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When we decided to review the new as seen on tv cat toy – “Cat-A-Wack” (OR “Cat a Wack“, “Catawack, “Cata Wack“)we decided to check if the concept was really new. We searched for “cat pyramid toy” in and boy, we found at-least half a dozen toys like the as seen on tv “Cat-A-Wack“. The closest one is the “Easyology Amazing Roller Cat Toy” which has almost 1200 reviews. So the claim of the makers of “Cat-A-Wack” that their cat toy is unique, is totally baseless. They have been exposed. Now lets check the reviews of Cat-A-Wack. At first we would target the “complaints” or negative reviews and then go the positive ones.

“My cat is not interested in this toy”

90% of the Cat-A-Whack reviews are about cats not being interested in this toy.

Review 1 – Not All Cats Love Cat-A-Wack

Drawing from the reviews of Easyology it appears that Cat-A-Wack does not appease to all the cats. Some users have have complained that their cats just ignore the Cat-A-Wack toy. One user even mentioned in his review that his cat got scared by the Cat-A-Wack. Her cat is so scared of it that she just runs away at the sight of the Cat A Wack toy. Many users complain in their reviews that this is not something the cats would play with everyday. Cats find it interesting in the beginning but later on they get bored. Some users have complained that their kittens got their paw stuck in the “Cat A Wack” toy. Some users mention in their reviews that their cats sniffed it once and never again paid attention to the “Cat A Wack”.

Review 2 – Cat A Wack is small in size

Many users have complained that the Cat A Wack toy appears big in the TV ad but actually is small in size. Given the small size of the Cat-A-Wack it is suitable only for smaller cats. Bigger cats don’t seem interested in the Cat A Wack.

Review 3 – Quality of the Toy

Users mention in their reviews that construction of the “Cat A Wack” toy is flimsy. It is too light and keeps tipping over which annoys the cats. The balls don’t roll smoothly on the track, they get stuck and then the cats loose their interest in the “Cat A Wack” toy. Bigger cats “abuse” the Cat A Wack toy to the extent where the balls come loose and roll on the floor, the tiny balls are a choking hazard for the cats. Also this cat toy is not durable, many reviews claim that the average life of the Cat A Wack is not more than a few months.

Review 4 – Availability of Cat A Wack

Cat A Wack is available only at the official website Telebrands has not launched this product on where REAL user reviews would reveal the true worth of the product. The shipping cost of “Cat A Wack” is $7 which is pretty high given the size of the product. So you still have to pay $7 if you decide to return the product.

About the name “Cat-A-Wack”

We tried to find the meaning of the term “Cat A Wack” and the rationale behind having such a name. The closest we could get to define the product is a “Strange Toy”. If you have better understanding of it please let us know.

Let’s Analyze the Claims of Cat-A-Wack and find out the truth

Cat A Wack keeps you cat busy for hours”

Nope, this claim is not true. Many reviews have confirmed that cats get bored with this too as they get with other toys.

“Cat-A-Wack is a NEW cat toy”

Nope, the concept is copied from the Easylogy with some enhancements.

Cat A Wack features a Non-Slip Base”

The toy is so light that the non-slip base wouldn’t help it keep securely in once place. Also the non-slip base is of n use on slippery surfaces.

Cat A Wack withstands the toughest punishment”

Reviews have revealed that heavy cats can destroy this toy. Not something for bigger cats. Maybe it can come handy as a toy for kittens.

“Triple track technology” LOL

A fancy name given to the simple tracks on which the balls slide. As Seen On TV companies (especially Telebrands) use high sounding names for mediocre products.

Advantages of Cat-A-Wack

  • Cat-A-Wack is an interactive toy, it incites your lazy cat to play.
  • It is battery operated which makes the pyramid tilt making the balls glides on the track, this catches the attention of the cats and the play begins.
  • At-least 3 cats can play with the “Cat A Wack” at once.
  • Made from pet-safe material.
  • Colorful balls easily catches the attention of the cats.
  • Cat A Wack is far better than its predecessors like Easylogy.
  • Cat A Wack is bigger in size than the much popular Easylogy roller cat toy.

Our Verdict on the Cat A Wack

The concept of “Cat A Wack” is not new, there have been several cat toys that work on the same principle. The toys like Cat-Wack are fairly popular amongst cat owners. Telebrands has copied the Cat-Wack concept from the Easylogy roller cat toy product but surely they have enhanced it. It is bigger in size (though they don’t reveal the dimensions and weight of the toy.).

So do we recommend the Cat-A-Wack?

We are not pet experts but as far as the Cat-A-Wack cat toy is concerned, it is a decent product. But the million dollar question is “will your cat like it?” Given the reviews it is evident that cats get bored with the Cat-A-Wack as they do with other toys. Cat-A-Wack is not a magic product (as it is portrayed to be) that would keep your cat engaged for hours. It is a “hit or miss”, chances of missing are high though (according to the reviews). But yes we do recommend the Cat-A-Wack toy BUT not at this price $20. It is not worth more than $10.

When we analyzed the reviews we understood that cats like to play with a “variety” of toys, they get bored if there is only one toy. Also cats like to play in groups, so if you are having more cats and more toys, then that would keep them engaged for a longer period. A lone cat would still be engaged playing if there are multiple “interactive” toys.

Before getting sucked into buying the Cat-A-Wack we urge you to go through these Cat Toy Buying Guides:

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  1. I order this toy “cat a wack” and one other I have the green one where cat try to catch mouse, they was also recently on TV a light blue base with a mouse on top that went around the base. I haven’t receive either but have paid through a credit card and the charge came in day I ordered. 11/8 and 11/12 Why haven’t I received? No email either send cat toys or refund money.

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