Magno Sharp Review | Does Magnetic Sharpener Work?

What is Magno Sharp and How does it Work?

As per the official review at, Magno Sharp is a magnetic rolling sharpener. The Magno Sharp does various tasks of sharpening the knives, like Grinding, Honing & Polishing. The Magno Sharp also claims to sharpen various knives like the Chef knives, Boning knives, Utility knives, Cleaver knives, Paring knives, Fillet knives and more. The Magno Sharp knife sharpener claims to sharpen the knives at the recommended 15 degree. The makers of the Magno Sharp claim it delivers professional quality results. The word “Magno” is derived from the word “Magnet”. This is kind of misleading because the magnets of the Magno Sharp play no role in sharpening the knives. The magnet is there to just hold the knife in place.

Magno Sharp Review | Does Magnetic Sharpener Work?



Magno Sharp Features

The Magno Sharp Knife Sharpening kit consists of two elements:
  1. Magnetic Angle Support – The Magno Sharp knife sharpener consists of this magnet that is attached to a wooden block. The purpose of the magnet is to hold the knife in the 15 degree position. The magnet in itself does not contribute to actual sharpening of the knife. There are two magnet that supposedly hold the knife.
  2. Diamond & Stainless Steel Cylinder Block – The second element of the Magno Sharp knife sharpener is a cylindrical wooden block that has diamond and stainless-steel grinding surfaces for various tasks:
    • Diamond Surface – The diamond surface on one side of the Magno Sharp cylindrical block is used to sharpen the knife. The diamond surface claims to sharpen much better than the carbide or ceramic surfaces.
    • Stainless Steel Surface – The other end of the cylindrical block features a grooved stainless steel [#430 (JIS)] surface that is used for professional grade smoothing and finishing.



How to use the Magno Sharp?

As depicted in the official video at, you are supposed to attach the the knife to the magnets on the side of the wooden strip. With one hand you hold the wooden block with magnets and with the other you grind the diamond or the stainless steel on the knife surface.

Magno Sharp Price

You get 2 Magno Sharp Magnetic Knife Sharpener Kits for the price of $49.99 + $6.99 S/h. The Magno Sharp is available at the official website

Magno Sharp Price Comparison

  • Narcissus Knife Sharpener – A good alternative to Magno Sharp. It is is electrically powered and is priced at $39.99. Has about 400+ reviews and an aggregate rating of 4.3 stars.



Magno Sharp Review

  • Scratch Marks – There are reports that Magno Sharp leaves scratch marks on the knives.
  • Takes Longer to Sharpen – The Magno Sharp is in no way the quickest way to sharpen your kitchen knives. As reviewers write to use about the Magno Sharp performance it is not as easy as they make it appear in the official ad. Firstly the magnets are weak and do not hold the knives securely. This causes the knife to move as you grind the diamond surface. This makes the sharpening process tedious.
  • Stainless Steel Peels – Users have reported that the smooth side of the Magno Sharpener starts to peel off like paint in about 6 months.
  • “Diamonds” Come Off – Another major drawback of the Magno Sharp is that the coarse diamond infused sharpening surface also flakes after a period of about 6 months. User reviews report that the diamonds from the surface haven loosened even with light pressure. Not all reviews have reported the flaking issue, there are only a few of them, could be a bad batch.


    Our Verdict

    Magno Sharp is a gimmick, it does not work. There are hundreds of knife sharpeners available out there in the market. The as seen on tv invention is a big failure. We do not recommend the Magno Sharp knife sharpener.

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