Super Julietti Review

What is Super Julietti?

According to the manufacturer’s review, as seen on tv Super Julietti is a handheld compact countertop spiral slicer (spiralizer) that makes preparing fruits and veggies fast and easy. The unique feature of the Super Julietti is that it comes with a container to collect the veggies and fruits.

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Benefits of Super Julietti

The manufacturer tries to sell the Super Julietti on one point – “Healthy veggies and fruits”. In the Super Julietti promotional review the manufacturer stresses on the point how easy it is to get veggies and fruits in your diet with the Super Julietti. Just place the veggie or fruit on the blade and rotate the handle to get perfectly(?) sliced low-carb veggies and fruits. The vertical design of the Super Julietti makes sure that all the contents go in to the container below for easy storage, there is no mess on your countertop to clean! Super Julietti can be used to spiral cut onions in seconds, the best part is – all the parts of the Super Julietti are dishwasher safe. The container comes with silicone lids.

Super Julietti Blades

The Super Julietti features two stainless steel blades (Julienne and Spiral) made with German engineering. The review claims that the blades stay razor sharp for a long years to come.

Super Julietti Review

Super Julietti As Seen On TV Offer

Super Julietti Review

Well, the manufacturer makes hefty claims about the Super Julietti but what do the reviews have to reveal about the product.


Many users have reported in their reviews that Super Julietti is flimsy. Many users complain that it seems like it won’t last long. You cannot apply a lot of pressure on the Super Julietti. The handle is the first part that you should expect to give up.

Small in Size

Reviews reveal that Super Julietti is small in size, this is ok for one person. Not much suited if you have to use it for a family.

Easy to Assemble

The Super Julietti is easy to assemble, so say the reviews. It can be dismantled and all the parts go in the Super Julietti container for easy storage.

Limited Use

Many users mention in the reviews that the Super Julietti is somewhat awkward to use and the design limits the size of the veggie or fruit to be used in it. The veggie/fruit keep falling down and you need to keep putting it back on the Super Julietti. Also it won’t hold anything bigger than a orange. The core of the fruit is however wasted.

Too Lightweight

One review claims that the Super Julietti unit is too lightweight and thus makes it hard to use.

Not the Perfect Cuts

Some users report in their reviews that the spirals come out jagged and they are not separated. Also it gets stains from something like carrots. Also it spiralizes only one way.

Works in Some Cases

Reviews confirm that Super Julietti works fine on smaller onions and cucumbers. It does cut onions very thin but then the onion keeps falling down – complains one user in his review. For bigger veggies and fruits, you have to cut them first so that they can fit in the Super Julietti.

Super Julietti Question and Answers

Q. Whats the Price of Super Julietti slicer?

A. Super Julietti slicer set is priced at $19.99. This is a bit pricier than other similar slicers available in the market. You get a 4-blade slicer for the same price while the Super Julietti is a two-blade slicer.

Q. Where can I buy the Super Julietti?

A. Super Julietti is available only at the official website:

Q. Whats Special about the Super Julietti?

A. The take-away container with lid make the Super Julietti a special kitchen appliances.

Q. Is Super Julietti a unique Slicer?

A. Nope. There are a lot of slicer that work like the Super Julietti, there is nothing much special about the Super Julietti.

Q. Does it save food prep time?

A. Not really, In fact it takes more time to do the job.

Q. What is “Vertical Centrifugal Design”?

A. A fancy “scientific” sounding name given to the “top-bottom” design of the Super Julietti.

Vertical Spiralizer Action of the Super Julietti.

Q. What are the advantages of the Super Julietti?

A. As per the manufacturer review, getting veggies and fruits in your diet is easier with the as seen on tv Super Julietti slicer. It cuts down food-prep time and is easy to use. But the Super Julietti reviews tell a different story. Also the Super Julietti slicer is compact and the containers make storage easy.

Q. Who should buy the Super Julietti?

A. According to the reviews, Super Julietti is well suited for a single person, so if you are one you might want to give it a try.

Q. What are the Disadvantages of the Super Julietti slicer?

A. Unfortunately Super Julietti has more disadvantages than advantages. They are mentioned in the review section.

Q. Who is the manufacturer of the Super Julietti slicer?

A. Emson Inc is the company behind the Super Julietti slicer.

Q. What are the accessories associated with the Super Julietti?


  • 1 – Large container with silicone ring base
  • 1 – Storage lid
  • 1 – German stainless steel spiral blade
  • 1 – German stainless steel ribbon blade

Super Julietti Comparison

Product Blades Price Rating Reviews
Super Julietti 2-Blades $19.99 2.5 Stars
Sedhoom 4-Blade Spiralizer 4-Blade $17 4.5 Stars 190+ Reviews
Zalk Spiralizer Vegetable Slicer – HEAVY DUTY Spiralizer 4-Blade $43 4.5 Stars 400+ Reviews
NUNEWARES Spiralizer Vegetable Slicer 4-Blade $19 4.5 Stars 480+ Reviews

Our Verdict

It is evident from the comparison above that there are better vertical spiralizers out there in the market. Based on the reviews we do not recommend the Super Julietti.

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  1. Janet Webster | April 30, 2020 at 3:48 am | Reply

    Unfortunately I did not read this before I purchased the product. I found it very unsatisfaory, hard to use, not safe and not as demonstrated in the T.V promotion
    I sadly cut my finger, requiring a trip to Emergency as I could not stop the blood flow
    DO NOT consider the Super Julietti ever. I have thrown mine away in the rubbish,

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