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Ice Wizard Review

What is Ice Wizard?

Ice Wizard is a Ice Cube Dispensing tool that claims to be a better alternative to the refrigerator ice trays. The Ice Wizard is the latest kitchen gadget in the “as seen on tv” vertical and one of its kind. The Ice Wizard dispenser is made by the as seen on tv company All Products Group.


Supposed Benefits of the Ice Wizard

Ice Wizard, an innovative as seen on tv ice cube dispenser, claims to simplify the process of freezing ice cubes and do what traditional ice cube trays can’t. Ice Wizard guarantees benefits like being able to dispense ice cubes impeccably, one by one, without leading to messiness. It also prevents any kind of spilling as all you have to do is just twist its base to have ice cubes dispensed directly into a glass, jug or whatever you have. Further, you can also freeze juice instead of water to enjoy flavored ice cubes with the help of Ice Wizard. Another benefit of this ice cube dispenser is that it can be cleaned in a dishwasher. Also, it consumes minimal electricity, which a freezer requires.


How does the Ice Wizard Dispenser Work?

As per the manufacturer’s claims, you fill the Ice Wizard with water and keep it in the freezer. The manufacturer’s review claim that you get perfect ice cubes and unlike the trays you don’t have to struggle to get the cubes out of it. You twist the handle behind the dispenser and out comes the ice cubes, is it really that easy? – well check our reviews. Traditional ice cube trays are messy to use and you cannot get the cubes out without having to touch them. Ice Wizard provides a “touchless” way to get the ice cubes wherever you want.


Spiral-Release Technology

The promoter’s review video claims that the Ice Wizard uses “Spiral-Release Technology” which dispenses the ice cubes with precision – one cube at a time. The easy grip handle at the back of the dispenser is the key to the smooth dispensing of the ice. Our product testers are not impressed by the dispensing mechanism though, our reviewers say there is nothing high-tech in the Ice Wizard and the supposed “Spiral Release” is just a handle that rotates and dislodges the ice-cubes from the container inside the Ice Wizard. This dispensing mechanism is prone to jamming given the cold temperature and the so-called “No Stress”, “Effortless” and “No Mess” ice cubes is a lie.


Design of the Ice Wizard

The Ice Wizard is made from food-grade plastic and consists of ice-tray with 10 to 12 molds. A rod passes through the entire length of the Ice Wizard dispenser that is attached to the twisting handle at the upper end. The twisting motion of the handle opens the ice trays causing the the ice-cubes to roll down to the end of the dispenser (you have to hold the dispensing end down, to let the ice cubes come out). A circular plate with a wide gap (wide enough for a ice-cube to pass) at the other end of the Ice Wizard helps to dispense one cube at a time. The Ice Wizard has a semi-cylindrical “see through” glass and has flat surfaces on the other three sides, making it easy to keep in the freezer or a carry tray.


Material – All plastic. Dimensions – No mentioned but not it is smaller than a foot. The molds too are smaller.


Uses of Ice Wizard

Ice Wizard can be used for the following:
  • It makes adding ice cubes in several glasses at a time easy as it dispenses ice cubes into each glass quickly.
  • Ice Wizard is far more compact and space-saving as compared to traditional ice trays.
  • It has handles on each of its twisting handle that make it comfortable to grip and extract ice cubes.
  • Flavored juices instead of water can also be frozen in it for variety and fun.
  • It saves up on electricity unlike how traditional counterparts do./li>


    Ice Wizard Pricing

    Ice Wizard is available ONLY at the official website The dispenser is priced at $19.99 + $6.99 S/h. The website comes with a 90-day money back guarantee. It does not have any warranty. The Ice Wizard Dispenser website is designed and promoted by MOJO. Ice Wizard Pricing Options:

    • 1 Dispenser for $19.99 + $6.99 S/
    • 2 Dispensers for $34.98 + Free Shipping
    • 3 Dispensers for $49.97 + Free Shipping
    • 4 Dispensers for $64.96 + Free Shipping
    • 5 Dispensers for $79.95 + Free Shipping
    • 6 Dispensers for $94.94 + Free Shipping

    The as seen on tv offer is designed in such a way that you are compelled to buy more units. The single unit of Ice Wizard costs $27 and you still have to pay $7 for the shipping. The pricing is classic infomercial marketing tactic to lure the customer in buying more units.


    Is Ice Wizard a Ice Maker?

    NOPE. Ice Wizard is not a “Ice Maker” in the traditional sense of the word “Ice Maker”, it is more of a dispenser, it does not MAKE (GENERATE) ICE by itself. It is just a twist ice tray in a plastic container with a dispensing mechanism.


    Is it reliable?

    Nope. Our reviewers complain that the concept of the Ice Wizard works pretty well on the paper but practically it has very little value. Here are the disadvantages of the Ice Wizard:
    • LEAKAGES – The biggest disadvantage of the Ice Wizard dispenser is that it is prone to leakages and can be messy. You have to keep the dispenser in a horizontal position in the freezer but the As Seen On TV ad shows the person carrying the Ice Wizard in the vertical position, which is misleading. The water is going to leak from the trays and out of the twisting mechanism. The water will also leak from the dispensing end though that is not much of an issue, our product expert mentions in his review
    • JAMMING – Plastic parts are known to get jammed in freezing temperatures. And the Ice Wizard has a mechanical dispensing system. So the Ice Wizard is not going to be so effortless to use when the ice has formed inside. The twisting mechanism won’t work smoothly the way they shown in the TV ad.Its going to get stuck and you have to apply pressure on the handle to dislodge the ice-cube and to open the container. Also with all the ice-cubes piled up at the bottom of the Ice Wizard is going to “choke” the narrow dispensing hole.
    • SIZE – The Ice Wizard is small in size. So it will not accommodate as many ice-cubes as a ice tray would. If you need more ice-cubes you will have to buy additional dispensers with each one costing $25. Also the size of the moulds of the Ice Wizard tray is smaller than the regular trays, so you would need more ice-cubes made in the Ice Wizard.
    • Durability – The Ice Wizard is made of flimsy plastic. And the constant twisting action combined with the freezing temperatures is going to take toll on the construction of the dispenser. These factors make it less durable. Putting the Ice Wizard in a dishwasher is also going to damage the dispensers, causing it to crack.

    Does it make slushy ice?Nope, the Ice Wizard cannot be used to make slushy ice.

    How much time does it take to make the ice?The same amount of time that a ice tray would require.


    What is the right word that describe the product?Ice Dispenser. The manufacturer uses the word “WIZARD” in an apparent ploy to make their product sound magical, though reviews reveal that there is nothing miraculous about the ice Wizard.

    Testing the Claims

    Lets find the truth in the claims made by the Ice Wizard
    • Simply Twist to Dispense
      – False. Works in theory but not in practice.
    • Fast and Easy Way to Get Perfect Ice Cubes
      – False.
    • Fill, Chill and Twist
      – The twisting part is difficult.


    Disadvantages of Ice Wizard

    Although Ice Wizard claims it does magical things unlike other ice cubes and ice trays, it is not devoid of certain disadvantages. Some customers who’ve bought it feel awkward to use it in front of guests. They find its design rather strange, and don’t want their guests to see them using it.

    Another flaw related to Ice Wizard is that its design does not allow you to store more of these devices on top of each other. You’ll need to hunt for more space to store more of them because as it is, a single unit does not freeze a large number of ice cubes.

    Another issue with ice wizard is that ice cubes have to be extracted from it in such a way that those who have problems like arthritis or weak bones will find it difficult to use it. This device has to be twisted to dispense the ice cubes. Therefore, customers who suffer from pain in fingers cannot operate it easily.

    Those who dislike clutter and believe in minimalism in the kitchen frown upon Ice Wizard. They consider it an unessential tool that takes up space in the refrigerator or anywhere in the kitchen. Instead, they feel they can freeze ice in simple trays which are not bulky and elaborate.


    Why Ice Trays are Better than Ice Wizard

    If there’s a debate between ice trays and Ice Wizard, most people feel the former has an advantage over the latter. Ice trays are uncomplicated, simple and quite compact. They don’t need elaborate operations, can be covered easily and since are even made of silicone material, using them is very smooth and hassle-free. Besides, ice trays today are available in different shapes, sizes and can even be snazzy to look at. On the other hand, Ice Wizard has some limitations such as its design, which prevents one from storing more than one comfortably. Also, it has to be twisted to extract ice cubes, which people having problems like arthritis cannot manage.


    Our Verdict

    Ice Wizard is an unique product, there is nothing outside the “As Seen On TV” segment that matches Ice Wizard. But the reviews make it clear that though the concept is great the execution is poorly done. It is flimsy, gets jammed, small in size, not easy and convenient to use and is not durable. Had the Ice Wizard concept really worked well, the ice trays would have been replaced by these ice dispensers. Hence we do not recommend the Ice Wizard and suggest to stick to the good old twist ice trays.

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