Instant Power Sealer REVIEW

Instant Power Sealer Offer

Instant Power Sealer As Seen On TV Offer includes 2 Sealers, 4 Quart Bags, 2 Gallon Bags and 6 Sealing Clips. Price $32.00

Instant Power Sealer Claims

What is Instant Power Sealer?

Instant Power Sealer claims handheld, portable vacuum sealer system that seals and saves any food instantly! It alleges to seal & save fruits, vegetables, leftovers & more for optimum freshness with its Fresh Lock Technology keeps almost any food 5x fresher!

How does the Instant Power Sealer work?

Ordinary bags and foils trap air in and rot the food but the Instant Power Sealer asserts it takes the air out ensuring the food is preserved 5 times longer.

Instant Power Sealer maintains it is easy to use! Simply place your food in the bag and press the Instant Power Sealer to vacuum out the air, this ensures your food is preserved instantly!


Instant Power Sealer claims its secret lies in its fresh lock technology one way valve that takes the air out and locks in the freshness. It states that it is perfect to use to seal in freshness of vegetables, fruits, cheese, fish, chicken, bread and so much more! It is great for making snack packs for the kids.

Instant Power Sealer Suction

The small explainer video depicts Instant Power Sealer’s Suction Power. The biggest drawback of the battery operated portable food sealers like Instant Power Sealer is that they have weak suction.

It further maintains that its auto shutoff feature is so strong yet gentle enough to preserve your food. It emphasizes that its bags are extremely durable that they can lift a 10 lb weight! And the included sealing clips make sure your vacuum packed food gets a tight seal so the food you carry is always fresh.

The Instant Power Sealer claims to help you save hundreds of dollars by eliminating the wastage of food by not throwing out the forgotten leftovers & ruined food.


Product Review

Instant Power Sealer

With a name like “Instant Power Sealer”, one would assume that it would suck up all of the air in the food bag and then create an airtight seal so that your food stays fresher longer. Although the concept is great, in most cases these are just devices that attract the potential buyer but do not work in reality. So it’s better to look for a vacuum sealer that actually does the job.

Instant Power Sealer Uses
Instant Power Sealer can be used to seal food of all types – veggies, fruits, bread, cheese etc. There is nothing special about this feature – all food sealers do it.

“Seals and save any food”

Vacuum sealing food is a great idea but not every company has mastered the technique of sealing in the food’s freshness.  If you look online you will find plenty handheld vacuum sealers but most of them have failed to impress the consumer. Similarly we cannot guarantee whether the Instant Power Sealer’s ability to lock in the freshness of food.


Durable bags and sealing clips

The Instant Power Sealer can only be used with its special bags. So you have to be remember when you buy a unit you will also receive their bags and if you run out of bags you can’t use ordinary Ziplock bags.

Also, the website does not mention whether you can order only the sealing bags when your stock gets over. And if you cannot order these bags then you will simply have to order another Instant Power Sealer rendering the first one you purchased useless. What a waste of money? Isn’t it?

And even if you can order the sealing bags there is an ongoing cost of ordering these bags. It may save you money in the long run but it is important to figure out how much you will actually use it.

We also cannot vouch for the quality of the Instant Power Sealer and the durability of these sealing bags.

Keeps food fresher five times longer

The Instant Power Sealer claims to keep food fresher five times longer unlike ordinary bags and foils. Although this can save you money it cannot be used for all types of food. Vacuum sealers often don’t work on soft foods like bread, cookies, bagels, fresh fruit, or anything with liquid in it, etc.

Save hundreds of dollars

A vacuum sealer may help you save money on your food bill by not throwing away leftovers, and storing foods longer while still having them taste fresh. But if you do not have much freezer space and do not purchase in bulk, the Instant Power Sealer may not be a good investment. Do the calculation before spending the money.

Price of the Instant Power Sealer

It is priced at $19.99 plus $5.99 P&H.  Each Instant Power Sealer comes with 4X Quart Bags, 2X Gallon Bags, and 6X Sealing Clips.

Instant Power Sealer what do I get offer?

You can also double the offer by paying just a separate fee of $5.99 for the second Instant Power Sealer.

Our Verdict on the Instant Power Sealer

The name suggests that the Instant Power Sealer is a powerful vacuum food sealer but in reality it is nothing but a scam to lure ignorant buyers.


The Instant Power Sealer claims to be very powerful but sometimes too much suction can cause foods to get dehydrated leading to an increased chance of freezer burn.

We all know that removing oxygen from the packaging prevents the growth of certain bacteria because these bacteria that cause spoilage need oxygen to grow and reproduce. But it is important to note that there are types of bacteria that cause diseases which favor low oxygen environments and multiply in vacuum packed foods. So if there is any question about the safety of the food it is advisable not to vacuum pack your food as this would create the perfect breeding environment for some bad bacteria that can make you sick.

One must also know vacuum sealing does not kill bacteria if it is already present in the food, so this means the bacteria will still be there when you open the packed food. Vacuum packing does not guarantee to make food safe not doe it exclude the necessity to take precautions.

We would recommend you do some research before investing in the Instant Power Sealer instead of jumping to purchasing it and wasting your precious money.

Talk to your friends and family about which vacuum sealer they use before you decide to purchase this one. Do some math and think before you decide to invest in a vacuum sealing system.  

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