Starlyf Smokefree Grill Review


What is Starlyf Smokefree Grill?

Starlyf Smokefree Grill is an indoor grill for barbecue with a cooking surface of stone, for an enhanced savory flavor and uniformity of cooking. It is the best approach to enjoy the barbecuing season throughout the entire year since Starlyf smokefree Grill brings the fun inside and leaves the smoke and the chaos outside. Barbecuing steaks is now quick, fun, simple and does not involve even a wisp of smoke.


Starlyf Smokefree Grill runs on electric power. As such there is neither any dirty charcoal nor any gas tanks to be refilled. Thus, presently, you can throw a barbecue party whenever you want and wherever you feel like. At the Starlyf Smokefree Grill, the flame broiling grate is the source of heat, so the drippings fall right down to the constantly cool dribble skillet beneath. As it is never hot, there’ are no flare-ups and no flame, and no smoke.


Starlyf Smokefree Grill

How does Starlyf Smokefree Grill Work?

Starlyf Smokefree Grill possesses a baked on, stony surface that provides the cook with the facility of even warming over the whole surface. This approach is pretty much the same as cooking on those costly flame broiling stones. The whole barbecuing grate warms up in the meantime, and so the meat cooks better and turns out to be tastier.


Utilize the convenient temperature regulation facility to use the ideal temperature, execution and flavor. What’s more, regardless of what you toss on this barbecue, nothing can make scratchy marks on it. Certainly not any metal utensils since it possess an especially thick, very strong non-stick coating of stone. Furthermore, nothing adheres to this flame broil, not even the sticky ketchup or barbecue sauce. There is no need of any cleanup as there is no mess.


Starlyf Smoke-free Grill

How to use the Starlyf Smoke-free Grill?

Throw a huge barbecue party with your favorite grilled foods on the exclusive Starlyf smokefree Grill that features a stoneware coating, modifiable thermostat, detachable connectors, and removable tray for the fats, a cooking surface that runs on a power of 1250W, smoke-free facility, and dishwasher-safe aspect. The proficient ledge flame broil warms rapidly to an even, consistent high temperature that is ideal for burning the outside of meats and different sustenance while keeping the inside succulent and tasty. Propelled infrared innovation keeps up burning hot temperatures, while the barbecue’s inventive structure guides every one of the drippings to a simple to-evacuate plate to keep your kitchen without smoke, with less muddled splashing. The special apparatus is anything but difficult to set up and gives notwithstanding warming that lets you accomplish delightful sauteing without consuming. The coordinated warmth reflectors help flame broil all sides of the sustenance equitably, while the frameworks claims to give stunning barbecue marks. The effectively separable parts make it convenient for cleaning.


Starlyf Smokefree Grill REVIEW

The very objective that the manufacturer of the Starlyf Smoke-free Grill is trying to drive at is the feature that the Starlyf barbecue machine is smoke-free. This implies that no smoke is released during the grilling process and as such the barbecuing can be done indoors.


But it is for the cook to decide whether smoke is actually released or not. No matter what the manufacturer claims, the barbecue grill is flawed with tons of technical loopholes. Elucidated below are a few glaring ones that you need to check out before shelling out the big bucks and bringing the grill machine home.


Read on to find out about the hard facts behind the tall promises and claims that the manufacturer makes regarding Starlyf Smoke-free Grill, the smoke-free barbecue machine for indoor barbecue.


Starlyf Smokefree Grill CLAIMS

“Starlyf is completely smoke-free”

Starlyf Smoke-free Grill may not produce any smoke if you cook one small chunk of meat on it, but if you try to grill a sizable portion of meat, and then brace yourself for the machine to smoke like a chimney! It is not only very Smokey but there is no lid to hold the smoke. So, if you are planning to hold a barbecue party indoors then gets yourself a couple of smoke masks first.


“Food cooks better and tastes more delicious”

Starlyf Smoke-free Grill has a stony surface that does not get heated up in time. The grill works okay for thin steaks of chicken and pork but is no good for thick cut of beef at all. Due to the uneven distribution of heat, the meat cooks very slowly and becomes so dry that it hardly remains palatable by the end of the cooking.


It takes a whole lot of time to get heated up and even when it does, the heat is not enough to cook vegetables let alone meat. Besides, you can only cook one steak at a time as two steaks become too much for the grill machine to handle. So if you are planning to throw a small party, make sure you have an awful lot of time at hand.


The recommended surface temperature is too low and as such the barbecue takes too long to be cooked properly. The food neither cooks better nor does it taste delicious.


“No messy dripping of fat and no flare-ups”

If the steak happens to be a fatty cut of meat or if it happens to be thoroughly marinated, then there can be small flashes of fires and flare-ups. The fats hardly find an escape route and remains on the frying pan leading to smoke and flare-ups. The fat drips through the grate and creates a mess underneath the grill. Flare-ups occur when the fats come in contact with the frying pan. The drip pan is not non-stick in nature and the foods taste as though it has been fried and not grilled.


Smoke-free Grill Price

The price of Starlyf Smoke-free Grill is 69.99 Euro which is too much for something that hardly lives up to its claims.


Reviews on the Starlyf Smoke-free Grill Site

The product site is gushing with positive reviews and feedback on the barbecue grill machine. While some claim to be “utterly smoke-free”, others talk about “throwing a feast of barbecues”. Needless to say, these reviews are concocted and totally false.


Pros and Cons of Starlyf Smokefree Grill


  • It does Smoke – This is the biggest complaints we have received from the Starlyf users.
  • Not for thicker – Starlyf Smokefree Grill does not get hot enough to cook thicker slices of meat. We have analyzed hundreds of reviews and this seems to be the issue with all “Indoor Grills”.
  • No “Sizzling” Sound – Because the grilling surface does not get hot enough there is no “sizzling” sound that is normally associated with outdoor grills.
  • No Lid – The Starlyf Smokefree Grill does not come with a lid.
  • No Grill Marks – This is not just true for Starlyf Smokefree Grill but for all other similar indoor grills. They do not make the grill marks on the food.
  • Cleaning – While cleaning the top side is easy to clean, the underside requires brush and scrubbing.
  • It takes time – Many users mention in their reviews that the Starlyf Smokefree Grill takes time to get hot and also it require more time to cook even a small amount of food.
  • Uneven Heating – The Starlyf Smokefree Grill does not provide even heating, the surface above the heating element gets hot but not the other areas.
  • Small in Size – The Starlyf Smokefree Grill is smaller in size. The area that gets hot enough to cook is even smaller. It is not suitable to cook food for a group of people. It is just okay for an individual.
  • Chicken, Pork and Beef – it works for thin cuts of chicken and pork but not for beef.
  • Burgers in Starlyf Smokefree Grill – The burgers don’t taste like made on the grill. They taste more like fried.
  • Searing – Does not sear very well.
  • Drip Pan – The drip pan is not as non-stick as the grilling surface.
  • Expensive – Priced at €69.99, it is an expensive indoor grill. Many other similar grills are priced at €50.
  • Taste – The food cooked in the Starlyf Smokefree Grill does not have the “grilled” flavor.
  • Steak – It grills steak but does not taste like barbecued steak.


    • Boneless Meat – Cooks boneless meat much faster.
    • Healthier – Starlyf Smokefree Grill provides a much healthier option than frying.
    • Job Done – The Starlyf grill takes time to cook food but gets the job done.
    • Condos and Apartments – It is a good grill for Condos and Apartment dwellers.


    Starlyf Smoke-free Grill Verdict

    Starlyf Smoke-free Grill comes handy if you want to buy an “indoor electric grill”. Its quality is good and all the advantages and disadvantages associated with the Starlyf grill also apply to the entire family of indoor electric grills. The only downside of Starlyf as an indoor electric grill is that it is expensive and lacks a lid.

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