PawStyler Review | Pet Grooming Tool Report


PawStyler Review | Pet Grooming Tool Report


What is PawStyler?

PawStyler is an all-new 5-in-1 hand-held pet grooming kit and dryer combo. It is an electrically powered, corded pet grooming tool. The official review at claims that the styler replaces multiple pet grooming tools & saves you a lot of money and space. Pest Grooming could be one of the hardest things to do with all those brushes, combs, and pet grooming tools. You are not sure which tool is the best for your pet, besides drying the fur of your pet after a bath is another hassle altogether. With the 5-in-1 PawStyler, you can easily groom your pet & dry the fur all in one quick session. The official PawStyler review claims to be effective on dogs as well as cats too. Get professional pet grooming results at home with the PawStyler.



Features of PawStyler

According to the official PawStyler review the tool is safe for use on any pet [cats and dogs]. The PawStyler supposedly removes the tangled knots and matted fur with its interchangeable brush-heads. the brush-heads securely lock in the PawStyler for smooth operation and performance. The ergonomic anti-slip handle is comfortable to hold for longer grooming sessions. The PawStyler is easy to clean and waterproof. The manufacturer claims that the PawStyler will glide effortlessly on the fur of your pet. The PawStyler is a great tool for bathing your pet. For drying the fur, it features a 2-Speed Setting.

Claims to get rid of dander, undercoat, loose hair, knots, tangles & dirt, etc. PawStyler is “pain-free” provided you use the right attachment.

PawStyler Review & Offer


PawStyler Attachments

“It is the wide range of attachments that make PawStyler a good grooming tool”

  • Silicone Bath and Massage Brush – Can be used wet or dry. Great tool for deep cleaning your pet’s fur. This PawStyler attachment de-sheds, cleans, massages, and exfoliates the pet’s skin & coat.
  • Pin Brush – The Pin Brush attachment of the PawStyler buffs loose hair away from the pet fur, removing mats and tangles, dirt, and debris.
  • Bristle Brush – Shine the coat of your pet’s fur with the Bristle Brush attachment. The Bristle Brush removes loose hair and smooths rough pet hair. Gives pet hair a glossy/shiny finish.
  • Deshedding Comb – Facilitates natural de-shedding process. Facilitates the distribution of the natural oils secreted by the pet’s skin and fur. The Deshedding comb attachment of the PawStyler comes in handy if your pet is having “hot spots“. Avoids the formation of hot spots.
  • Dematting Comb – Bond with your pet by removing the mats in the fur. Prevents the formation of painful mats in the pet’s fur. Reduces shedding. Keeps your pet comfortable.



PawStyler Price & Comparison

PawStyler comes with the 5 attachments and is priced at $29.99 + $6.99 P&H. The Pet Grooming Tool is available at the official website

How does PawStyler Work?


PawStyler Review

Many PawStyler buyers admire the concept but the pet grooming tool has many limitations.

Pin Brush

One review mentions that the bristles of the “Pin Brush” attachment of the PawStyler have rounded tips at the combing end which makes it hard to use on her poodle. The reviews mention that the Pin Brush does not go through the hair of her poodle smoothly. “The attachment would work great on dogs with slicker fur. You get the same results from the $10 slicker brush”, the user comments further. Besides, several reviews claim that the Pin Brush bristles are flimsy.


“The PawStyler groomer is underpowered” and lacks the power to dry a wet dog. The air pressure is not enough to lift a heavy coat. Most pet owners don’t find it singularly capable of grooming the pet, you cannot remove the undercoat with the PawStyler as per the reviews. Though it is good for small pets. The PawStyler gets very hot. One user who tried the PawStyler on her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mentions that her hair dryer did a better job of drying her dog than the PawStyler. Using an absorbent towel with the PawStyler comes in handy. The built quality of the PawStyler is also not great.

Takes Long to Groom Big Dogs

According to a few PawStyler reviews, the dryer takes long to groom dogs with curly hair. If you try to be quick the brush pulls the fur. One user review mentions that the air from the PawStyler scares her dog. A reviewer who has a Goldendoodle comments that the PawStyler takes a lot of time to dry her Goldendoodle. It is recommended to use the “medium” setting on thicker parts of the coat.

Well Suited for Small Dogs

Based on the review we have received we can conclude that the PawStyler is more suited for smaller dogs than the larger ones. The PawStyler has a comfortable handle and fits perfectly in the hand. “It is not a very powerful dryer” – comments one user. One user tried the PawStyler on her 7-week-old Maltese and it was fairly easy. “You hold the dog in one hand and the PawStyler in the other, it works. It took about 12 minutes to groom & dry the dog.” Another user tried the PawStyler on his 65 lbs Standard Poodle and he is quite happy with the grooming tool.

Nice Fluffy Results

“If you want to get the most out of the PawStyler, you need to improvise.” Our pet product expert suggests using another more powerful pet hair dryer and a towel to dry the fur and then use the PawStyler handheld dryer/brush combo to give a finishing touch. According to the reviews, this method gives nice, soft, and fluffier results than using only the PawStyler. The PawStyler is a great tool to straighten light waves.

Quieter than a Human Hair Dryer

“Though the PawStyler is quieter compared to human hair dryer, it still scares my pups”

PawStyler User Review

Great for Small Jobs

A professional pet groomer mentions in his PawStyler review that the tool is great for giving finishing touches. As per his review, the PawStyler is good for drying sensitive areas like ears. The styler-cum-dryer tool comes in handy for dogs that are scared of high-velocity dryers.

Is it an unique concept?

Nope. The PawStyler is not a unique concept. there are several pet dryers and grooming tools out there on the market.


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