Spice Stash REVIEW

What is Spice Stash?

Spice Stash by Sharper Image is a spice cabinet organizer that claims to let you store & organize up to 30 full-size or 60 small spice bottles!

How does Spice Stash work?

Spice Stash features 3 drawers that open out independently and then tilt out to display each bottle clearly so you can take easily see and take out the spice bottle you need.

It alleges to fits all brands, both round and square bottles, and can be used for both glass and plastic bottles.

Spice Stash Quality

Constructed with non-slip feet and quality materials, the Spice Stash cabinet organizer alleges it is both stable and durable. The slots are textured inside so as to ensure the bottles wont slip and slide.

Easy to use

Spice Stash states it is easy to use with absolutely no assembly, installation or mounting.

Saves valuable counter and cabinet space

Simply place it on your kitchen’s countertop or use it in your cabinet to save space. It promises to fit most standard sized cabinets.

It is also stackable so you can place one Spice Stash on top of the other, helping to save counter space.

It can also be used to keep your prescriptions and vitamins, nail polish and cosmetics and so many other things you need to store and keep within reach.

Available sizes and color

Spice Stash is available in two sizes: 8-3/4″H x 10–7/8″D x 12-3/4″W or 8-3/4″H x 10–7/8″D x 8-1/8″W and in two colors: black and white.

Keep your spices handy and organized with Spice Stash.

Product reviews

Spice Stash

Spice Stash REVIEW

The name “Spice Stash” is given to this product to let people know it is an organizer that they can use to stash their spices but with similar options available on various sites we are not assured that this is the best.

Spice Stash Construction

Spice Stash

The makers of Spice Stash simply claim that it is made with quality materials but they do not state what material it is constructed from.  Looking at the website it looks like the Spice Stash is made of plastic and as we all know plastic is not a very durable material. The chances of it falling from the counter top are high and there is a possibility of it breaking too. It is far better to buy a spice rack made of metal to be assured of it quality and durability.

Easily see and take out the spice bottle

We cannot guarantee that the sides will not bow out and the trays will not fall out of their rails. And obviously when the tray falls it will fall on the drawer below making a complete mess. This can be very annoying especially when you are trying to cook something quickly.

Also, if your bottles are heavy it might be difficult to pull out.

Drawers pull out and lower to display spices

This is nothing but another advertising tactic to attract the prospective buyer. Although this may sound like an attractive feature, there is a possibility that the bottles may occasionally slip out when you open the drawers, even if you open them carefully.

No assembly, installation or mounting

Another tempting feature but how practical can a spice rack on the counter be? With it placed on the counter there is every chance that it can fall off the counter and break. Don’t you think it’s better to have a spice rack that has the option to be mounted on the wall?


Stacking one Spice Stash on top of the other without the use of screws is not a good idea because when you pull the drawer out the top Spice Stash organizer can easily slide down.

Saves valuable counter and cabinet space

The only thing the Spice Stash will do for you is put your spices in one area. It will not necessarily create any additional space and in fact may even take up more space with its size. So don’t forget to take a look at its dimensions if you decide to buy it!

Price of Spice Stash 

The small Spice Stash is priced at $24.99 + $5.99 P&H and the large Spice Stash is priced at $39.99 + $5.99 P&H.

It comes with a 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE (minus P&H).  This means that you can send it back if you are unsatisfied with it but you will not get the money you spent on P&H.

Spice Stash what do I get offer?

Spice Stash

When you place your order you will receive a small Spice Stash in Black or White for only $24.99 plus $5.99 P&H and you have the option to purchase a second Spice Stash in the same color for only $12.50 plus no additional shipping!

You can also choose to order a larger Spice Stash in Black or White for only $39.99 plus $5.99 P&H and you have the option to purchase a second large Spice Stash in the same color for only $19.99 plus no additional shipping!

The Spice Stash comes with a label kit as a bonus which includes 96 (48 printed & 48 blank) large, easy-to-read, removable labels for customization.

Our verdict on Spice Stash

We cannot vouch for the quality of Spice Stash. For such a high price the Spice Stash cabinet organizer should have been made of a better quality.

Look online and you will find spice organisers that have better designs and are economically priced. There are spice racks that are circular, and those with a rotating feature which allows you to view many bottles simultaneously without the need for closing and opening drawers.

The website mentions that it fits most standard sized cabinets but if you order it and it doesn’t fit then you will have to send it back, which is alright but you will lose the$5.99 you paid for P&H.

With dozens of similar options available on Amazon and other online  sites, it is more practical to purchase one that is made of a better quality, is inexpensive and has a better design.

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