Safety Can Express REVIEW

Safety Can Express


What is Safety Can Express?

It is a new as seen on tv “electric” motorized Can opener promoted by Telebrands with the focus on the SAFETY. The promoters of Safety Can Opener claim that the traditional can openers leave sharp edges that can cut your fingers. The lids opened by these “old” can openers tend to fall inside the can which can get real messy. The Safety Can Opener claims to remove the lids without sharp edges on the lid or on the can. The official website of Safety Can Express is The Safety Can Opener removes both “pop-tops” and regular cans.


How does the Safety Can Opener work?

Other traditional can openers use blades to cut open the lid of the can. This method of opening the lid leave razor sharp edges. The makers of Safety Can Express claim in their review that their can opener actually “unseals” the can from the sides, leaving smooth safe to touch edges (though we do not recommend touching).

The lids are placed on the can and are sealed airtight in the factory, the Safety Can Express uses a robust roller made from stainless steel driven by a powerful gears to “unseal” the lid without cutting into the lid. The result is no sharp edges because there isn’t any cut metal and the can opener does not come in contact with the food inside. The lid remains on the can after you are done with unsealing it and you just have to pop the lid to remove it from the can. The best part according to the promoters review is that the lid can be put back on the can to seal the leftover. The Safety Can Express has a liver at the top which you have to press to activate the can opening lever.


The Safety Can Express claims to open lids of broken and dented cans too, something which the other can openers can’t do. What’s more the Safety Can Express can work on cans of any size, big or small. So next time when you have to buy a Can Opener, prefer Telebrand’s Safety Can Opener over the traditional “unsafe” openers.


Design of Safety Can Express

It features a tower design with the opening apparatus places on the side at the top, this design allows to accommodate bigger cans too. The Safety Can Express is 10.5″ tall, 4.7″ wide and 5″ deep, perfect for any countertop. The design features two-tone colour chrome and black that blends with your countertop.

How to use the Safety Can Express

  1. Connect the Safety Can Express to the electric output socket.
  2. You have to place the can against the front of the Safety Express opener, make sure the rim is under the cutting mechanism.
  3. Hold the lever down to start the opener and hold it down until it completes one rotation.
  4. The lid has now come undone, just lift the op of the can to remove the lid.
  5. You have to hold the can with one hand and press the lever with other.



The Safety Can Express is priced at $39.96 + Free S/h for one unit. You have an option of buying second unit of the can opener for an additional $19.99 at the official website Don’t get lured by the $9.99 trial offer, if you decide to return the can opener, you still have to pay $19.99 S/h.

Our Verdict

When we investigated into the Safety Can Express we found that this is not an unique product, rather it is an exact copy of Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Electric Automatic Can Opener which costs $30 at, the Hamilton Beach model is 33% cheaper than the Safety Can Express and has over 16000+ REVIEW and a cumulative rating of 4.5 STARS. We would definitely recommend the Hamilton Beach over the Safety Can Express.

27 Comments on "Safety Can Express REVIEW"

  1. I.was ready to order this product and told by everyone that purchased this opener it stopped working thanks for telling me before I waste my money seeing that I’m on a fixed income we should be safe from scams

  2. Attention Everyone! The safety can express IS A SCAM BEWARE! iT IS BULB HEAD COMPANY! I got scammed that’s why. Everyone Should know! They use that name Bulb Head. 09/27/21

  3. This is a piece of crap. You can not get the lids off without being a heavy weight lifter.
    I hate it. Will try and get my money back.

  4. Cynthia Dianne Maas | August 23, 2021 at 10:43 pm | Reply

    It’s a scam. They work for less than 3 mo. The motor works and it goes around the can however, the lid is not cut and does not come off. What a joke and no warranty or assistance because it’s past the 30 day guarantee. Please don’t buy this product. What a piece of junk. Both of them and so much for the $40 spent.

  5. Worked three times! Them quit opening cans, left unopened cans/lids with jagged, sharp edges.

  6. Elizabeth A Newcomb | May 22, 2021 at 8:19 pm | Reply

    I’ve had this can opener for 6 months. It has already stopped working! Don’t waste your money


  7. Janice Burk | May 4, 2021 at 11:40 pm | Reply

    I bought 2 safety can express platinum edition’ they said get a extra strong motor I paid over 40.00 for two. They do not work. Once in awhile at first I could pry it open with scissors after going around three or more times. They say once around right haha. I just gave up im using a hand one save yourself a headache and money do not buy. Its crap.

  8. My opener worked from 1/20/21 to 3/30/31 then the problem started and has not worked since. Yes I got two and gave one to my sister. She does not use her as
    often as I do and has not complained yet. I was very happy to have this opener
    and it worked for some time, but I was not ready to be DISAPPOINTED. Needles to say I will not be purchasing another AND WILL NOT RECOMMEND IT TO ANYONE.

  9. This product is no good, It stop working after two weeks of having the product and then it shatters little metal pieces around the cans when I try to use it. I can’t get my money back from the store where I brought it from waste of my time and money

  10. Amberlina Wicker | March 1, 2021 at 8:49 am | Reply

    I ordered 2 Safety Can Openers, just in case the first didn’t work (the “lemon” factor). First package opened, the can opener worked beautifully for the first dozen to 15 times. After that, it stopped working. Can “spun” around, but the lid didn’t come off. Opened package and took out 2nd can opener. It never worked ONCE! Buyer be DOUBLY aware.

  11. Camille R Drinan | February 18, 2021 at 11:52 pm | Reply

    Ordered on Jan 2, received and it worked fine for a couple of weeks and then it started to mangle seel cans and I couldn’t get it to open steel cans at all. Unable to find how to return the item. Poor product

  12. This product is the biggest P.O.S. I have ever seen, it is probably the most dangerous can opener ever,What a waste of 40.00. I’ve been working for hours just to find a number or someone to talk. If you have any sense of right and wrong please make yourself available for a conversation, my # is 417-773-7466. Instructions on how to return a faulty product would be helpful.

  13. ordered on 12-7-2020 debit card was charged $30.85 12-11-2020 have not receive can opener yet.
    what is the problem? order “P300683

  14. ordered on 12-7-2020 debit card was charged $30.85 12-11-2020 have not receive can opener yet.
    what is the problem?

  15. The product (Safety Can from Bulb Head) works on about 3 cans then the blade gets dull and either will not open the can as advertised or leaves curled metal shavings that will cut your hand. Buy another brand. I bought 2 and one is still in the box. I thought about giving it as a Christmas gift, but I won’t because it is not a good product.

  16. got this can opener and for the first two weeks it worked good, but it got to where it was not opening the cans anymore,it’s a waste of money and I would never buy it again the opener does not work for long, had to use a hand oper to finish opening the can

  17. I don’t understand the comments about alternatives. According to the commercial, this product does not cut the can but instead unseals the lid. I have used some of the other products that cut the side of the can but I still get shards of metal. Are there any others that unseal the lid vs cutting it off?

  18. Shirley Smythe | October 18, 2020 at 9:12 pm | Reply

    A fool and his money are soon parted!!!


  20. Actually, there are dozens of versions of this exact same can opener at Amazon and Bed, Bath & Beyond, and they cost no more than $10

    • Although there are dozens of can openers on Amazon using the conventional method for opening cans. They open the can by cutting the lid. As of this date, there are only two manufactures the produce an electric can opener using this method.

  21. What was not stated:
    Does safety can express actually work?
    Does it work on extra large cans?
    If it does work, how long does the product last!

  22. Marge A Wojtanowitz | September 8, 2020 at 11:40 pm | Reply

    ordered and paid for item/still do not have it.

  23. Thank you for good info. I will look into the Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch

  24. Although I understand the recommendation of the Hamilton Beach opener, supporting New business is a good thing too! Even if you spend a bit more to help a New business that’s up and coming!

  25. Maybe the Hamilton Beach model is more familiar.
    But try finding it in stock! What good is the ad for a can opener when NO STORE IN THE USA has it in stock?

    No – not Amazon either! The ONE THEY LIST IS USED!

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