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NutriChopper REVIEW

Official Website: www.NutriChopper.com

What is NutriChopper?

The promoters of the NutriChopper claim that slicing veggies, fruits and onions with knives can be messy (not sure why?) and make your hand catch the stink of those veggies. According to them the hand-held NutriChopper lets you cut the same veggies and fruits up to 10 times quicker than the traditional knives. The benefit of the NutriChopper is that while you make one slice at a time with the knife, NutriChopper lets you make 10 such slices at once thus saving you time. With the NutriChopper you can julienne at lightning speed.


NutriChopper Set As Seen On TV

How does NutriChopper work?

They claim that with the NutriChopper you can slice or mince the entire onion in less time. NutriChopper can also wedge apples in just one stroke. The working of the NutriChopper is similar to that of a citrus squeezer. In place of citrus you have veggies and fruits instead.


Blades – NutriChopper comes with interchangeable stainless-steel blades to make all the cuts you want. With NutriChopper you can cut thick or thin slices of any veggies or fruits. You can also chop cubes, sticks, ad wedge whole fruits and vegetables in just one second by the clock.


NutriChopper Wedge Blade and Cube Blade NutriChopper Thick-Slices Blade and Julienne Slices Blade


Directly into the Pan – Probably the most striking feature of the NutriChopper is that you can use it to slice the contents right in the pan or pot. Onion being sliced directly in the Pan with the NutriChopper


NutriChopper for Fruits – NutriChopper is also suited for making fruit salad because you can chop the fruits right in the bowl and avoid the mess.


Cubing meat and cheese with the NutriChopper is just a breeze.


NutriChopper Containers – The NutriChopper comes with a perfect portion container and fresh keeping lid so that you can slice, seal and store it. NutriChopper Container


Cleaning – Just rinse it under a running tap or put it in the dishwasher.


Storage – The NutriChopper can be locked in place for easy storage.


NutriChopper Review

The Name – “NutriChopper – The name is a combination of “Nutri” which stands for NUTRITION and “Chopper” which it is. It has become fashionable to use the word “Nutri” in the as seen on tv arena. “NutriSlicer”, “Nutri-Bullet”, “Nutri-Ninja”, “Nutri-Master”, “Nutri-Pot” etc are some of the famous as seen on products (mostly kitchen blenders and chopper) with the suffix “Nutri”. So having the name Nutri in the product makes a connection with these popular brands. It is a marketing ploy.


NutriChopper is Flimsy – The NutriChopper looks very promising in the video. But there is a catch. The NutriChopper is made from flimsy plastic and has thin blades that don’t have the power to slice through hard veggies and fruits. Even for slicing soft fruits and veggies you have to apply tremendous pressure on the NutriChopper handle. The chances of the NutriChopper breaking are quite high than perfect slices.


NutriChopper is Small in Size – Also the NutriChopper is smaller in size and most of the veggies and fruits just do not fit in the contraption. To put an onion into it you first have to cut the onion in two pieces and then put the individual onion pieces on the NutriChopper. here too you have to squeeze the NutriChopper with all your hand muscles to make the onion pass through the dicer. The NutriChopper containers are also small and have no practical use. But make good toys.


The Company behind NutriChopperE. Mishan & Sons, Inc a.k.a EMSON is the company behind the NutriChopper. EMSON is the official distributor of some of the most popular as seen on tv products like – TacLight, Gotham Steel, Better Brella etc. Check EMSON’s ratings here – BBB.org and Glassdoor.


Our Verdict on NutriChopper

The small size of the NutriChopper and the flimsy quality of the material used defeat all the purposes it is meant to serve. Customer who have used it complain in their reviews that it takes more time cut with the NutriChopper than with the good old knife.


The other drawback of the NutriChopper is that the blades cannot be removed for sharpening. The blades are really not sharp and with continuous use they are going to become blunt. So once they are blunt (in a couple of months) your slicing, dicing, chopping and mincing is going to get messy and mushy.


The NutriChopper is not at all robust, it is not at all meant for “heavy” use. Had this NutriChopper been robust with all-metal construction and a bit bigger in size, than it would have been useful.


The NutriChopper is first of its kind handheld slicer it resembles more like a citrus squeezer. But the NutriChopper design is flawed. You cannot expect to slice and chop veggies by holding them in your hand like a citrus squeezer. It is very inconvenient and uncomfortable to hold the NutriChopper in your hand over a pan and press it, its not that easy. Vegetables and fruits are hard and “chunky”, that is why any vegetable slicer/chopper has to be placed on the surface so you can apply adequate fore on it with both your hands. All the predecessors of the NutriChopper in the as seen on tv segment are meant to be kept on the surface, like the Vidalia and Salsa Master and are bigger in size.


We certainly do not recommend the NutriChopper because it is a bad idea and just does not work. Don’t get lured into trying out this odd “Chopper” it is based on a flawed design. If this kind of “citrus squeezer” style chopper design had worked, then established kitchen product brands would have already exploited this idea long back. We would recommend any of the tried and tested Vidalia model available at Amazon.com.

9 Comments on "NutriChopper REVIEW"

  1. I’m impressed with the English lesson – spelling and grammar are indicative of a rather unprofessional presentation – however in keeping with the intended objective, I’m more impressed with the substance of the review. As I’m watching this ad on TV, I’m imagining the effort I’d have to exert in order to accomplish the simple task of cutting a fruit or a vegetable. Kudos to the author of the review for bringing an honest assessment to our attention. My skepticism was spot on.

  2. Pamla A Manazer | November 3, 2019 at 12:52 am | Reply

    Only wish I had read these first. The negative comments were mild compared to the actual mess that this thing makes. Can’t cut anything, won’t pop back open, needs two hands to even partly cut the softest items. Hard to believe its still on sale. Back into the box to be reurned to Bed Bath and Beyond.
    Feel free to use my email

  3. thanks for the review I will save $20.

  4. I asked my wife if she was interested in one of these and she had missed the ads. So I checked with Ospreyreviews and found this article. Many thanks for a fair and unbiased review. Saved me $20 plus hearing from my wife about how I should stay out of the kitchen if I don’t know what I’m doing! cheers.

  5. I don’t like companies that advertise 8 to 12 containers yet in small print it says you get only one. False advertisement? Thanks for this review i’ll get one with its own power.

  6. Well that’s $20 I can spend somewhere else. Thanks!!

  7. I was checking on this product, to see if others thought it was a piece of junk like I suspected. I see others agree.

    Slightly off topic, you used the word “suffix” in relation to the word-part “nutri-” in your review. It’s not used as a suffix – they are ending parts, like “able” in likeable. You meant the word “prefix,” instead. Pre- for before, not after – fix, meaning to attach. You attach a word or word part to the beginning of a word, it becomes a prefix. Suffix means after.

    There are a few other mistakes in the article, too. But the prefix vs suffix one is the really blatant mistake. You need to tell your proofreader to take a hike, and replace him or her.

  8. I have to agree with Christy above. Thanks for saving my $20!

  9. I love reviews. I was just about to buy one of these things because I love kitchen gadgets. I’m glad I didn’t waste my money. Thank you

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