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The only genuine Chew Brush review on the internet. Do not buy the Chew Brush for Dogs unless you read this REVIEW. Know about “chewable” dog brushes and how they work. Find out if the Chew Brush for Dogs really work or is just an over-rated dog toy. Get answers to all your questions regarding the Chew Brush for dogs, here.

What is Chew Brush?

As per the reviews we have received about the Chew Brush, it is a patent-pending self-brushing toothbrush for your pet designed with a toothbrush on the inside! It promises to be the world’s first and best solution for easy pet dental hygiene without inflicting any pain and suffering, stopping bad breath, and no expensive treatments.

Your pet’s poor dental hygiene can cause bad breath, rotten teeth and gums, and even serious health problems for him. And trying to brush your pet’s teeth is almost an impossible task because they often resist any effort to brush their teeth.

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How does Chew Brush for Dogs work?

Reviews throw light on how the Chew Brush for Dogs works. The makers of Chew Brush for Dogs assert that as your pet chews, he brushes his own teeth. Chew Brush for Dogs is designed to clean your pet’s teeth in three different ways: the nubs on the outside of the brush massage the gums for increased circulation, the tooth-shaped openings scrape away plaque and tarter and lastly, the hidden bristles within the interior tube brush your pet’s teeth clean while they play. According to the reviews the more your pet chews, the cleaner their teeth, is what the website states.

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About the Name “Chew Brush for Dogs”

Chew Brush is given its name purely from a marketing angle to convey to pet owners that the product is a brush that works when your pet simply chews on it. The name Chew Brush for Dogs indicates that when you pets chews on it, it automatically brushes your pet’s teeth clean. But this claim is not entirely true because your dog should spend atleast 30 minutes gnawing, daily, for maximum tooth-scraping benefit, if not it makes the product a complete waste. And we all know that dogs get bored playing with the same toy thereby rendering the Chew Brush for Dogs totally useless and a waste of money.

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Analysis of the CLAIMS

“Easy pet dental hygiene without any pain and suffering, bad breath”

Our product testers who reviewed the Chew Brush for dogs brush say that although the makers make such a claim we cannot believe these claims because they do not guarantee that the Chew Brush for Dogs is durable will not break. And if it breaks while your pet is chewing on it, which is very likely, then it can cause severe pain, choking and bleeding.

 “As your pet chews, he brushes his own teeth”

One Chew Brush reviewer points out that this may be true but what happens if your pet just does not enjoy the brush. Then buying the product is a complete waste of money. Also, to reap the benefits of this brush your dog should spend atleast 30 minutes gnawing this brush which is unlikely to happen because they tend to get easily bored playing with the same toy.

“Nubs on the outside of the brush massage the gums”

The nubs may be abrasive so instead of massaging the gums they could actually hurt your pet and cause bleeding, says our product reviewer.

“Tooth-shaped openings scrape away plaque and tarter”

Depending on the size of your dog, the tooth-shaped openings may get your dog’s teeth stuck in it. Chew Brush for Dogs does not indicate it is a universal product and if it is suitable for use by all types and size of dogs.

“Hidden bristles brush your pet’s teeth clean”

As previously mentioned, the bristles may not be safe to use for your pet.

Chew Brush for Dogs REVIEWS

No interest in the toothbrush

Linda Taylor says in her Chew Brush for Dogs review that her pet had zero interest in it and he still won’t touch it so it is a complete waste of money.

Melanie Manning says something similar- “It didn’t attract my dog that chews on just about everything”.

Another reviewer states that it is a waste of money for her dog because she chewed on it once and then never again.

Sammy Barrett writes in his review- “My dog chews and destroys everything! She wasn’t as excited when I gave her Chew Brush and she chewed on it for a bit and then got bored. She’s had it for about 3 weeks and ignores it. Not sure if it lacks the flavor but definitely doesn’t entice her”.

Jo Caldwell says in her review she had hoped Chew Brush for Dogs worked as a chewing toy for her large pooch. Unfortunately, it is the only pet toy she bought him that he won’t touch. She’s not sure if it’s the smell, flavor or texture but he spit it right out and let it lay there for two weeks. So she ended up throwing it in the garbage.

Chew Brush is too hard

In his Chew Brush for Dogs review, Austin Hubbard says that it is too hard for his pet and he doesn’t even like holding it in his mouth.

Kent Alvarez writes in his review that Chew Brush was too hard for his dog so he couldn’t even chew it.

Chew Brush for Dogs does not last

Carlton Harris’s review reads that the Chew Brush pieces got wedged into his pet’s teeth so he had to immediately throw away.

Roberta Cohen says that it is coming off in sharp, jagged pieces and causing her dog to choke.

Dustin Vasquez writes in his review – “We had to request a refund the day after receiving this. The reviews seemed encouraging and so we gave this a try. Our aggressive 35lb chewer girl (not even near the 50lbs+ dog they recommend this for) destroyed this within the first hour of giving it to her. In fact, her teeth marks in this toy made it so sharp and jagged that she cut her gum within that hour”.

Rachael Ramirez claims that it broke off in pieces when it is supposed to be heavy duty for hard chewers.

Waste of money

Disappointed with the Chew Brush for Dogs, Louis Potter says in his review that it doesn’t have any smell and it was an overall waste of money.

Chew Brush for Dogs Causes bleeding

Monica Ortega complains in her review saying- “My dog is a big chewer. He loved this toy. However, within 1 minute of chewing Chew Brush for dogs, his gums were bleeding terribly. He had many other chew toys and this hadn’t happen with any others. This Chew brush toy quickly became sharp from his chewing and cut his gums up. I even tried to get rid of the sharp edges and give it again. Within a few seconds, he was bleeding again. Sorry, I just cannot recommend this”.

Hubert Turner complains in his review- “Dog chewed on the Chew Brush for Dogs for about one hour and then the end started splintering and getting sharp. 15 minutes later there was blood on the end and he was bleeding”.

Gail Matthews says in his Chew Brush for Dogs review that it got very sharp edges very quickly and made his dog’s mouth bleed.

Our Verdict on Chew Brush

The marketers of Chew Brush for Dogs claim that it is the worlds’ first self-brushing toothbrush but a simply search on the internet will bring up plenty other tried and tested products and with outstanding reviews.

The official site of Chew Brush does not mention what the product is made of so we cannot be sure of whether or not the Chew Brush for Dogs will last long. So the durability of the product is a big question? Also, without knowing the quality of the Chew Brush for Dogs we cannot guarantee that the product will not break into pieces while your pet chews on it and f swallowed it could create an intestinal obstruction.

The Chew Brush for Dogs may also be abrasive and you may need to supervise your pet while he chews on it.

The major disadvantage of the Chew Brush for Dogs is that it may pose a choking hazard because some dogs will be able to chew them into smaller pieces. Most of the dental care products are not meant to be edible, so if your dog accidentally swallows one it could cause them to choke.

Taking utmost care of your dog’s dental hygiene is important and should be considered an imperative part of your dog’s overall health regime. Therefore, our advice to you is to choose a brush for your pet that is durable and one that guarantees it will not break into pieces.

Is Chew Brush for Dogs a NEW concept?

No, Chew Brush for Dogs is not a unique product. If you look for self-brushing toothbrushes for dogs you will find many other similar self-brushing toothbrushes and with great reviews too. Also, the durability of the product is questionable because nothing is mentioned about the material of the product. And for heavy chewers the Chew Brush for Dogs is probably not the best option.

The company does not state whether the product comes in many sizes or if it is just one size. This makes it difficult to say whether it will work for all types of dogs.  

Is Chew Brush over-hyped?

Absolutely, similar tried and tested products seem to have better reviews than the Chew Brush for Dogs. Also, there is a good chance that your pet may never take to the Chew Brush for Dogs making it a complete waste of your money.

How does Chew brush compare at price with other similar products?

You can get the Chew Brush for Dogs for your pet for only $19.99 plus $5.99 shipping and handling. You can also double your offer and receive a second Chew Brush for Dogs by paying a separate fee of $9.99.

The BRISTLY BRUSHING STICK costs $38.99 for two sticks and the BRITE BITE BRUSHING STICK costs $39.99.

What are the tried and tested alternatives to Chew Brush?

  • Bristly Brushing Stick
  • Brite Bite Brushing Stick
  • Candays Dog Toothbrush

24 Comments on "Chew Brush REVIEW | ChewBrush for Dogs | Exposed"

  1. The chew bone is a total scam. I bought one for my dog this morning and the first bite he it fell apart so save your $10 the chew bone is trash

  2. My lab destroyed the brush in a matter of three (3) days. What a waste of money. But I bet Dr. Coopersmith & wife are laughing all the way to the bank! I see I am NOT the only dissatisfied customer who bought this pile of dog pooh!

  3. Melissa Groome | January 19, 2021 at 12:20 am | Reply

    I recently purchased this a few days ago and just like the other people stated it is worthless.
    My fur baby is just over a year and she chewed it into pieces within the first 5 min. This is a sad excuse for a dog toy I will not purchase anything from this company ever again. Needs to stop selling dog products not trustworthy. Shame on them!

  4. Our dogs loved this as a Play Fetch toy. Unfortunately, our Border Collie chewed it to bits. We didn’t give this much thought, as he’s prone to destroying toys. A couple of weeks later, we ended up in the emergency vet with a fever and kidney failure. A week in the hospital brought him back, against all odds. A number of vets came through the hospital and couldn’t come to a conclusion as to what was causing the kidney failure. X-rays showed no intestinal blockage. Buddy rallied and was able to come home, then faltered again. We took him back to the vet where they did an ultrasound. They found a bristly piece of plastic that had become attached to his intestine. He is in surgery as I type this piece. We almost lost our doggy (he is not out of the woods), and have spent around $4,000 on vet bills.

  5. Patricia Bidlack | August 14, 2020 at 6:55 pm | Reply

    Waste of money! Mini dachshund had it torn into pieces within minutes. Should get a refund!

  6. Frances Reeve | August 12, 2020 at 1:03 pm | Reply

    After 2 minutes my dog had chewed part of the end off. Fortunately he spat it out

  7. After chewing on for about an hour my dog had it all chewed to pieces. What a waste of money

    • Same exact thing happened within 5 minutes of giving my dog the Chew brush. He had the blue end destroyed into little pieces and then got the middle green section in pieces as well before I could get it away. Extremely dangerous item to have on the market. There should be a recall.

  8. This is a completely bad product. My yellow lab had the end chewed off in 5 minutes. Complete waste of money. Should have Saved my money for something else. If this company really cares about what the public is saying, this product should be recalled and money refunded to the ones who bought this. I’m waiting for my refund!!!

  9. Robert Hill | May 5, 2020 at 6:36 pm | Reply

    Worthless ! My one dog won’t touch it, my other dog destroyed it in 15 minutes. Waste of $28 ☹️ .

  10. Ellen J Kastner | April 24, 2020 at 9:47 pm | Reply

    ABSOLUTELY WORTHLESS! I have a small dog and for the longest time he had no interest in it wouldn’t touch it. Then I finally got him interested and within minutes he’s chewed the green end off! WORTHLESS! BIGGEST WASTE OF MONEY EVER!

  11. Toni Staggs. April 4,2020

    We received our chewbrush yesterday,for our two boxers.It was a big mistake! Within minutes, one had the tip chewed off in little pieces. My other one chewed off her chewbrush tip in big pieces. I bought two of them, but had to take it away from my dogs. It’s a good thing I was there,or they would have choke!! TO DANGEROUS!!!!!!

  12. Dennis Griffin | March 16, 2020 at 7:40 pm | Reply

    I bought a two-pack and my dog won’t touch the brush at all. Has absolutely no interest in it. As so many others have said, a total waste of money.

  13. These things are a complete waste of money.Bought 4 of these and gave my daughter one for her puppy and he would not even pick it up or look at it and he chews up everything he gets hus mouth on.Will not recommend this product to anyone with dogs. Posted this 02/10/2020

  14. claudia goodenow | February 3, 2020 at 3:00 pm | Reply

    Bought this last night and in min’s my dog chew the end off and almost choked on it. Please take this off the market.

  15. bought brush for my dog she had it torn apart in minutes I was upset what a waste of money

  16. If you are dumb enough to buy one don’t bitch when it doesn’t work. Waste of money!!

  17. Rosemarie Luyde | December 22, 2019 at 2:25 am | Reply

    This chew brush is a waste of money! I bought it for my 11 month old black lab and he destroyed it in less than 2 hours! He could have choked on the pieces of plastic that tore off!

  18. Victoria Johnson | November 12, 2019 at 8:03 pm | Reply

    I have 4 older dogs (3 are 10 yrs old, the other is 12). None of them are interested in the chews. I suspect if there was some type of flavoring built in, they may want to chew them as they did take the chews from my hand initially. I tried putting a flavoring on each chew and all they did was lick the flavoring off. I can’t comment on how well the chews will hold up as they are not being put to the test.

  19. I just bought one of these, and gave to my Australian Cattle Dog Mix. Within five minutes she had chewed off one of the nubs at the end of the bone.Glad it was only 6.99 from Ross.

  20. FYI you can’t make generalized comments like “they’ll get tired of it so it’s useless.” You cannot assume that just because your dog or someone else’s dog doesn’t play with a toy for more than a couple of minutes, every dog only plays with their toys for a couple of minutes.

    As an example, that’d be like me saying that every dog squats to pee because my neighbor’s male dog squats to pee. You can’t make that sort of general assumption. My dogs play with their toys nonstop, all day long. So much that I literally have to take the toy and put it up.

    Just because your(reviewer’s) dog is dumb and can’t keep itself entertained doesn’t mean every dog is the same. If we all made assumptions like that, I’d leave this site believing all people that write about dog toys make false assumptions with almost no data to base it on so one can’t belive what they write about these dog toys. 🤷🏻‍♂️😁

  21. DR. ALLAN COOPERSMITH | September 16, 2019 at 12:43 pm | Reply

    I left a comment 2 weeks ago and it was not posted!

  22. How can you be so dishonest about a product that you claim is perfect for our precious pets teeth and health??? Shame on you!

  23. COOPERSMITH ALLAN | September 9, 2019 at 3:07 am | Reply

    Bleeding Gums? Great Question!
    It is the same answer for humans as well as dogs.
    If your dog’s gums were bleeding while chewing the ChewBrush ( or any chew toy), she most likely already has gum disease. (caused by a build-up of smelly germs and tarter). But don’t panic -The ChewBrush is designed to clean away those germs after 2-3 weeks of daily supervised chewing for approximately 5 minutes. Hint: Place her favorite treats into several cleaning slots and watch her chew. Always remember to praise her when she chews. Your Vet should be consulted if bleeding persists. Inspect the ChewBrush frequently and replace with a new one if torn or sharp. ( as you would for any chew toy or toothbrush). ( not for aggressive chewers)
    Dr. Allan Coopersmith BSc DDS FAGD FADI FICD FCARDP FACD FIADFE. Dentist and C0-Inventor of the ChewBrush.

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