CatchMe Kitty Review

What is the CatchMe Kitty?

CatchMe Kitty

CatchMe Kitty is a toy that keeps your cat on its toes. It is one of those premium toys which can keep your cat both entertained as well as fit and well exercised. This product is something which keeps the cat interested with its wide range of features which make it quite irresistible to the cat.

CatchMe Kitty features an artificial prey inside the toy that moves unpredictably to egg on your cat to play. It randomly starts and stops with varying speed and movement. These lead to a more entertained experience for the cat which means the cat can play with it for extended periods.

The CatchMe Kitty has a tear-resistant fabric made up of nylon. It is to ensure the durability of the product. A non-slip fabric is used for the pounce pad which gives your cat the traction while chasing the prey.

The product is foldable, and for all ages, so you need not buy a new size when the kitty grows up. The foldability makes it easier to store in the house.


How does CatchMe Kitty work?

The prey inside the mat is motorized. This function helps it to move across all the areas inside the mat. The prey is also designed in a way that it varies its movements after a certain period based on an algorithm.

The prey especially mimics the actions of a mouse which makes it more attractive to the cat. The stop and start function of the cat makes it much more realistic for the kitty. The mat gets also infused with catnip which is irresistible to cats. The toy also has an option to imitate the sounds of a mouse.

How to use CatchMe Kitty?

CatchMe Kitty

According to the claims, using CatchMe Kitty is quite a simple affair. All you have to do is lure the cat in and set the prey loose. The prey them keeps the cat busy in play for as long as you want or until the cat gets tired. The prey works on a battery which can help it go on for quite a while.

The name CatchMe Kitty (Name Analysis)

The name CatchMe Kitty is basically what the toy makes your cat do. The idea is to make you feel like this can keep your cat interested and entertained for an extended period. We love to relate to such names because they define the product. But the truth is that a buyer can find out the realities of a product only after buying and using it.

CatchMe Kitty Claims

CatchMe Kitty

Let’s check how the claims made by the brand stand up in real life:

  • Tear-resistant Rip-stop fabric
    The brand claims that the material used to make the pad is tear resistant, but this claim is valid to no extent. The fabric holds up for a few play sessions after which it starts tearing at multiple places, thus rendering the toy useless.
  • Random Unpredictable Movements
    The claim of unpredictable movements is valid to only a certain extent since the movements get based on an algorithm which the cat can predict after a certain period which makes the game uninteresting to the cat.
  • Catnip Infused
    The claim of the pad being catnip infused is bogus. The compound infused in the pad is not catnip, and instead of attracting the cat, it repels the cat because of its composition. Some units are dispatched without the product infused and thus are not as repelling.
  • Non-slip 360-degree design
    This claim is false as well because every time a cat starts playing on the mat, it slips which causes the kitty to fall and hurt itself. You can spot it even on the explanatory video on the website. It leads to the cat not trusting the toy when playing and pushes the cat further away from the toy.
  • Mimics a mouse
    The product claims that the movements and the sound mimic a mouse which should attract the cat. The reality is far from the claims as the movements seem unnatural, and the sounds are not exactly like a mouse which the cat can recognize.
  • Useful for cats of all ages
    While the product is claimed to be big enough for cats of all sizes and ages to play, the truth is that the pad is only suitable for cats which are small in size. The bigger and older cats find it too small, and it leads to them not playing on it at all.
  • Long Battery of the prey
    The prey moves on the energy of a battery which is too small for the toy to last long. The prey discharges very quickly which disengages the cat and interrupts the play time.

Price Analysis

The CatchMe Kitty toy is offered for $19.99. Upon the purchase of one toy, you get an identical second toy free. You have to pay for shipping of both of these toys. The shipping charges for one toy are $4.99. It totals to $9.98 since you cannot refuse the complimentary toy.  It makes the whole price to be $29.99 which you can spot at the end of the page.

Offer Analysis

CatchMe Kitty

The product is available in only a ‘buy one get one’ scheme which makes it mandatory to pay for shipping for the second toy even if you don’t want it. The website takes payments from credit cards like Visa, American Express and MasterCard.

Reviews on CatchMe Kitty Site

The product site does not have any reviews left by customers that have used it which makes the claims made by the brand quite questionable concerning its authenticity.

CatchMe Kitty Review

The CatchMe Kitty brand makes some big claims which the product falls short of quite considerably.

Your cat is a part of your family and equal to a loved one. It is why he or she gets the best product available which CatchMe Kitty is clearly not after all the above analysis. Avoid getting your cat hurt by not buying this product as well as save yourself the money and the hassle of trying to return the product.

Our Verdict

We would love to see your cat happy and healthy, and we genuinely wish that this product was the way to go for it, but unfortunately, it is not. It doesn’t stand up to any of the claims that it makes and thus is a waste of money.

2 Comments on "CatchMe Kitty Review"

  1. I bought two in November. One didn’t work. Because it was a Christmas gift, I didn’t know that it was broken beforehand. Their warranty is for 30 days from delivery. Their customer service told me not to Christmas shop so early. Never again.

  2. First, the Catch Me Kitty does provide a lot of play for our Bengal cat. However, there is one small thing they could do to make it much better. My experience with the cat toy is that after I turn it on, it only takes less than a minute before a cat pounce hits the on-off button which turns off the toy. That means I have to sit there with the toy to constantly keep turning it back on. Two options would make this a much better product by keeping this from happening:

    1. Make the on-off button work after a short delay. You would have to hold it down for a second or two before it turns the toy on or off.
    2. Or, change the on-off button to a small slide switch instead to keep it from turn the toy on or off with just a touch.

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