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Egg Cube Review Summary

Egg Cube is just another gimmicky as seen on tv product. According to the reviews, the main complaints about the Egg Cube are, i) It is time consuming to crack the eggs, ii) It puts the broken egg shell in the yolk, iii) Egg Cube is NOT mess-free, in fact it creates more mess. For the complete Egg Cube review, click here.

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What is Egg Cube?

Egg Cube is a egg cracker that claims to crack the egg so that you don’t have to make your hand dirty. The word “as seen on tv egg cracker ” is now associated with the all new “Egg Cube”.

How does Egg Cube work?

The makers at Egg cubes promise that now there is no more breaking eggs by hand , time to say goodbye to the messy greasy slimy experience because this product is claimed to be the game changer people have been waiting for! As delicious as the eggs are and have been a vital part of our diets , it turns into a bit of a hassle trying to break the shells , pluck them out let alone have a guest pick it out of their plate. All that was in the past because now it’s Egg Cubes to the rescue. Egg Cubes assures that no more dirty hands and faster than traditional methods , this product will seamlessly crack open eggs of all sizes and completely eliminate the bits and pieces of eggshells in the food! The creators of this product boast that using Egg Cubes is as easy as 1,2,3 giving you a picture perfect output every single time! They have made claims that professional chefs are 100% confident and vouching for this product because after a single flip and push all one needs to do is open it to see the magic unfold. For a price of $19.95 buyers can get 4 Egg cubes which assure the users that they can cook every dish involving an egg with zero problems .


When we asked our product reviewers to review the “Egg Cubes” egg cracker, they were amused to see this “cube” that cracks the egg. They admitted that this egg cracker (Egg Cube) was truly new and unique but the positivity stops there. All our reviewers came to the conclusion that Egg Cube will not work. Our reviewers mention that the “chronic” issue with the egg crackers like Egg Cube is that no matter what is size and shape of the cracker, it crumbles the shell of the egg which then makes it way in to the yolk. Of all the complaints from all the reviews that we analyzed, almost 90% of them complain that the shell pieces in the yolk is the biggest drawback of Egg Cube.

The second most common complaint about the Egg Cube is that it is such a hassle to use it. One reviewer mentions in his review that it takes almost 15 seconds to crack a single egg with the Egg Cube it is more hassle and messy than cracking the egg on the rim of a vessel. Reviews confirm that Egg Cube does not keep your hands clean. You still have to manually remove the egg shells from compartments. Also you have to clean the Egg Cube compartment with your hands also you have to spare more time to remove the shells from the yolk. Many reviewers who have a busy schedule voted against the Egg Cube saying that it is too time consuming.

People also mention in their Egg Cube reviews that this is a classic “As Seen On TV” rip-off, where these infomercial companies come up with crappy ideas for real life issues like “mess-free egg cracking”. A reviewer points out to the fact that is this type of “egg cracking” method really worked then kitchen product manufacturer would have capitalized on this concept long back. He mentions in his review that it is really surprising that there are not many egg cracking tools that really work.

Egg Cube reviews also mention that the new egg crackers like Egg Cube are inherently flawed because the surface of the egg crackers (like Egg Cube) are “hard” unlike the soft surface of our hands. The hard surfaces that grip the egg cause the shell to crumble in to small pieces that make their way in to the yolk. The review further states that so don’t get sucked into the Egg Cube propaganda, egg crackers just don’t work.

Excerpts from Egg Cube Customer Reviews

“It is easier and much quicker to do with the hands than with this gimmicky Egg Cube.”
“The Egg Cube is promoted as if it was a miracle product and finally they have created the perfect egg cracker, it is a cheap toy.”
“When I first saw the Egg Cube infomercial, I thought Eureka, they have finally found a mess-free way of cracking egg but no it is worse than the existing ones. Another as seen on tv fail.”
“The Egg Cube is made from some cheap plastic and I am sure it too would “crack” with just some use.”

So does the Egg Cube work as promised?

Nope, Egg Cube does not work as claimed. The claims of Egg Cube are over-exaggerated. In fact reviews make it clear that some of the claims made by Egg Cube are totally false. Claims like “Faster than traditional methods”, “Eliminates Egg Shell In Food”, “No More Waste & Dirty Hands” are totally baseless. These claims made by the Egg Cube are misleading and unsubstantial that are not attested by the reviews posted by the users.

Our Verdict on the Egg Cube

We Americans want tools for everything, we also want a tool to crack eggs. Just not crack eggs, but also make it fast, hassle-free and mess-free. Sadly “egg cracking” is one such task that they have not being able to come up with a reliable tool. If this is the case how do you expect a crappy “As Seen On TV” company to “crack” this difficult problem. Egg Cube does not work as claimed.

The last time we saw a similar products (to “Egg Cube”) were the Emson “Egg Cracker” and “Clever Egg” that was a couple of years back and both the Egg Cracker and Clever too like the Egg Cube do not have any great reviews. In fact none of the egg cracker tools have great reviews, the reasons are mentioned above in this review.