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What is Fur Daddy Pure Groom?

It is an Ionic grooming tool that claims to de-shed, clean and deodorize at the same time. The Fur Daddy Pure Groom claims to lift and remove trapped unwanted fur from the undercoat in just one pass! The supposedly IONIC feature neutralizes dander, allergens and odors. The manufacturer of PureGroom.com tool claim that it is like a waterless bath for your pet.

With a press of a button you can dispose of all the fur in a bin, you need not touch the fur. Pet’s have two types of coats, top coat and the under coat. It is the undercoat where the shedding fur gets collected, creating a mess. The Pure Groom de-shedding brushes removes the fur only from the top coat. The Fur Daddy PureGroom.com claims to remove fur from top and under coat, reducing fur up-to 95%. The Pure Groom claims to emit millions of ions that neutralize odor causing bacteria, dander and allergens all the while removing the fur. The PureGroom.com also helps control tick and fleas. The Pure Groom tool claims to be silent so it won’t scare away your pet.



Fur Daddy Pet Groom Pricing

The Fur Daddy Pet Groom Tool is available only at the official website PureGroom.com. the buying options are as follows:
  • Buy 1 Fur Daddy Pet Groom for $19.99 + $6.99 S/h. Total: $26.98. Price per Pure Groom unit: $26.98
  • Buy 2 Units for $19.99 + $13.98 S/h. Total: $33.97. Price per Pure Groom unit: $16.98
  • Buy 3 Units for $47.97 + Free S/h. Price per Pure Groom unit: $15.99
  • Buy 4 Units for $59.96 + Free S/h. Price per Pure Groom unit: $14.99


Fur Daddy Pure Groom Reviews

Not An Alternative to Furminator

One users who has used the Furminator De-Shedding tool for years tried the Fur Daddy PureGroom.com and was not very pleased with the performance of the PureGroom.com, compared to the Furminator. His main complain is that the PurerRoom.com pulls far lesser fur than the Furminator. Though the PureGroom.com is much more durable and comfortable to use he prefers to buy another Furminator instead of the new PureGroom.com, the review says.



Not Very Good On Short Hair

An user who tried the Fur Daddy PureGroom.com tool on Pit Bull hair. She mentions in her review that the Fur Daddy Pure Groom helped remove the loose hair. But you have to use the tool consistently to keep the dog from shedding. She mentions in her review that the Fur Daddy Pure Groom tool is not very effective against short hair. The comb of the PureGroom.com tool just passes over the small thin hair. The Fur Daddy Pure Groom would come in handy for those dogs who don’t shed much, she mentions in her review.


Not For Thick Hair

The Fur Daddy Pure Groom tool does not work for long thick hair. Users have reported in their reviews that it pulls the hair causing pain and discomfort to the dogs. It is not at all painless as claimed by the manufacturer. Also it does not reduce de-shedding by 95%, it is an over-exaggeration to sell their product. It can work for fine hair but certainly not for thick hair. It is not that it does not shed the hair, it is just too painful.


Works Fine for a Chihuahua

One user tried the Fur Daddy Pure Groom on her Chihuahua and she is mighty pleased with it. In her review she mentions that the short trimmer teeth of the PureGroo.com tool won’t poke and scratch her Chihuahua with long hair.


Dog Sheds More After Using Pure Groom

Another Chihuahua owner complains that his dog sheds even more after grooming with the Fur Daddy Pure Groom. She says in her review that the Pure Groom seems to remove the loose undercoat hair but her dog sheds even more. She thinks the Pure Groom works like a pair of shears.



Not Flexible

One user comments that the Pure Groom tool is made from hard material and the brush is not at all flexible, the teeth of the Pure Groom brush are also very close. This causes the Pure Groom to yank out the hair. She further mentions that she would go back to shedding with a wire brush than using this tool which hurts her pet.


The “Ionic” Thing Does Not Work

The “Ionic” feature of the Pure Groom is a big disappointment, it is nothing like what the manufacturer claims in the infomercial. The so called “ions” do nothing to get rid of the “smell”, “allergens” and dander, users report in their reviews. This Fur Daddy Pure Groom is just a de-shedding tool and the Ionic features are just a marketing ploy.


Blades Dull Fast

According to one reviewer the Fur Daddy Pure Groom works fine for the first few times but then within a month the blades become dull and the Pure Groom tool does not take out as much hair as it did before. Once the blades become dull, the Pure Groom pulls the hair [though not to much] and scratches the pet.


Small Size

Many users report that the Pure Groom is smaller in size when it comes do grooming long haired pets like a Shepherd or Chihuahua. The Pure Groom’s size is not the best to groom bigger dogs. This becomes particularly an issue if your dog does not like getting brushed. It would have been a good idea if they made the Pure Groom in a larger size for bigger dogs. Also there are complaints of the Pure Groom getting clogged easily and then it stops removing the hair.



Our Verdict

Though the Fur Daddy Pure Groom works fairly well for de-shedding, we do not come recommend it. Not because it does not work, it does work like all other de-shedding tools. The reason why we do not recommend Pure Groom is that there are better alternatives out there in the market and “Furminator” is the best alternative. Stick to the good old Furminator and don’t get sucked by the the so called “Ionic” features.



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  1. I went to order today. Put item in cart and put my payment info in. But I DID NOT finalize by clicking final step approving sale. Instead I simply closed out / logged out of site after further consideration. Low & behold a half hour later I get an e-mail confirming my order!!!! Shady practice for sure! I plan to report to Better Business Bureau. In the meantime I called my credit card company to stop payment. Funny but soon after this I get 2 suspicious e-mails with a link to click (which I did not). Stay away for sure.

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