Ultimate Irish Peeler Review | Does IrishPeeler.com Work?

How does ULTIMATE Irish Peeler work?

It is yet another “as seen on tv peeler”, this time it is a double ended peeler. The Irish Peeler has the Serrated blades at one end, the Julienne blade at the other end and the grater on the back. IrishPeeler.com claim that the Ultimate Peeler won’t slip and would cut down on your prep work. The Ultimate Irish Peeler is a dual sided “Y” peeler, making it look like a “X” peeler. The grater design is safe and won’t hurt your fingers or nails.

Ultimate Irish Peeler Review | Does IrishPeeler.com Work?

As per the manufacturer’s review, the ordinary peelers get stuck when peeling, they slip and glide on the veggies. The Ultimate Irish Peeler on the other hand claims to be an exception. The IrishPeeler.com’s Ultimate Peeler has a comfortable and firm grip which peeling even toughest veggies easy, the manufacturer’s review claims so.

How does Ultimate Irish Peeler work?

What can You Peel With the Irish Peeler?

It peels onions, potatoes, squash and tomatoes in half the time compared to other peelers. Use the IrishPeeler.com to turn cabbage and carrots into coleslaw in seconds. Want to prepare baby food? use the Ultimate Irish Peeler to grate carrots for baby food. Grate garlic using the Irish Peeler for your garlic tea.

Ultimate Irish Peeler Uses

Why is it called “Irish” Peeler?

Because the person who endorses it has an “Irish” accent.


Where to Buy the Ultimate Irish Peeler

The As Seen On TV Ultimate Irish Peeler Offer Includes:
  • 1 Ultimate Irish Peeler
  • 1 Ultimate Irish Potato Spiral
Price: $14.99 + $4.99 S/h. You also have the options of buying multiple Irish Peeler units and saving on cost per unit.


Ultimate Irish Peeler Review

The Ultimate Irish Peeler reviews are mixed with most reviews giving a 3-star rating to the Ultimate Irish Peeler. Some of the claims made by the IrishPeeler.com websites have turned out to be false.

Takes Thin Slices – The Ultimate Irish Peeler takes thin slices and you have to peel it second time to get the layers off the veggies and fruits. The Ultimate Irish Peeler peels only in one direction. The peeler does peel in one stroke as claimed.

Plastic is Worrisome – The Ultimate Irish Peeler handle is made of hard plastic but some users complain that it feels cheap. The Ultimate Irish Peeler feels cheap and flimsy, according to some reviews. Some users are worried of putting pressure while grating as it could break the peeler in two. Some reviewers are apprehensive about the flimsy plastic and sharp blades. They are worried that the plastic handle of the Irish Peeler might just snap and the sharp blades can cause injury to hands and fingers.

Does the Job – The blades are sharp and The IrishPeeler.com does its job, “it peels”, though the peels are not perfect it just does it like any other peeler. The ye remover is a great feature. The Irish Peeler is fine, there is nothing much special about it. It isn’t any safer than the other “Y” peelers in the market. You would get the same results from a $5 peeler. Difficult to maintain many users are of the opinion that they would rather invest in a peeler with rust-resistant blades. Make sure you wash and dry the Irish Peeler immediately after using it.

No Replacement Blades – The IrishPeeler.com website does not provide any information regarding replacement of the blades. You will have to replace the blades of Ultimate Irish Peeler at some point of time, and there is none available. Pretty much a dud once the blade are dull.

It Rusts – The biggest complaint of the Ultimate Irish Peeler is that it RUSTS. Our product experts explain that the blades of Irish Peeler are not made from the stainless steel blade and hence they rust. Buyers should note that the Irish Peeler is NOT DISHWASHER SAFE and needs to be dried immediately after use. Users have reported the blades of the Irish Peeler rusting in the corner [where it is hard to dry] just after one cycle in the dishwasher. One user mentions in his review that it is quiet a risk to dry the blades with bare hands and towels get shredded. It would help if you wash the Irish Peeler under a tap with some soap and set it aside before using it.

Long Peeler for Big Hands – It is convenient to use compared to the short-handles peelers available online. According to the reviews, the Ultimate Irish Peeler particularly comes handy when you have to peel a lot of potatoes for a party or gathering. Having a bigger handle it is more comfortable compared to the Kuhn Rikon Swiss Peeler.

Hard on the Wrists – The handle position of the Ultimate Irish Peeler is not suited to peel huge quantities of veggies and fruits. That is because the handle is to be gripped in the direction of the peeling action. Unlike straight peelers, you have to twist your hand to peel a veggie/fruit with the Ultimate Irish Peeler.

Our Verdict On Ultimate Irish Peeler

Yes Ultimate Irish Peeler definitely works and the blades are sharp, but then so do all other peelers. Irish Peeler is similar to the “Y” peelers available in the market. It works like any other Y-shaped peeler. It does not have any different blade arrangement that would have an effect on the peeling time, it does not reduce peeling time.

Is the Ultimate Irish Peeler design revolutionary? – Not really. There is a peeler by the name “LOFFEL” available at Amazon.com which is similar to the Irish Peeler but does not have the grater feature. But the LOFFEL peeler is much sturdier than the Irish Peeler, we recommend the LOFFEL Peeler instead of the Irish.

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