“MicroSizzle” REVIEW | As Seen On TV Microwave Burger Cooker Exposed

What is MicroSizzle?

Are you a foodie? Love eating street food but hate all the fat that comes with it? Feel like you want to cook but don’t want to go through the trouble of frying? Well we have just the thing that can help you create all your favourite stuffed burgers! MicroSizzle helps you in delivering everyone’s favourite juicy burger in an efficiently quick and easy method right in the microwave in just 4 minutes. One never needs to fry another burger because Micro Sizzle’s pans are here to do your job for you. The secret is the tray that allows thorough circulation of steam that not only reaches the hard to get places but also ensures that the meat is tender and juicy when cooked to perfection.

How does MicroSizzle work?

Powered with a PATENTED STEAM FRY TECHNOLOGY the MicroSizzle secret is the perforated tray that allows the steam to circulate sizzling and browning the meat while the grease drains neatly to the bottom. Giving you the ability to create 4 PERFECT BURGERS IN JUST 4 MINUTES! First step is to add ground meat to tray followed by a pop on the top & place it in the microwave for not more than 4 Mins and voila! add your favourite toppings and prepare to enjoy your very own home-made dishes without all that added fat.


Buy MicroSizzle
MicroSizzle Offer: MicroSizzle is available only at the official website MicroSizzle.com. Price is $30 plus $10 for shipping.

MicroSizzle Features

*Healthier – Cooks without the Extra Fat and Grease

*No Preheating Grill or Grease Splattered Stoves

*Dishwasher Safe

*Burgers are Super Juicy

* Saves Time & Money

About the name “MicroSizzle”

The origin of the sizzler probably goes back the dishes of Japan. Sizzler steaks are generally prepared using high heat to sear the external ends maintaining a moister interior. Once plated, the food lets off a dramatic hiss of steam, which is its great appeal thus giving it the famous name. The word “sizzler” comes from the sizzle that one hears when, after heating the dish under a grill. Micro- sizzler means to minimize the size of the food that is prepared in comparatively smaller machines which don’t take up as much space as a regular sized one would while delivering the same delicious flavours on the plate.

How to Cook Burger in MicroSizzle?

1. The process begins with the formation of ground beef into patties with a diameter of 4 to 5 inch, while slicing a 3/4-inch hole in the center.

The idea behind this is to create miniature meat donuts. A simple kitchen knife can be used to slice and scoop out the center part of the beef.

2. No matter what the situation, don’t let anybody season your food for you! Salt and pepper the patty to taste. Sometimes the best-cooked dishes go bad due to lack of the perfect amount of seasoning. Rest the patties in the MicroSizzle. The MicroSizzle cover is helpful while microwaving the burger, since you’re going to be dealing with a lot of grease, so a trivet is just the thing you should be opting for.

3. Microwave on high for 40 seconds per patty in the MicroSizzle. Then, flip the patty over and repeat on the other side.

4. The preferred temperature for the patty is 160 degrees Fahrenheit so a meat thermometer should be used to make sure that the temperature is as per our requirement. We don’t want the food to remain over or under- cooked right?

The point is unless the beef in the MicroSizzle has reached a temperature of at least 160 degrees Fahrenheit it is not considered safe to consume. We know that sight of a delicious burger almost ready to be eaten must appeal to you, but the key here is in not jumping the gun just because you’re eager to chow down on your burger doesn’t mean we miss out on some crucial game changers. Ensure it’s perfect first!

5. The assembly isn’t complex at all. Simply remove the patty from the MicroSizzle and place on a bun.

Deep down, if only the patties could’ve been a little larger, they could’ve filled up more of the bun. However, you will be pleasantly surprised when you see the burger making its way out of the MicroWave. We guarantee that It will look and smell just like a real burger! With a few spices and personal touches, surely much better!

6. Top it all off by adding your desired fixings, and you’re all set to serve!

Q. How does the Burger from Micro Sizzle taste?

A. Although some would prefer to grill their food for a much fresher and juicier taste and feel, this also passes as a worthy alternative in a quick case scenario. Frankly, one can’t really taste the food as per the expectations. Of course, one factor is the lack of the Maillard reaction on the external side of the burger, as well as the oil and fat searing it through. While there are various ways to heat, and the microwave is not the best option when it comes to red meat. Even kids would agree to the fact that burgers have got to be few of the least appealing dishes when microwaved. Surely, you’ll never match a grill or griddle with the MicroSizzle however it is shocking how close it gets with that special ingredient of love included. We suggest you stay prepared for the entire plan to be a total flop and hopefully not too disgusting, but it isn’t all that bad! It’s not as fresh as cooking a burger on the grill, and the texture is a little chewier. Remember that one time you had to use the microwave to reheat a burger that you made on the grill, this taste shall remind you of what it was like.

MicroSizzle Review

Chemical Aftertaste

MicroSizzle reviews reveal the fact that while it is really simple to pop out the eggs and to clean, but the after taste spoils it leaving you in a dilemma about what chemicals you’ve probably consumed, in spite of the claims that there is no chemical coating on here.

Brittle make
Reviews mention that MicroSizzle is surprisingly very shallow for the price and broke after just one use. The term “Flimsy” was used to describe the product by one of the users.

Thinner than expected
An unhappy user mentioned in his review that Micro Sizzle was too flat for use and not what I was looking for. However Micro-Sizzle is thin and flimsy for a decent use.

One MicroSizzle review mentions that it cooks away most of the moisture out of the meat. Imagine dry hockey-puck burgers with no flavour… yes, this is what that tastes like.

Messy to prepare
MicroSizzle makes the entire process on big greasy mess. While cooking a burger, the top of the burger seems to be pinker in shade while the inner bit is dry and lacks flavour.

The idea of being able to create cute tiny burgers is fascinating we wouldn’t lie about it but also the baggage that comes with it is just heart-breaking. If only this product was as hassle-free and simple to work with as described, things would’ve been so much better. As a customer, we only want what we have been promised. That been said, Frankly, just stick with your good old reliable frying pan or the electric frying pan. Better, grill outside using the old fashion charcoal and relive the old days.

Our Verdict on MicroSizzle

The fact is that frying provides you with all sorts of “goodness” that one doesn’t really get from microwaving; caramelizing and texture, for instance. We hate to recommend this, but you might want to search for a ready to cook kind of a product, perhaps a frozen hamburger one that’s designed to be microwaved or something like that. Somehow this item regains the fragrance of the baked goods even after thoroughly washing. Try cooking burgers in this machine, they will be inedible and worse of all they won’t even smell like food! It’s a waste of money and space in your houses so we think you should not opt for this product instead try to look for better options that could fit the budget and get the task done also.

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