Total Rack Review | Does Work?

What is Total Rack?

Total Rack claims to be the latest as seen on tv gadget – an expandable multi-function, roll-up stainless-steel kitchen rack with silicone. The Total Rack can be used as a drying rack, rinsing rack, cooling rack, crisping rack and a serving rack – all in one.


Total Rack Review | Does Work?



How does Total Rack Work?

The Total Rack instantly expands so you can rinse and dry vegetables right over the kitchen sink. You can use the Total Rack to defrost meat and let the liquid drain away in the sink. You can even rinse sharp items like kitchen knives and other kitchen utensils with the Total Rack.

Easy Storage

When not in use, the Total Rack can be rolled-up, clipped and stored on the counter or a drawer.

Multi-Purpose Cooking Rack

As per the official review, the Total Rack is oven-safe and even cook food on the Total Rack – like a convection oven. Place the Total Rack on the top of a baking pan, the hot air circulates around the food to cook it evenly from all the side and top to bottom. The review claims that you can make fist filets, fries and crispy chicken strips. Total Rack makes frosting and blazing cakes and pastries fast and easy. Because the Total Rack is made of stainless-steel and silicone, cleanup is easy. Total Rack is dishwasher safe.



Expandable Rack

The Total Rack doubles in size when fully extended so you can use it as an roasting rack too for big family sized dinners. The Total Rack can be used in toaster ovens too, for making kid’s snacks. You can place hot food from the oven right on the Total Rack and even serve it on the table, so versatile is the Total Rack.


Total Rack Price

Total Rack is available for $19.99 + $4.99 P&H. Total amount $24.98. You can also buy an additional Total Rack for an extra $10.00. That is 2 Total Racks for $34.98 [$17.49 per Total Rack]. The Total Rack is available at the official website only.


Total Rack Review

It is Big

Many users complain that the Total Rack is too big for their sink and the worst part is that the official website does not reveal any information about the dimensions of the rack. It is only after you receive that you realize it would not fit your sink. Too large for most apartment sinks.



Advantages of Total Rack

  • The Total Rack works great for cups and glasses.
  • Works well with Farmer’s Sink and small kitchens.
  • Total Rack is Sturdy! good for drying dishes [a few], washing vegetables, and for thawing meat from the freezer over the sink!
  • Easy to clean and store

    Disadvantages of Total Rack

    • Once you spread the rack on your sink you do not have space to wash the plates.
    • Does not really help because you can easily splash soapy water on the cleaned dishes that are already rinsing on the Total Rack. You still have to place “washed” dishes on a towel or kitchen counter before moving them on the Total Rack.
    • Many users complain that the Total Rack is smaller when it is not extended and does not cover the sink. And it is too big when fully extended.
    • You cannot make dishes stand on the Total Rack. Also you cannot lay too many dishes on the Total Rack because just a few dishes easily cover the entire area of the Total Rack.
    • Since it does not fit many sinks, the Total Rack is advertised as a cooking rack.
    • Not suited for bigger families where you have too many dishes to rinse and dry.
    • The Total Rack does not work well with the divided sink. Many users with divided sinks prefer using sink mat over the Total Rack.


    • The bars of the Total Rack are quite thinner and also the space between the bars is big, small items can easily slip through this space.
    • Tall items like glass wobble on the Total Rack and they could easily tip over.
    • Many users complain they things keep falling off from the Total Rack, good to hold only a few dishes and cups.
    • It does not stay put, it moves around even with a slight jostle. The Total Rack also flexes a lot so you cannot keep heavy items on it. There are many complaints where users have lost glasses and dishes.


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