Red Copper Crispy Pan REVIEW

What is Red Copper Crispy Pan?

Cathy Mitchell keeps inventing kitchen gadgets, this time she comes up with the Red Copper Crispy Pan for making brownie crisps. It’s a non-stick baking grid that claims it makes delicious savories like thin and crispy brownies and cookies as well as a variety of crunchy snacks. Red Copper Crispy Pan also asserts that it’s easy to use and clean and perfect for health-conscious people as brownie crisps contain 75% less calories (who determined the percentage?). Basically Red Copper Crispy Pan is just a baking pan with grids and not cavities.

Red Copper Crispy Pan REVIEW

Makes Crispy and Evenly Baked Brownies

Customers like Grace Mitchell who’ve been baking for years have expressed considerable satisfaction with Red Copper Crispy Pan in the reviews. She’s mentions in her review that she has been using this pan for a week almost daily to prepare a variety of recipes. She further mentions in the review she’s been trying to make the ‘perfect’ brownies with perfect sizes always for ages, which has finally materialized with her Red Copper Crispy Pan. She admits in her review she’s happy with the texture and crispiness of the brownies she’s made in Red Copper Crispy Pan and also with the center remaining tender and gooey with corners perfectly crisp. However, she doesn’t want to take chances, so she uses some spray on the surface of Red Copper Crispy Pan to pre-empt and prevent sticking. Doing this has worked always, so she’s planning to continue with it.

Red Copper TV Offer

Another customer, Monica Barnes, has also posted in the similar feedback for Red Copper Crispy Pan. She mentions in the review being quite impressed with the ways brownies turn crisp in it. Her review says she likes the glossy top and crispy edges of the brownies he gets every time he uses Red Copper Crispy Pan. Like Grace, Monica too prefers applying grease on the Red Copper Crispy Pan before pouring anything into it. However, she also complains that brownies stick to the surface of Red Copper Crispy Pan sometimes but not always, which is something she doesn’t like.

Ideal for Adventurous Cooks

A number of users who like trying out new recipes have stated in their Red Copper Crispy Pan reviews that the pan is a dependable bakeware. They have appreciated Red Copper Crispy Pan in their reviews, for being slick and having adequate size, which makes baking easy and fun.

Red Copper Crispy Pan is Not Really Non-Stick and Scratch-Free

Red Copper Crispy Pan, according to quite a few reviews, may shout from the rooftops that it is non-stick and resistant to scratches, but the reality is just the opposite. Many Red Copper Crispy Pan reviews mention that everything they pour into Red Copper Crispy Pan invariably sticks to its surface. Users complain that it gets difficult to scrap it out as the pan’s surface, they have noticed, is rather delicate. As a result, they have to struggle to remove each piece out of all the grids of Red Copper Crispy Pan. It becomes time-consuming and annoying to get rid of scraps that stay back on its surface stubbornly, they state in the reviews.

Cathy Mitchell is the Inventor of the Red Copper Crispy Pan

Another issue brought up by some customers in their Red Copper Crispy Pan review is that the sides of the brownies burn while the core remains uncooked, no matter how careful they are in following the instructions. This, they say, is contrary to what the advertisers of Red Copper Crispy Pan say about ‘even cooking’ from all sides.

Red Copper Crispy Pan is MESSY

A customer, Ava Jones, has complained in her review that Red Copper Crispy Pan has very short-lived non-stick properties. She writes in her review that this ‘crispy’ pan didn’t work after just a few days’ use. She started greasing Red Copper Crispy Pan but the brownie mix began sticking to its surface. She changed the brand of the brownie mix, but that didn’t help either. She’s one of the customers who are regretting purchasing Red Copper Crispy Pan and plans to return it.

Flawed Design

Red Copper Crispy Pan has also earned criticism and complaints from customers for its design. According to Jennifer Moore’s review, the Red Copper Crispy pan retains water in some crevices after washing, and if is is not drained, chances are that it will rust. You have to be doubly careful while maintaining Red Copper Crispy Pan, which ideally shouldn’t happen in the first place. Another issue pointed out by her is the inferior quality of its coating. She has also mentioned her pan’s coating peeled off after just a few uses. She feels it’s quite risky to use Red Copper Crispy Pan for cooking now as there are chances of peelings slipping into food prepared in it.

Red Copper Crispy Pan is Difficult to Clean

Moore has complained in her review that cleaning Red Copper Crispy Pan is not as easy as its ads claim. Ingredients stay put to its surface, and those in the corners of the grids don’t come out easily. It has to be cleaned thoroughly every single time by scraping residues off manually. Reviews mention that it becomes tedious and time-consuming to clean so many grids of Red Copper Crispy Pan every single time while being extra careful of its coating.

How does Red Copper Crispy Pan work?

It works the pretty much the same way as other baking pans work. Red Copper Crispy Pan guarantees to make crisp brownies, cookies as well as snacks with utmost convenience, and makes it as easy as just ‘mixing, spreading and baking’. Apparently, Red Copper Crispy Pan does not make only desserts but also tangy snacks like pepperoni pizza crisps, crackers and more with same results. The non-stick surface that has been provided prevents messiness of sticking and scratching. All you have to do is fill Red Copper Crispy Pan with brownie mix, smooth it out with a spatula and keep it for baking. In a while, it will make crisps with a crunch you’ll be able to hear, which indicates they are getting ready.

The creators of Red Copper Crispy Pan proclaim that it also cooks delicacies like brownies by cutting down 75% calories, which makes it far healthier than regular brownies. Whether claims like this made by Red Copper Crispy Pan are true or not have to be checked before trusting everything said about it blindly. Product reviews give a good idea about it its quality and performance. Same goes for Red Copper Crispy Pan, which should be read properly before taking hasty buying decisions and regretting later.       

What is Red Copper Crispy Pan Good For?

Red Copper Crispy Pan has been crafted with an aim to make desserts as well as an array of tangy snacks that are baked perfectly, low on calories and yet great to bite into. It can be used to make a range of treats like thin and crispy brownies and cookies as well as crusty snacks, crackers and more.

The brownie crisps made in Red Copper Crispy Pan, according to its promoters, turn out deliciously perfect. You can also make right-sized gourmet ice cream sandwiches, a wide range of crunchy and crispy like ultra-thin pepperoni pizza crisps and cheddar-jalapeno crackers in this cookware.

Apart from making savouries, both sweet as well as tangy, Red Copper Crispy Pan claims it can also be used for fine decoration of the treats it makes. Further, Red Copper Crispy Pan allows you to add nuts, candies and more on top and turn readymade mixes into new crisps. In addition, the recipe book provided with Red Copper Crispy Pan also contains loads of varieties to try out. Despite these fabulous statements, it is better to observe and find out whether there’s any truth to the claims or not. 

The feature of the Red Copper Crispy Pan is the grid lines on the baking surface


Red Copper Crispy Pan is made from aluminium interior and Silicone coating that guarantees food doesn’t stick nor scratches appear on its surface after cleaning.


Not mentioned (although he tray has 24 grids to pour mixes in)


Red Copper Crispy Pan costs $19.99 plus $6.99 S/H along with spatula and recipe guide. Red Copper Crispy Pan is available only at the official website

Our Verdict on the Red Copper Crispy Pan

We don’t find anything special about the Red Copper Crispy Pan, it is like any other brownie pan. The only difference is the thin grid lines and and individual cavities are not very deep. Many reviews suggest buying brownie pan that have deep cavities at least deeper than the Red Copper Crispy Pan, not too deep. Refer to this brownie pan buying guide before you buy the Red Copper Pan.

So you may ask why so much hype about the Red Copper Crispy Pan?, well they hype is because it is promoted on TV and is endorsed by Cathy Mitchell.

Given the better alternatives available out there, we do not recommend the Red Copper Crispy Pan. Here are some better alternatives that are tried and tested and are known to work.

  • Wilton Brownie Bar Pan | Price $8 | 12 Cavities | 784 reviews | 4.5 Star Rating
  • Wilton Bite-Size Brownie Squares Silicone Mold | Price $8 | 24 Cavities | 830 reviews | 4.5 Star Rating

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