Granitestone Tri Ply Pro Review | Pan Review

How does the Granite Tri Ply Pro Pan work?

The Granitestone Tri-Ply Pro Pan features professional stainless steel material, restaurant quality construction and non-stick surface. The Tri-Ply Pro has edge to edge Aluminum core as its core layer, this Aluminum core is then covered by a layer of Hardened Stainless-Steel. The top [third] layer is diamond infused non-stick finish.

Why the name “Tri-Ply”?

Because the pans have three [layers] – Aluminum, Stainless-Steel and Diamond Infused coating. The manufacturer claims that these are the most forgiving pans in the market today. As per the manufacturer’s claim, even the worst burnt food won’t stick to the Tri-Ply Pro pan.

Granitestone Tri Ply Pro Review | Pan Review



Benefits of Tri-Ply Pro

  • The Granitestone Tri-Ply Pro claims to facilitate even heat conduction and distribution through the entire pan.
  • Garinitestone Tri-Ply Pro Handles has Stainless Steel ergonomic cool-to-the-touch handles.
  • The manufacturer of Tri-Ply Pro claims in the official review that you don’t need oil or butter while cooking.
  • The manufacturer makes tall claims about the non-stick feature of the Granitestone Tri-Ply Pro Pan.
  • The Tri Ply Pro pan is over rated up to 500 Degree Fahrenheit!
  • Great for Searing on cooktop and oven cooking.
  • You can Bake, Saute and Pan-Fry in the Granitestone Tri-Ply Pro
  • Ultra Durable, You can put the Tri-Ply Pro in the Dishwasher and use Metal Utensils on the surface. PFOA Free

Granitestone Tri-Ply Pro Pan Pricing

The Granitestone Tri-Ply Pro includes the following:
    1 10″ Tri-Ply Pro Pan
  • 1 11.5″ Tri-Ply Pro Pan
Price – $60 [$59.85] + Free S/h. Official website



Granite Tri Ply Review

Not Non-Stick

Any review that comes from an expert has more significance. And we have one Granite Tri Ply review from a cook who knows how to use the different cookware. In his Granitestone Tri Ply review, the cook says that these are just overhyped cooking pans like all other as seen on tv products. Our expert “The Cook” bought the Granitestone Tri Ply Pro pans to replace the teflon coated pans thinking these are safer. And he was utterly disappointed to find that food sticks to the pan no matter what. The user mentions in his Granite Tri Ply review that he is aware of all the tricks and tips concerning cooking pans, like not to put them in hot/warm water, not to use metal utensils, not to use Pam etc. But despite all the caring, the food sticks to the Granitestone Tri Ply pan even with the oil. He tried cooking gnocchi in the Granite Tri Ply pan and it was a big burnt, sticky mess.

Good Pan but Food Stick

Another review from a mother of 4 summarizes the Granite Tri Ply Pro as “Good sturdy pan but food sticks”. According to her review, she was able to use the Granite Tri Ply Pro good for a few weeks and the food was not sticking. But soon after that the food began to stick to the surface of the Granitestone Tri Ply Pro pans. She mentions in her review that this is for the fourth time that Granitestone has lied and over-exaggerated the features of its pans and she is vexed with herself for falling for it again. On the positive side, she mentions that the Granitestone Tri Ply Pro is well built and has a good sleek handle.

Just Missed the Return Window

Another Granitestone Tri-Ply Pro user reports in her review that strangely the Tri-Ply Pro pans remain non-stick for a few months, which is the period in which you can return for a refund. She thought that the Granitestone Tri-Ply Pro pans were holding up nicely and just after when the return window was closed, the food began to stick to the pans. She does not recommend the Granitestone Tri Ply Pro pans. She recommended buying the “Swiss Diamond Nonstick Fry Pan” instead.



Don’t Believe the Tall Claims

Another Granitestone Tri-Ply Pro user has valuable suggestions. He cautions against believing the claims like Oven safe up to 500 Degree F, Dishwasher and Metal Utensil Safe. He reveals that cooking pans have to be cared for and you cannot “abuse” the pans, like the way they are shown in the TV commercials. “Using metal utensils on the surfaces, cooking in the oven and washing  in the dishwasher cause the non-stick surface to deteriorate, and Granite Tri Ply Pro is no exception to this.” – she reports in her review.

“Non-Stick” is a Myth

Another Granitestone Tri Ply Pro user says that he is convinced that “a non-stick pan is a myth”. He tried making eggs and followed all the instructions to the T. A little oil, low to medium heat setting and still the eggs stuck. “Now, how do you explain that” he asks in exasperation. The finish of the Granitestone Tri Ply Pro Pan also changes over time, earlier there is a fine coating which probably makes the pan non-stick but over time [within a few weeks] the coating goes away and the pan’s surface looks stained.

Got tricked because of the Glaring Reviews

One Granite Tri Ply Pro Pan buyer complains that she got lured into buying the pan by the positive reviews. She mentions that the reviews are misleading and are clearly “planted” by the manufacturer. Her review further states that just after a few weeks the food begins to stick to the Tri-Ply Pro pan even with the oil added. She tried making eggs and half of the egg remains in the pan, she complains.

Does not include a Lid

The Granitestone Tri Ply Pro Pan does not come with a lid. The absence of a lid is a major disadvantage. Lid retains the heat inside, making the food cooker faster.

Cleaning the Granite Tri-Ply Pro Pan

Though the manufacturer recommends putting the Granitestone Tri Ply Pro Pan in the dishwasher, product experts warn against doing this. The correct way of washing the Granite Stone Tri-Ply Pro is immersing the pan in warm water mixed with vinegar, for about 20 minutes. Then use a non-abrasive sponge or cloth to clean the surface of the pan until it is rid of all the gunk.



Burn Marks

There are some reviews that reveal the formation of burn marks on the surface of the Granitestone Tri-Ply Pro pan. User reviews suggest that the burn marks appear even when the pan is used on lower heat settings. Though the manufacturer claims it to be heat tolerant up to 500 degree F, reviewers who use the Tri-Ply Pro pan recommend not to use this pan above 350 Degree F.

Not Revet-Free

The Granitestone Tri-Ply Pro pan is not rivet free, the handle rivets protrude on the inside of the pan and food sticks these rivets. And removing the stuck food is quite a hassle.

Not compatible with Induction Cooktop

By far the biggest disadvantage of the Granitestone Tri-Ply Pro pan is that it is not compatible with the induction stove-top.




Granite Tri Ply’s verdict is no different from its predecessors, the reviews and complaints are exactly the same. Do you ever wonder how these as seen on tv companies keep rolling out new pans every couple of months and the claims are exactly the same but unfortunately there is no such thing as the “True non-Stick Pans” – at least not in the “As Seen On TV” arena. One review mentions that these are the same Granitestone Blue pans but with a different coating this time. There is absolutely no difference in performance. And the higher temperature tolerance is just an unsubstantiated claim.

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