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What is Tasty Bouquet?

You love making cupcakes for every occasion. But it can be very messy carrying, displaying and decorating them. The answer is Tasty Bouquet the ingenious solution to show your cupcake flower power. Tasty Bouquet makes it easy to decorate, display and enjoy delicious cupcakes anytime you want. Just insert your cupcakes in the dome shaped holder, decorate your cupcakes with your choice of icing and show off your cupcake creativity. Tasty Cupcake Bouquet claims to work with homemade as well as store-purchased cupcakes. Tasty Cupcake can hold 19 different cupcakes and with the dome shaped holder it is easy to reach all of them for decoration. The marketers of Tasty Bouquet claim that the holder fits any standard size pot which is perfect for holidays and celebrations. With Tasty Bouquet its so easy to turn every event into Cupcake fun. You can use the dome rack without the pot to customize your display. Putting cupcakes on a plate may turn messy but not with the Tasty Cupcakes.


Tasty Bouquet

Here are some of the ideas of using Tasty Bouquet for:

  • Make a Winter Wonderland
  • BABY shower Bouquet
  • Cupcake Extravaganza Birthday Bouquet
  • Make floral cupcakes as a delicious gift
  • Use Tasty Bouquet as a sweet treat to say “I love You”
  • Put the Tasty Bouquet rack in the pumpkin pot for a Halloween theme
Tasty Bouquet Decorating Options


Tasty Bouquet REVIEW

The Name Tasty Bouquet

The cupcake holder is named “Tasty Bouquet” because it is dome shaped and with the different cupcakes inserted in it, it resembles a flower bouquet. Hence the name “Tasty Bouquet”.


Is Tasty Bouquet the only Cupcake Holder?

Nope. Cupcake holders or racks are nothing new. There are several of cupcake stands available at Amazon.com. They come in various sizes and tier-design, some of them are made of acrylic


Is Tasty Bouquet better than other cupcake racks?

Though the tower-type cupcake accommodate more cupcakes, they are unstable and can fall easily with slight jerks. Compared to them the Tasty Bouquet has larger base and is very secured when placed inside the pot it comes with. Tasty Bouquet Uses


Tasty Bouquet Quality

The Tasty Bouquet pot looks really good when it is new but you have to take good care of it. It is a plastic pot and the color will begin chip off after some time. the Tasty bouquet holder is made from cheap wire that can be easily twisted and bent. Once the individual circular cupcake holders loose their circular shape they would not hold the cupcakes securely. Also because of the dome structure of the Tasty Bouquet the cupcakes that would go in the holders on outer side, are more prone to falling.


Tasty Bouquet Material

The manufacturer of Tasty Bouquet does not mention anything about the material of the cupcake holder but we can safely assume that the stand is made from some cheap plastic. The individual cupcake holder is not made from metal.


Tasty Bouquet Price and Offer

Tasty Bouquet is priced at $37 at the official website GetTastyBouquet.com and includes 1 Tasty Bouquet Dome, 1 Tasty Bouquet Pot, 4 Decorating Bags and 2 Decorating Tips. The same Tasty Bouquet is also available at Amazon.com for $19.99. Tasty Bouquet As Seen On TV Offer


Disadvantages of Tasty Bouquet

  • Smudges easily
  • Looks cheap
  • Twists and bends easily
  • The quality is not that great
  • Not suitable for mini cupcakes
  • Very expensive at $37 if purchased from the official website
  • If you are returning the product you still have to pay $15 to ship it back to the distributor


Advantages of Tasty Bouquet

  • Most stable cupcake holder
  • For $19.99 at Amazon.com you also get cupcake decorating accessories
  • Tasty Bouquet comes with a pot that can be used for other purposes too
  • Offers a lot of “decorative” value
  • Most “kid-proof” cupcake rack
More Tasty Bouquet Decorating Options


Our Verdict on Tasty Bouquet

Tasty Bouquet is not a bad product. It is the most “stable” cupcake rack in the market. But there are better cupcake holders available out there in the market which are tried and tested and have fairly good reviews and ratings. Tasty Bouquet‘s value is directly proportional to its price. For $20 at Amazon.com it is fairly a good deal.


Tasty Bouquet Alternatives

  • Charmed 4-tier Cupcake Stand – $13
  • Jusalpha 4 Tier Square Acrylic Cupcake Tower – $21
  • YestBuy 4 Tier Maypole Square Wedding Party Tree Tower Acrylic – $23
  • Wilton 4-Tier Stacked Cupcake and Dessert Tower – $15
  • Vdomus Pastry Stand 4 Tier Acrylic Cupcake Display Stand with LED
  • String Lights Dessert Tree Tower – $26

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