Change Up Grill Mat REVIEW

Change Up Grill Mat reviews are not very great, given the “as seen on tv” background of the product, we are not very surprised with the reviews it has received. The makers of Change Up Grill mat do not disclose crucial information like the material and size of the grill mat, in this Change Up review not only do we reveal that information but also disclose why this information his hidden from the buyers.

What is Change Up Grill Mat?

Before going to the Change Up Grill Mat reviews, lets find out what it is. “Change Up” claims to be a 2-in-1 Non-stick Grilling Mat and Basket. Grill cooked food tastes great, but when you try to flip your food, it sticks, falls apart and falls in right through the grate. The answer to this problem is Change Up Grill Mat. According to the claims made in the infomercial, Change Up Grill Mat also turns into a Grilling Basket.

How does Change Up Grill Mat work?

“Change Up” As a Grill Basket

With the Change Up Grill Mat you need not flip up each piece one by one because with the Change Up you turn and flip all the pieces at once. The Change Up infomercial video demonstrates how you can turn 30 pieces of shrimp at once. The promoters of Change Up Grill Mat claim that you just have to “fill it and grill it”. They claim Change Up is great for peppers and onions, cherry tomatoes, zucchini and squash even salmons.

“Change Up” As a Grill Mat

Change Up Grill Mat Grate can also be used as a non-stick grill mat for larger items like meat. While ordinary grill mat does not drain the grease and fat, with Change Up Mat’s “mesh” design the oil just drips out from the food. The makers of Change Up claim that it is perfect to be used as “grill mat” for cooking burger patties, marinated chicken, bacon, ad ribs. Change Up can also be used in the ovens for baking pizzas. Because of its “mesh” design the Change Up Grill Mat can be used as a grill mat in air fryer to cook crispy french fries. For cleaning, Change Up Grill Mat is dishwasher safe.

Change Up Grill Mat and Basket Price

Change Up is priced at $20 and is available at Reviews attest that Change Up is not worth $20.

About the name “Change Up”

The product is named “Change Up” to portray the dual use of the kitchen gadget – “mat” and “basket”. As Seen on tv products are known to use fancy names that are catchy, rhyming and easy to remember. Often these names are associated with popular product. In this case “Change up” is a poplar slang which means to “shift gears” or “move up”. The product is aptly named so to impress upon the buyers that using the Change Up would speed-up their grilling task.

Popularity of the keyword “Change Up” is shown in this screenshot.

Is “Change Up” Patented?

Nope it is not. We searched the Patent records but could not find any patent related to the Change Up grill mat and basket.

Is Change Up Registered Trademark?

The “Change Up Grill Mat” is a trademarked term as the trademark symbol does appear “™” after the word Change Up Grill Mat.

Change Up Grill Mat REVIEW

Now that we have heard the high-sounding fanciful claims of the Change Up Grill Mat, now lets analyze the Change Up Grill Mat REVIEWS.

Review 1 – Not suited for Chicken Wings

Change Up Grill Mat reviews have confirmed that the grill mat cum basket is not suited for cooking chicken wings. The Change Up grill basket won’t close if the chicken wings are bigger. It is just OK to barbecue skinny chicken wings and a few veggies. Reviewers mention in their testimonials that the makers of Change Up grill mat do not disclose the size of the mat-cum-basket, one possible reason could be that they don’t want buyers to know that it is nothing more than a tiny kitchen gadget.

Review 2 – Change Up Grill Mat is Flimsy

Many reviews claim that the Change Up grill mat and basket is flimsy and many users call it garbage. It is small in size than it is shown in the tv ad.

Review 3 – Locking Mechanism does not work

You cannot stuff to many things in the Change Up grill mat/basket, if you do so it will pop open in the middle of cooking dropping all its content.

Review 4 – Change Up Grill Mat Material

Telebrands does not reveal the material Change Up is made from but we know. Change Up is made from “Chrome Plated Steel”. The reason why Change Up Grill Mat is so flimsy is because it is not made from stainless steel but rather chrome plated steel. Users who have tried similar products say in their reviews that only stainless steel grill baskets are durable. Since Change Up is not made of stainless steel, its life is not more than 6 months.

Review 5 – Flawed Design

Wallace Kelly mentions in her Change Up Grill Mat review that the 2 in 1 design is inherently flawed. Remember the Change Up mat is subjected to high temperature, the flimsy clasping mechanism of Change Up basket just won’t stand the high temperature it is subjected to. If the 2-in-1 grill basket and mat design used in the “Change UP” really worked then REPUTED companies making kitchen products would have exploited the idea long back. It wouldn’t have been for an “as seen on tv” company like Telebrands to “invent” this gadget.

Our Verdict on Change Up Grill Mat

Our panel reviewer Renee Watson mentions in her Change Up Grill Mat review that the phrase “2 in 1” is the first pointer that the product could be a rip-off. She further states in her review that we fall for products that are loaded too many features. But on all occasions we are met with disappointment as the so called 2-in-1 products fail to do “both” the jobs efficiently. The same is true for Change Up Grill Mat and Basket. It is non-stick grill as well as bbq basket but reviews reveal that Change Up does not work too well as a barbecue grilling basket. First it is small in size and can hold very few pieces, secondly, secondly the basket does not close securely, thirdly the quality of Change Up grill mat is poor, fifthly unreliable locking mechanism. All these issues make Change Up Grill Mat un-suitable for a BBQ grill basket, though it can be used as grill mat.

So what’s the solution? – buy a kitchen tool dedicated for one task. That is, get a separate grill mat and a grill basket. Do not get sucked into this “2-in-1” “Change Up Grill Mat and Basket” gimmick. There are lot of BRANDED, tried and tested grill baskets and grill mats available out there. This informative article “Best Grill Basket for BBQ Fish and Vegetables” at Go Shindig lists the best alternatives to Change Up Grill Basket. While lists the best grilling mats with reviews.

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