Trusted Butcher Knives Review

About Trusted Butcher Knives

“Trusted Butcher Professional Chef Knife”, as it is official called claims to be another super knife that claims to cut through everything (here depicted cutting through a row of water bottles), cutting through rock solid frozen meat and through a bunch of fruits at once. The advertising theme is very similar the Forged from Fire Knives. As with the other as seen on tv knives, Trusted Butcher Knife claims to do everything – cutting, chopping, slicing, mincing and more. Whether you want to slice a delicate fruit or cut through cheese or a big stack of sandwich.

Trusted Butcher Knives Review

“Seamlessly cuts through turkey”, “Fillets fish with precision”, “Effortlessly shreds through a cabbage” are some of the claims made by the Butcher Knife promotions. The official Trusted Butcher Knives review shows the knife cutting through a layer of nine grilled sirloin. The Trusted Butcher knife claims to replace a long list of knifes that include bread knife, boning knife, paring knife, Santoku knife and more.

The Trusted Butcher Knife comes from the reputed brand of meat suppliers in the US – “The Trusted Butcher“. The review claims that the same knife used by them (Trusted Butcher) is now available for the general public. The official review claims that the “super steel” blade is sharper, harder and stronger than the regular steel knife. The so-called “super steel” blade of the Butcher Knife claims to hold the edge and cuts through everything.

The blades of the Trusted Butcher Knives are claimed to be individually polished and sharpened. The official review claims that these butcher knives are used by culinary schools, butcher shops, chefs and restaurants world-wide. The Butcher Knife claims to have a light-weight triple riveted handle that gives you better control and is comfortable to hold.

The Trusted Butcher Knives resemble Damascus Steel Knives but the similarity ends there. Reviews mention that it does not have the quality of the Damascus Steel Knives, they just look like them.

Is Trusted Butcher Knife Easy to Sharpen?

One review points out that there is an universal rule of thumb that more durable a knife is, harder it is to sharpen. So if the Trusted Butcher knife is as hard as it claims to be then it would certainly be difficult to sharpen and probably you cannot sharpen them at your home, says one review.

Are those Demos True?

“The Trusted Butcher official review shows the knife cutting through bottles, fruits, sandwiches, frozen meat and what not – guys this is staged display and not real. Don’t get sucked into it” – warns one reviewer.

Price of Trusted Butcher Knife?

It is priced at $75 and shipping is free. You get 1 Chef Knife, 4 Steak Knives, 1 Digital Thermometer and a Recipe Book. Trusted Butcher Knife is available at the official website only. One review warns against getting lured by the low price of Trusted Butcher Knife and the associated freebies. One reviewer too has similar thought in his review he says “The Trusted Butcher Knife is 73% cheaper than the Dalstrong Damascus Knife but still I would go for something that lasts.”

Trusted Butcher Knives Review

“Double Offer” Scam

One buyer complains in his review that the Trusted Butcher Knife runs a classic infomercial scam of “Double Offer” on its website Here you have no option of buying a single knife and have to buy the complete set (of 1 chef knife, 2 steak knives and thermometers). Also the “Double Offer” option is pre-selected. The pricing of the knives is such that there is very little price difference (27%) between the single set offer and double set enticing the buyer to go for the “double offer”. Also if you wish to return the Trusted Butcher knives you still have to pay $19.95 shipping and handling charges.

What is “Super Steel” in Trusted Butcher Knife?

One review says – “The promoters of the Trusted Butcher Knife hammer the point that their knife is made from “Super Steel”. The reviewer says the knife is made from 400 series blade that is not the best of the “Super Steel” and at the lower end of the Super Steel range. The advantage of 400 series steel used in the Trusted Butcher knife is that it resists rusting and corrosion and is easy to sharpen.

One reviewer mentions that the term Super Steel is used very vaguely in the Trusted Butcher Knife tv advertisement and so do other as seen on tv knives use it. The line that separates Steel from Super Steel keeps changing as new material is forged. There are far better and REAL SUPER STEEL knives out there in the market. The Super Steel has huge quantities of Carbon and Chromium that makes it tough and sharp but reviewers point out that Trusted Butcher uses 400 series steel that has mere .38% carbon and question the tag of “Super Steel” attached with this knife.

Lack of Information

One reviewer warns buyers not to buy the Trusted Butcher Knife (or any other as seen on tv knife for that matter including Magma Knife and the Forged From Fire Knife). He complains that the marketers of Trusted Butcher Knife go to the limit exaggerating their knives but fail to give basic information like the dimensions of the knife, weight, the length of the knife handle, the edge angle, handle material etc. “What kind of a professional company hides such important information from its buyers?” he asks in his review.

Made in China Knives

One reviewer mentions that these Trusted Butcher knives are cheap and nothing like what they make them look like in the commercial.

“Nothing like what the commercial shows. You have to apply a lot of pressure to cut with these knives”
– A Trusted Butcher Reviewer.

No Warranty

One reviewer brings to the notice that the Trusted Butcher Knife does not have any warranty associated with it. Normally all branded knives come with a lifetime warranty. “This is an important reason why I won’t purchase the Trusted Butcher”, there are better options at the same price” – he says in his review.

Our Verdict

Trusted Butcher Knife is not the only TRUE CHEF’s Knife out there in the market. There are several of these tried and tested “Super Steel” knives available.

Every As Seen On TV Company claims that their knife is the BEST with revolutionary features unmatched by any other. Gullible buyers fall for these misleading advertising. They don’t realize that not only is the advertising false, but that there are far better alternatives (which actually come close the advertised feats) available out there.

We would suggest buyers to do a research prior to making an impulsive purchase of such items. has a good knife buying guide, refer to such guides before buying the Trusted Butcher knives.

We would recommend buying one of those. We personally recommend the DALSTRONG Chef’s Knife – 9.5″ – Shogun Series – Damascus Knife, which the Trusted Butcher Knife resembles. The DALSTRONG Damascus knife has over 2600+ reviews and 4.5 star rating which makes it a perfect alternative to The Trusted Butcher Knife. The marketers of Trusted Butcher Knife (Tristar Products Inc) have tried to sweeten the deal with bonuses but then if you want “quality over quantity” you gotta pay what it is worth.

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  1. These RUST I had them for 1 mo, I am always trying to keep the rust off.

  2. Richard Sirois | October 8, 2020 at 10:42 am | Reply

    i love my trusted butcher knives BUT the advertising is miss leading. on the blade of the knife during the sales pitch on TV the knife blade says trusted butcher leading me to believe it was made in AMERICA. But when i get it home on the blade under trusted butcher logo to my surprise it says [MADE IN CHINA]. very misleading it does not say anywhere on the knife during the commercial does it say Made in CHINA. I’m trying to buy American and this was misleading.

  3. I am desperately trying to return. Return print out does not have your return address, just my address. Please assist me with this immediately.

    Thank you.

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