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Chop Champ

What is Chop Champ?

It is a salad cutter that alleges to make salads fast and easy! It promises to wash, chop, slice, and dice – all in one.


How does Chop Champ work?

It is supposed to be easy to use! Simply add your ingredients, rinse, cover the top, flip and chop. You can also rotate it some more for a final chop. Does Chop Champ really work as promised? Send us your Chop Champ review.

Featuring a built-in herb stripper, Chop Cham asserts to make cutting herbs easier too. Simply strip – top – chop and serve. This claim of Chop Champ will be attested only once users review Chop Champ.

It emphasizes that it is perfect to make kale salad, chicken salad, steak salad, fruit salad, potato salad, coleslaw, Cobb salad and so much more! It also states that it is great to cut melons, fruits, bread and more! Such fancy claims can be substantiated only once Chop Champ is reviewed.


Dishwasher safe and easy to store
Chop Champ proclaims that it is dishwasher safe making clean up a breeze, and it is easy to store too! At this point of time there are no Chop Champ reviews to verify this claim.


What do I get?
2 Cop Champs for $20 at


Chop Champ REVIEW

Mushy Mess – Ada Carroll mentions in her review that Chop Champ is not at all helpful. It creates “mushy mess” even with sharp knives, she complains in her review.

Ethel Russell mentions in her review that Chop Champ makes the vegetable to “chunky”, it creates big chunks and is not uniform.

Dora Colon mentions in her review that the Chop Champ does not work the way they show in the commercial. She says the Chop Champ does not cut half of the veggies.

Olivia Morrison claims in her review that Chop Champ is not suited for cutting tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and green pepper.

Renee Sanders says in her review that Chop Champ is light-weight and flimsy and does not fit a whole head of lettuce.

Carla Morton says in her review that the idea of the Chop Champ is superb but practically it is not much helpful. The salad cutter does not cut all the way through. She also says in her review that it is much easier to use the good old cutting board and knife than using the Chop Champ.

Stacey Mills reveals in her review that she got sucked into buying this by watching the video. Salad making looks so easy in the video which unfortunately is not the reality.

Joann Wade complains in her review that Chop Champ is not only hard to use but it is also flimsy made of plastic. Not at all worth $27 for 2 Chop Champs.

Chop Champ is a salad cutter meant which is advertised as the ultimate tool that makes every day chopping easier and much safer. It comes with a helpful instruction manual and booklet to make things easier. However, customers find cutting without it much more practical and suitable rather than using it.

Chop Champ does work fine for cutting lettuce, but it is the only function it serves well. If you wish for a salad cutter that can do much more than just lettuce, then it will disappoint you much. For cutting veggies, you will have to put much pressure that makes things difficult. Further, the vegetables like carrots and cucumbers roll over its surface adding on to the challenge of cutting.

Another prominent disadvantage of Chop Champ salad cutter is its small board. The cutting board is quite small, not even enough to cut the salad for two people. It is apt to cut the salad for a single, but for larger portions, you will have to use it multiple times. At a single time, it can hold about half a cucumber and a quarter of lettuce only. Such a small amount of cutting can be done quickly by using hands; one will not require a salad cutter for it.

The cutting board of Chop Champ will not survive the harsh impact of your sharp knife. Yes, if you tend to use a sharp knife (well, who uses a blunt one) for cutting the vegetables, then it is likely that the sharp blade of it will slice the board too. The cutting board seems to be too soft for chopping purpose. After some time of use, the plastic board will have an unsightly texture as a result of the impact of the knife and soon it will be of no use. Eventually, you will have to dump it. Even if your knife is not that sharp, the board will then also wear out quick due to the amount of pressure that you will have to put in for cutting the veggies.

Chop Champ salad cutter is meant for a single person’s use. It cuts lettuce precisely, but beyond that, its use is limited. Chop Champ does not cut cleanly. Even tomatoes and onions do not cut neat leave alone carrots that require much pressure. Advertised as a hassle-free and handy option for cutting salads, Chop Champ completely disappoints. The low-grade cutting board is quite small to serve the purpose of chopping an adequate amount of vegetables in a single go. It is not easy to use, cuts big chunks and becomes challenging to use after some time. Ultimately, you will stop using it and depend on your hands that can do the job much quickly and precisely.


Chop Champ Questions and Answers

Q. Does the Chop Champ have spinner feature?
A. Nope, it does not spin.


Chop Champ Verdict

Chop Champ is not the only salad cutter bowl out there in the market. There are several of them available on A simple search for “salad cutter bowl” will show dozens of tried and tested salad cutters. We would recommend buying one of those and not the Chop Champ.

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