrasonic command is carefully calibrated to train the pet without causing any pain or discomfort. The official review claims that Pet Perfection is the loving and harmless way to correct your pet’s bad behaviour.



Sometimes dogs behave badly and can embarrass you. Pet bad behaviour includes jumping on guests, chewing on things that he shouldn’t be, barking when you want to rest, going to places he shouldn’t be, leash pulling etc. With the Pet Perfection Pet Trainer, you can safely and harmlessly control these bad behaviours. According to the claims made by the official distributor, the safe signal from the Pet Perfection gets your dog back on the track. The Pet Perfection is not just for dogs, you can also use the ultrasonic pet trainer on cats.


Pet Perfection Price

You get 1 Pet Perfection for $19.99 + $4.99. The Pet Perfection is available only at the official website


Pet Perfection Review

What are the Disadvantages of the “Pet Perfection” Pet Trainer?

The biggest disadvantage of the Pet Perfection ultrasonic pet trainer is that it is  battery powered. Yes, and they [the official distributor] don’t mention this in their product review. You have to spend a lot of money on the batteries.



What Frequency is used by Pet Trainer?

Our Vet experts mention that dogs [and other pets like cats] have a very sensitive “hearing” capacity. Dogs can hear sound frequencies as high as up to 45000 Hertz [Humans can hear sound frequencies up to 20000 Hertz]. The Pet Perfection trainer uses the frequency that is within this limit.


Is the Pet Perfection Advertising Misleading?

Yes, the Pet Perfection advertising is misleading in many ways. First, Pet Perfection is not an ultrasonic trainer in the strictest sense of the word. The Pet Perfection device does not “train” the dog to stop barking every time you press the button. The ultrasonic device simply emits high frequency sound which draws the attention of the dog and MAY stop it from doing the activity which YOU call as a bad behaviour. Neither is the Pet Perfection device “Perfect” for stopping the bad behaviour of the dogs as you will see in the reviews below.

There is also a lot of valuable information missing on the official website Information such as the exact frequency emitted by the device, type of battery used, settings, range of the device etc. It seems this information is intentionally hidden to hide the disadvantages of the product.



Is the Pet Perfection the BEST Pet Trainer out there?

Nope, the Pet Perfection is at the lower end in the spectrum of ultrasound pet trainers. It lack many features like rechargeable battery, variable frequency settings and “auto-on”. There are ultrasonic devices with microphone which automatically emit the high frequency sound when they “hear” the dog barking and automatically stops when the dog stops barking, Pet Perfection does not have this feature.


Does the Pet Perfection Hurt?

Nope, there aren’t reports of the high pitch ultrasonic sound emitted by devices like Pet Perfection harm the dogs or their eardrums. But vets warn that the Pet Perfection should be used for shorter period only as prolonged high pitch sound may not be good for dogs. Prolonged use of such ultrasonic devices [like the Pet Perfection] can cause increased anxiety in dogs.

Also vets warn against using the ultrasonic pet trainer devices like the Pet Perfection when you have many dogs in the house. “Such pet trainer devices are crude and not much study has been done how these affect different breeds of dogs. Each dog is unique and responds differently to such devices. Don’t expect all the dogs to have the same response.” Vets mention in their review. “One dog might stop barking while the other one might not and the continued use of the Pet Perfection might crate hostile relations between the dogs.”



Do Dogs like the Sound of Pet Perfection?

Our vet experts reveal that dogs actually dislike the sound produced the these devices like the Pet Perfection. The high-pitch sound from the Pet Perfection [and similar devices] “irritates” the pets and is meant to distract their attention from the activity they are indulging in [like barking]. Bear in mind that the Pet Perfection ultrasonic pet trainer is not meant to “cure” the barking of your dog.


So does the Pet Perfection stop dogs from barking?

People have mainly used the Pet Perfection device to stop dogs from barking without any success. We have analyzed several reviews and found that 8 out of 10 times the Pet Perfection device does not work, it does not make the dog stop barking. Here is what Pet Perfection buyers have to say about the ultrasonic device.


Didn’t work for multiple Dogs

One Pet Perfection reviewer mentions that he used the Pet Trainer to silence the neighbour’s dog to no avail. People have tried the Pet Perfection device from over a 30 feet range to stop dog[s] from barking but have not got desired results. It’s not about just one dog but multiple of dogs, Pet Perfection didn’t work on either of them.


“I kept pressing the button several times and the light was flashing, meaning the device was working but dog just paused for moment, looked at the device and resumed the barking.”


“Tried the Pet Perfection on our 12 month Beagle to no avail.”


“The Pet Perfection did not stop my dog from barking, in-fact it caused to dog to bark more. It seems the high pitch ultrasonic frequency irritates my dog. Now I press the button to make it bark even more.”


“My dog does not react to the Pet Perfection ultrasonic trainer at all, this device does not draw his attention”


“My dog gets even more agitated by this device [Pet Perfection] and barks really bad.”


“The Pet Perfection does not work outside of the house, in the house at least the dog pays attention but outside they just ignore it.”



Our Verdict

Based on the reviews and the disadvantages we do not recommend the Pet Perfection Ultrasonic Pet Trainer. Firstly the Pet Perfection does not work as claimed in the official website. Secondly, there are better alternatives available on

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  1. Richard Greene | March 9, 2022 at 7:42 pm | Reply

    I’ve never received my device. Order # 37076107. Ordered Jan. 13, 2022. It was back orderd from the response immediately after ordering. Can I get the device or a refund?

  2. I ordered the ultrasonic device and after waiting for a month for the delivery I was notified they were canceling my order and returning my money. Unfortunetly they only returned $19.99. They kept the shipping fee of $5. which since it wasn’t delivered it should have been returned to me also. I think they are scammers. Don’t be fooled.

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