Breville Q and Super Q REVIEW, Pros and Cons and the Hype Analysis



What are these new Breville Q/Super Q Blenders?

Breville Q (BBL820) and Super Q (BBL920) are new Quiet, Quick and Powerful blenders with the compatibility of VACUUM BLENDING. They are the most powerful blenders (made by Breville) that claim to create smooth-textured smoothies by the virtue of vacuum blending. Powered by 2.4 HP (1800 watt) motor that can pulverize just about anything. But when we analyzed the reviews of “smoothie maker blender” we found that these high powered blenders are notoriously noise. Breville has added “sound dampening” to features hence the letter “Q”.



What does the “Q” stand for?

“Q” stands for Quick and Quiet. The Breville Q/Super Q features sound dampening technology, though they don’t disclose what is the sound intensity (in decibels) produced by these Breville blenders.


Breville Q Blender Breville Super Q Breville Vac Q

What is Vac Q?

The Vac Q (BBL1002) is a separate attachment that attached to the lid of the jug to removes the air (and the oxygen) from the blender jug and hence avoids the oxidation of the produce.


Who is Q and Super Q for?

Breville Q and Super Q are for a health conscious family. Given the fact that they make “nutritional smoothies” without oxidation of the content, they are fit for anyone who wants to boost metabolism and improve digestion, ease arthritis pain, Reduce Alzheimer’s Risk, crush cravings, maintain healthy blood pressure, control diabetes, look youthful, sleep like a baby and feel energetic and refreshingly awake. The Breville Q/Super Q is a perfect choice for people with a busy lifestyle where you have to get all the energy giving nutrients and don’t have the time for all those chores. Though fruit smoothies are not an option to eating fruits.



Who is Breville Q/Super Q NOT for

It is not for single individuals. Given the features and size of the jars of Breville Q and Super Q, they would be an overkill for single. If you aren’t fond of soups than these Breville blenders are not for you.


How is Breville Q/Super Q different from those under $100 smoothie makers?

High end and powerful blenders like the Breville give smoothies a more “liquid” texture by the virtue of its powerful motor. When we saw at the review, we found that the smoothies made in the Breville Q/Super Q are more silkier smoother. While those “below $100” blenders are good for blending and making smoothies for single serve, Breville Q/Super Q can make far better smoothies for the entire family. Small blenders get stuck with some ingredients like ice, nuts, coffee beans etc. That is not a problem for the Breville Q/Super Q at all. Breville Q/Super Q also makes HOT soups which those other cheap blenders don’t.


Breville Q vs Super Q – What is the difference?

The Breville Super Q comes with a personal blender attachment. This personal blender attachment features a different blade arrangement more suited for blending small amount of contents. This is perfect to make smoothie for one person (Single Serve Smoothie Maker). Super Q also comes with a different base that “recognizes” the personal blender attachment and applies the relevant settings.


Breville Super Q Personal Blender Attachment Breville Q and Super Q Blender Motor


Disadvantages of Breville Q and Super Q

  • They are expensive. The Breville Q is priced at $349.95, the Breville Super Q is priced at $499.95 and yet you have to buy a separate Vac Q for $99.95 for vacuum blending.
  • Many reviews mention that fruit smoothies can never be an option for the “whole fruits”.
  • Smoothies can be addicting. Over-indulging in smoothies can cause high-calorie intake and disrupt sugar levels.
  • There are tons of reviews that claim that the smoothies made in Breville Q and Super Q (any smoothie maker for that matter) are not rich in fibers. Fibers form a lining around your intestines thus controlling the sugar that gets absorbed in your system. Destroying the vital fibers means uncontrolled sugar intake.
  • Smoothies don’t make you feel full. You tend to over-drink smoothies which is not good.
  • Smoothies don’t satisfy hunger. You will feel hungry soon after you drink smoothies.


How and Why “Commercial Grade” Commercial Grade Blenders are Better than Household blenders.

The word “Commercial Grade” blender is to distinguish the Breville Q/Super Q blenders from the “below $50” smoothie makers. When it comes to making smoothies you need to have a smoothie maker with a powerful motor. The Breville Q/Super Q boast of a commercial-grade 1800 watt (HP) powerful motor that pulverizes the contents gives smooth texture to your smoothie.


Do Breville Q and Super Q destroy fibers?

Yes. All blenders destroy the delicate natural fibers in the fruits and veggies. Breville Q/Super Q is no exception to it.


Do Smoothies made in Breville Q and Super Q lose their nutritional value

Nope, Breville Q and Super Q will not destroy the “natural nutrients” if they are used with the VAC Q. Blended food looses its nutritional value (though not much to have a “significant” effect on a normal person) because of the process known as “oxidation“. The air in the blender consists Oxygen, when the contents are being blended, the oxygen in the air reacts with the ingredients of the content and chemical reactions (with oxygen) cause the “oxidation” of the nutrients. Diminishing its nutritional value. The Vac Q attachment removes the air (and so the oxygen) from the blender thus supposedly avoiding the the oxidation of the smoothies and thus retaining the nutrients of the smoothie.


This “oxidation of smoothies” sound really serious stuff but there is no concrete evidence to ascertain how much nutritional potential is actually lost. Most health experts believe that oxidation causes very less loss of nutrients and the whole oxidation thing is over-hyped to promote the vacuum blenders.


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