Magma Steel Knives Review

The Magma Steel Knives do not work as shown on the TV, The MAGMA feature is just for advertising. Do not buy them
Review Summary

Magma Steel Knives Review

What are Magma Steel Knives?

According to the manufacturer’s product review, they are high-grade stainless steel knives coated in granite that supposedly make them durable and don’t need sharpening at all. The promoter claims in the view that with Magma Steel knives, everyone can chop, slice and dice like a pro. Magma Steel knives have easy grip rubberized handles that claim to deliver incredible control and accuracy. Magma Steel Knives claim to give you chopped salads in seconds, you can even cut frozen meat with ease. Get razor-thin slices everytime. The knives’ non-stick surface makes sure the food slides right off it and the Magma Steel knives are supposed to be dishwasher safe, as per the review.

Though the Magma Steel make fancy claim about the abilities of their knives, actual user reviews paint an entirely different picture.

Magma Steel Knife Set

What is so “Magmatic” about these knives?

The inside of the knife is made of stainless steel, like any other knife. The Magma Steel knives are coated with granite FINISH, it is not actual Magma but just the finish. Granite is an igneous rock that is formed from the Magma, hence the name “Magma Steel”. Because the term “Granite Knife” is already taken by the “GRANITE TUFF KNIFE”, they had to use a different name that would convey the same branding message.

Should you expect the same natural qualities of Magma?

Of-course not. The name MAGMA is just a marketing trick, the coating is not extracted from the real Magma. The user reviews debunk the whole MAGMA thing. There is nothing to the MAGMA feature of the knives. It is just a marketing ploy to fool YOU.

What do I get?

The Magma Steel Knives come in a set of six knives
  • Santoku Magma Steel Knife

    This is the largest of the Magma Steel Knife family ideal for chopping large fruits and dicing onions. The Santoku Magma Steel Knife has sharper edge compared to classic knife given the fact that it has single bevel in the blade.
  • Magma Steel Slicer Knife

    The promoters review mention that Magma Steel’s slicer knife is perfect to cut slices of smoked meat, poultry or fish. Non-stick surface claims to give you perfect slices and greater control, which is not true – check the reviews for more insight.
  • Magma Steel Knife Set
  • Magma Steel Bread Knife

    The review of the Magma Steel Knives official website mention that the serrated bread knife can cut soft bread without crushing it. The serrated Magma Steel Knife is like a saw for the bread easily cutting through soft and hard bread. The review further mentions that you don’t have to worry about the soft bread getting crushed or the knife skipping off the hard crusty bread. But when you check the testimonials of the actual users, you find that all this is balderdash.
  • Ultralight Magma Steel Chef Knife claims in the review that they have specially designed the Magma Steel Chef Knife with reduced surface to minimize drag. This combined with granite coating (MAGMA) makes the Magma Steel knife to slide through everything including soft butter.
  • Magma Steel Utility Knife

    This is the smallest of the Magma Steel family of knives. The official review says the handy size utility knife is ideal for trimming poultry, cutting cheese and fruits/vegetables. You can also use the utility knife to cut sandwiches.
  • Magma Steel Pairing Knife

    The granite coated pairing knife is good for peeling fruits and vegetables, intricate work such as de-veining a shrimp, de-seeding fruits, cutting herbs like garlic etc.
  • The Magma Steel Knives are available only at the official website for $19.99, Shipping is free.

Cleaning the Magma Steel Knives

The official review on the website states that since the Magma knives are granite coated, they can easily go in the dishwasher without any effect on their sharpness.

Magma Steel Knives REVIEW

Let’s analyze what the product experts have to say about the Magma Steel Knives. The reviews aren’t too good and expose the claims made by the manufacturer. Here is the summary of the reviews.

Not Non-Stick

Most reviews debunk the claim that the Magma Steel Knives are non-stick, everything you cut stick to the knives. Whether slicing, dicing, chopping – stuff sticks to the Magma Steel knives.

Fake Granite (a.k.a MAGMA) Coating

Some reviewers point out to the fact that it is not TRUE MAGMA (Granite) on the knife, it is just the finishing which peels off exposing interior. The knife begins to peel off after a few uses. You have to be very careful with them and once peeled you have to throw them away.

Over-Rated Knife

One expert asks the question “What good is a Magma knife for?” and “Why should you use a Magma coated knife in the first place?” people fall for deceptive marketing techniques adopted by these “As Seen on TV” companies. If the concept of so called “Magma coated” knives really worked, it would have been capitalized long back. The Infomercial companies just create a “sensation”, a hype of their product and make it look like a ground-breaking invention, which it is not. The Magma Steel Knife is a classic example of such deceptive marketing. “It is just a fancy toy” says one expert. One reviewer says that the knife is over-rated in all the areas – cutting, non-stick, durability, sharpness. It is nothing like what they tell in the TV ad.

Not Sharp Enough

There are tons of reviews which say that the knife is duller than an average knife. You have to use more pressure to cut with the Magma Steel knives. There is nothing great about the Magma Steel knife in fact it’s performance is below average. They are sharp in the beginning and thats it, they dull immediately and “Never needs sharpening” is a lie.

Our Verdict

Magma Steel Knives don’t work as claimed. Don’t buy them.

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