Ugly Truth Pan Review | Review

What is Ugly Truth Pan?

The “Ugly Truth Pan” is a new as seen on tv “Carbon Steel Pan” which claims to become more non-stick and flavourful with age. As per the official review, the Ugly Truth Pan is sort of unconventional because as per conventional wisdoms cooking pans deteriorate with use. On the contrary the Ugly Truth Pan claims to get better! The official Ugly Truth Pan review claims that the new Carbon Steel Pan has a lot of advantages over the old cast iron pans in the market. Ugly Truth Pan cooks food faster, is tougher, has better heat conductivity, is naturally non-stick, and has non chemical coating that would scratch.



So you may ask why the name “Ugly Truth Pan“. The reason is, this Carbon-Steel Pan has ugly stains. As per the official review, the uglier the stains the better the pan cooks. The Ugly Truth Pan has a “cool-to-touch” handle that is comfortable to hold and can withstand 1000 Degree Fahrenheit. As per the official website, the Carbon-Steel Pans are used in hotels and restaurants and though they look UGLY, they work far better than any other pans – that is the reason why they are used in hotels.


Ugly Truth Pan Review | Review


According to the official review, the Ugly Truth Pans are great for:

  • Any Style Eggs
  • Sear Steak
  • Sauté Vegetables
  • Fry Chicken
  • Oven Safe



Ugly Truth Pan Pricing

The Ugly Truth Pan is priced at $39.99 + $9.99 S/h and is available only at the official website You can also include another pan in your order for$29.99, that is 25% saving.

Price Comparison

When we compared the price of Ugly Truth Pan with other carbon-steel pans in the market we found that the Ugly Truth Pan is about 25% costlier than other carbon-steel pans.


Ugly Truth Pan Review

Advantages of Ugly Truth Pan

Since it is a Carbon-Steel Pan, Ugly Truth Pan has many advantages over the ceramic and cast-iron pans. The Ugly Truth Pan is suited mostly for stir-frying, roasting, baking, searing and pan-frying.


Lightweight, Easy to Use and Versatile

The Ugly Truth Pan is considerably lighter compared to cast-iron pans. This makes it easy to manoeuvre and handle. The Ugly Truth Pan for versatile and can be used for everyday cooking. You can use the Ugly Truth Pan for a number of recipes. With the Ugly Truth Pan in your shelf, you wouldn’t need more pans in your kitchen. It is compatible with stove and oven. However the Ugly Truth Pan is not compatible with induction cooktop.



The Ugly Truth Pan is made from Carbon-Steel, that is 1% Carbon for 99% of steel. This composition of carbon and steel makes Ugly Truth Pan quite strong yet malleable and ductile. There won’t be any cracking or denting even if you drop the pan on the ground accidentally.


Heat Tolerance

The Ugly truth Pan has a very high heat tolerance [up to 1000 degree Fahrenheit].But don’t put the hot [overheated] pan under water because this sudden change in the temperature would cause the Ugly Truth Pan to warp, this what reviews have reported.


Hot Handle

The handle of the Ugly Truth Pan is not covered with the enamel which is a major disadvantage. The pan and the handle get very hot [particularly in the oven] and you cannot handle it without a mitt.




The Ugly Truth Pan is non-stick provided you season it. If you don’t season it, the Ugly Truth Pan won’t be as non-stick as shown in the commercial. Our product experts warn that cooking eggs on non-seasoned Ugly Truth Pan would cause the eggs to stick to the surface. The Ugly Truth Pan being made from Carbon-Steel material, it does not have a non-stick coating. So you don’t have to worry about the coating peeling off. But as mentioned earlier the Ugly Truth Pan is not NON-STICK out of the box, you have to season it. If food begins to stick its time to re-season it. Overheating the pan can cause the food to stick to the surface of the Ugly Truth Pan.


Cleaning the Ugly Truth Pan

Cleaning the Ugly Truth Pan is easy. But remember this pan IS NOT DISHWASHER SAFE, also do not use SOAP to clean the pan. You have to clean it manually. Rinsing the Ugly Truth Pan can cause it to warp, some reviewers say. Even if the food sticks you need not worry, the Ugly Truth Pan does not have a protective non-stick layer that is commonly found in other cooking pans. You can use the scraper to remove the gunk from the pan. Putting the Ugly Truth Pan in the Dishwasher can make it rust and also cause the pan to lose its seasoning.


Needs Constant Re-Seasoning

One of the drawbacks of the Ugly Truth Pan is that it needs to be re-seasoned too often. If you are using the pan for searing and frying then it will remain non-stick for longer time. Whenever you use water based recipes the pan losses it non-stick feature. One review also mentions that the Ugly Truth Pan is difficult to season.


Reacts with Acidic Foods

The Ugly Truth Pan being composed of Carbon and Steel is prone to react with acidic foods like tomatoes, lemon, wine sauces etc. So avoid cooking acidic foods in the Ugly Truth Pan.



Uneven Surface

Some reviews mention that the Ugly Truth Pan has an uneven surface which makes food to stick to the surface.


Comparison with Aluminium Pans

Compared to Aluminium pans, the Ugly Truth Pan has lower heat conductivity. So though the pan gets hot fast, the heat is not retained as effectively as it is in the Aluminium pans. Also since the the Ugly Truth Pan is thinner compared to Aluminum pans, the heat distribution becomes uneven as the density of the pan varies. This may cause the food to cook unevenly.


Comparison with Cast-Iron Pans

Except for weight and use of certain food, the Cast-iron pans and the Ugly Truth Pan have a lot of similarities. While you cannot use Ugly Truth Pan to cook acidic foods, cast-iron pans have no issues with acidic food. Compared to the cast iron pans the Ugly Truth Pan is much lightweight. Compared to cast-iron pans, the Ugly Truth Pan appears quite “cheap” and yet expensive.


Not for “Moist” Cooking

the Ugly Truth Pan is not well suited for “moist” cooking methods like stewing and braising.


Handle Screws

Al lot food gets deposited around the handle screws that protrude on the inside of the Ugly Truth Pan and cleaning around the screws can be a hassle.


Prone to Rusting

Since Ugly Truth Pan is mostly Steel [99%] it is prone to rusting and discolouration. The pan will particularly rust if not seasoned or not dried immediately after washing.



Disadvantages of the Ugly Truth Pan

  • Not Induction-ready
  • Un-Even Surface
  • Not Dishwasher Safe
  • Handle is not Enamelled
  • Rusts and Discolours


Our Verdict

The Ugly Truth Pan claims to address the core issue associated with frying pans – “Food sticking to the pan”. But to achieve the non-stick capability the Ugly Truth Pan has to be seasoned like any pan. But it does offer one good feature – there is no non-stick layer like TEFLON. So you need not worry about the non-stick surface peeling off. Also you are free to use metal scrapers to clean the pan. Now the question is “Should you buy the Ugly Truth Pan?”

To answer that question you need to ask another one, Is Ugly Truth Pan the only Carbon-Steel pan in the market? The answer is NO. There are several tried and tested carbon-steel pans out there and they are 25% cheaper than the Ugly Truth Pan. We personally recommend the “De Buyer Mineral B Frying Pan” though it costs $60 it would last for a very long time.

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