Eggs Any Way Pan REVIEW

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Eggs Any Way Pan

Eggs Any Way Pan

Product Claims

One can make 3 different styles of meals at a single go .  This product is created from solid aluminum discs for even heat conduction and then triple coated with durable Granitestone finish which is created suitably for high quality cooking that doesn’t let the food stick! Also includes the 500 degree oven rated pan one can even bake with this wonderful pan. Now creating a brownie or a cake is going to be fun, easy and absolutely delicious. Also since its PFOA-free this is dishwasher safe and can be used with almost zero oil and butter! It is 3 times non sticky, 3 times more durable!!

Eggs Any Way Pan

Eggs Any Way Pan



“Eggs Any Way Pan” Name Analysis

“Granitestone Eggs anyway 3-in-1 pan”

Eggs anyway is just a way of stating the obvious. Even on a normal pan, one can figure out multiple ways of how they can cook food products and not just eggs for that matter! Pans have been a revolutionary item in the kitchens and these producers have targeted the female class of the society by creating a triple pan in hopes of making it a huge success.

“Three different pan cakes”

Due to different flavors and heat levels that are required for delicate dishes, it is not easy to believe the fact that one can simply make three versatile dishes on a single pan.

“Even heat”

Since gas burners have the heat flowing from the core sections, it’s difficult for all three pans to be hot at the same time. This means, one can be hot while the others have yet to achieve that level of sear that is required. This will only give you a very unreal idea of what it can be like.



Claim Analysis

The Eggs Any Way Pan is only 1 payment of $19.99 along with sending it out to the buyer for free along with a single serve egg pan and the Any Way Chopper FREE! Sales tax will be applied to orders from CA, NJ, NV & NY. A $10 shipping surcharge will be applied to orders from AK/HI. A $20 shipping surcharge will be applied to orders from PR. 90 day Money Back Guarantee – Less P&H

Eggs Any Way Pan

Eggs Any Way Pan

Price analysis to cook is not just an art, but also an intense process that has many unseen layers to it that require keen understanding. However, owning superior quality cookware or baking material makes this process simpler. In a case where one is cooking for their family or entertaining guests, proper tools are essential to make and serve a well-cooked meal. Buying Cookware Online, basically one’s kitchen needs a lot of things like a Casserole, a Pressure Cooker, a Wok, Pots & Pans and many more. For a steep price of  $19.99 , where on a regular day one could get multiple products for discounted rates , to purchase this product would be a severe waste of precious time! Not only will this not function as promised, it is also hard to return or get valuable returns out of.

Offer Analysis  Get an any way chopper, and a 5.5 inch single serve egg Pan for free with every order!

Product Review

The eggs any way pan gives the user free shipping and a stunning 90 day money back guarantee. This pan looks smaller than it is advertised and due to the triple pan which is such a hard pill to swallow, it is extremely difficult to maneuver and cook without any hassles or slight burns in the process. Definitely going to take a new type of gas burner if you want to evenly heat the product so as to achieve cook worthy heat!



Our Verdict

A basic frying pan, fry pan, or skillet is a flat-bottomed pan which is commonly used for frying, searing, or even browning foods. It is generally 250 to 350 mm in diameter with comparatively low sides that lean towards the outside, a long handle, and contains no lid. Similarly pans that are larger in size may have a smaller handle for grabbing opposing the main handle. A pan frying is basic a type of frying characterized by the use of minimal preparation oil or fat (compared to the regular shallow frying or deep frying); that means one is using just enough oil to lubricate the utensil and put it to good use. On a normal day, a shallow quality cooking utensil that will be used for pan frying than deep frying. (To make use of a deep pan with a minimal amount of oil, butter does reduce spatter.) A much denser cooking vessel does a better job than a less dense pan because that mass will improve temperature regulation throughout. An electric skillet can be put to application vigorously to an electric deep fryer and most of these products have a thermostat to hold the liquid (in the case, oil) at the required temperature. By providing the user with a three sided pan, this is a hoax that one can cook three dishes at the same time, with the required heat frequency and be able to use the product to its full potential. It creates a false impression in the mind of the buyer that on purchase of this product , the rate at which food is to be cooked will decrease substantially and also be able to give them the same kind of results multiple utensils would. Not only that, the promises made in regards to it being non- stick and ultra durable are not true since most of the items found in the kitchen are made with a sole purpose of being able to withstand harsh conditions so as to suffice the needs as well as sustain its lifespan for a good amount of time.

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