EZ Chopper by Mueller Review | Does GetEZChopper.com Work?

EZ Chopper is a hand operated vegetable chopper that consists of a large capacity bowl [5-cup] and has an egg separator on the lid. Cutting and slicing veggies and fruits with hands can be a big hassle especially for older folks. Not with the Mueller EZ Chopper, it features an anti-skid handle, pouring spout, an oversized crank for better control and and surgical stainless steel blades that supposedly won’t bend or rust. You can chop, dice and separate with a spin. Use the EZ Chopper to:

  • Slice veggies
  • Shred Cheese
  • Separate Eggs
  • Whip Eggs
  • Mince Garlic
  • Puree Dips
  • And more…


EZ Chopper by Mueller | Does GetEZChopper.com Work?



EZ Chopper Features and Benefits

  • Fast and Even Chopping.
  • Anti-Skid Base with Handle and a Convenient Pouring Spout.
  • Large Capacity [5-Cup] Bowl. But the bigger bowl has got its own problems [read the review below for more information].
  • Large Handle and An Egg White Separator.
  • EZ Chopper is good for chopping veggies, onions, nuts, salsa, herbs, hummus, guacamole and more.
  • Good alternative to noisy and bulky electric food choppers.


EZ Chopper Price

  • You Get 1 EZ Chopper for $29.99 + $6.99 P&H. Total $36.98
  • You also have an option of buying a second EZ Chopper for an extra $9.99. Total $46.97, i.e. $23.48 per EZ Chopper.
  • The EZ Chopper is available at the official website GetEZChopper.com


    EZ Chopper Review

    Be Careful

    The container bowl is made from glass and you need to be careful how much you put in the bowl. The more ingredients you put in the EZ Chopper bowl, the more pressure you will have to exert on the EZ chopper to turn the crank, the pressure will eventually take its toll on the glass – this is what happens with these type of manual food processors. So be careful to not to overload the bowl. Also putting too much pressure on the crank can cause the the lid to come off.


    EZ Chopper is Easy to Use

    The EZ Chopper is easy to use and gets the job done, though it has got certain limitations. If the ingredients you are going to process are coarse, turning the crank could be a problem. Reviewers mention that you have to apply extra strength to turn the crank. And given the fact that the parts are made of plastic and the glass bowl you should make sure not to over-crowd the glass bowl or you will certainly break the EZ Chopper. The trick is to shop smaller pieces of the ingredients and then transfer them to the EZ Chopper bowl, this will address the hard crank issue.



    Right Consistency

    The best part of EZ Chopper is that it chops to the right consistency, it does not over-chop like an electric food processor does. You can chop fine or coarse, you are in total control of the consistency.


    Good Salsa Maker

    The Mueller EZ Chopper makes a good Salsa Makers, there are tons of reviews which attest this claim. Once you have all the ingredients in the bowl all it takes is about 30 seconds to make salsa. The salsa gets done in just three or four turns. The EZ Chopper is also great for egg salad, peppers & celery etc. To make the Salsa less thin, consider draining the chopped tomatoes with a colander.


    Limitations & Drawbacks

    The EZ Chopper is not that good for hard foods like carrots and mozzarella but works well with soft items like tomatoes, cucumber, Bell pepper and small pieces of onions. The EZ Chopper blades rust over time [good for 2 to 3 years]. The EZ Chopper does not have a chute to remove the processed food from the bowl, you have to remove the lid and pour out the ingredients. There is no option to buy the parts separately, if the bowl cracks or the crank handle breaks, you will have to order a new unit of the EZ Chopper.


    Sharp Blades

    Surgical Stainless-steel blades that the promoters claim would never bend or rust, but the reviews do mention that the blades do rust and bend over time. Make sure you dry the blades after washing them. The EZ Chopper blades are curved and very sharp and chop quite well be careful when washing the interior of the bowl. It comes with three blades which enhances its efficiency. Make sure that you do not overload the EZ Chopper as it takes a heavy toll on the blades, often bending them.



    Our Verdict

    We do recommend the EZ Chopper, though EZ Chopper is not the only manual food chopper in the market, it is a good kitchen gadget and works fairly well. There are several similar food choppers available online and they cost as less as $14 but then the lack the quality. You can also get quality crank food choppers like the EZ Chopper for around $35.


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