Always Fresh Seal Vac REVIEW

What is Always Fresh Seal Vac?

It is a handheld, portable, cordless, batter-operated vacuum food sealer that claims to seal and preserve food by removing air and sealing in freshness.Always Fresh Seal Vac

Always Fresh Seal Vac is a handheld battery powered food vacuum sealer. Size does matter when it comes to handheld vacuum sealing. Always Fresh Seal Vac’s small size means it is has a weak battery that has a weak suction.

How does Always Fresh Seal Vac work?

It emphasizes to be simple and easy to use! Simply place the food you want to preserve in the bag, touch the Always Fresh Seal Vac once and it perfectly vacuums out the air leaving you with preserved food that will stay fresh longer. This claim of Always Fresh Seal Vac does sound very helpful but does it work well is a question better left to Always Fresh Seal Vac user reviews.

Unlike ordinary foil and zipper bags that trap in air ruining your food and wasting your money, Always Fresh Seal Vac maintains that the bags are designed with a special one way valve that releases air out and locks in freshness helping to extend the flavor, nutrition and shelf life of your food. This claim can only be substantiated once Always Fresh Seal Vac reviews come out.

Always Fresh Seal Vac guarantees to work with all your favorite foods! It is perfect to use to freeze meats, fruits, veggies, store pre-made meals or side dishes and for marinating food items. At this point of time there are no Always Fresh Seal Vac reviews to verify this claim.

Always Fresh Seal Vac Offer

Always Fresh Seal Vac As Seen On TV Offer

There are two As Seen On TV Offers of Always Fresh Seal Vac. Offer 1: Price $19.95 + $6.95 S/h

  • 1 X Always Fresh Seal Vac
  • 4 X 1 Quart Size Seal Vac Bags
  • 2 X 1 Gallon Size Seal Vac Bags
  • 1 X Meal Prep Booklet

Offer 2: Price $29.98 + $6.95 S/h

  • 2 X Always Fresh Seal Vacs
  • 8 X 1 Quart Size Seal Vac Bags
  • 4 X 1 Gallon Size Seal Vac Bags
  • 2 X Meal Prep Booklet

The “as seen on tv” Always Fresh Seal Vac offer is available only at the official website:

Always Fresh Seal Vac Video – they make it look like it is a revolutionary food sealer. There is nothing special about the Always Fresh Seal Vac, it is just another handheld food sealer with its own limitations.

Always Fresh Seal Vac REVIEW

Before buying the Always Fresh Seal Vac you need to ask the question – “how is this Always Fresh Seal Vac powered?” and “why is there no information about how is it powered? The reason is because consumers generally don’t  like gadgets that are battery powered, people now prefer rechargeable devices over the battery operated ones.

How is Always Fresh Seal Vac Powered?

So there is no information about how the Always Fresh Seal Vac is powered, probably because it is indeed battery powered. So you may ask what’s wrong with a battery operated vacuum sealer? well it eats up a lot of batteries, that’s the biggest issue with compact vacuum sealers like the “Always Fresh Seal Vac”.

You need to question the trustworthiness, reliability and authenticity of such “as seen on tv” offers when such an important information is missing on the website. There are various other issues related to the Always Fresh Seal Vac, we have listed these issues and points here.

Difficult to use – The Always Fresh Seal vac is somewhat difficult to use, don’t believe in the TV ad where it is shown to be easy to use. It is hard to find the “sweet spot”. The sealer has a small suction opening which connects to the opening on the sealer bag. It is hard to get the successful connection and you have to keep moving the Always Fresh Seal Vac sealer on the bag to hit the right spot.

Time consuming – The Always Fresh Seal vac takes forever to get the air out of the seal bags.

Small Liquid Container – Given the size of the sealer, the liquid compartment is very small and gets full easily.

Sealer Bags – Though the Always  Fresh Seal Vac claims the bags to be re-usable. The bags won’t stay “sealed” after a couple of uses.

Expensive Sealer Bags – Its quiet a costly task to keep buying the sealer bags

Troublesome Zippers – The zipper of the Always Fresh Seal Vac are difficult to close.

Poor Sealing – The complaints claim that the seal is not truly air-tight and you see traces air in the sealed bags next day.

Poor Suction – Don’t get lured into thinking that the compact size of the Always Fresh Seal Vac is an advantage, in-fact it is a disadvantage. Given its compact size, the Always Fresh Seal Vac has a small motor which delivers weak suction force.

Swanky images like these lure people into believing that Always Fresh Seal Vac is the BEST food sealer. The fact is – it is good only in theory. Most of the features have no practical application.

Always Fresh Vac Seal User Comments

“Always Fresh Vac Seal is a very inexpensively created piece of equipment . It is something one would come across or buy at a Dollar Store. It ceases to function works after a mere 5 to 6 uses. It is a waste of my money and I’ll never buy any product from this company henceforth.” 

“It had almost no suction capacity . Always Fresh Vac Seal didn’t even seal out enough oxygen to make it airtight.”

“Always Fresh Vac Seal basically includes 4 bags! Without giving the buyer an ability to purchase any additional bags. This is Complete fraud!”

“Power levels aren’t up to the mark rather, a manual hand pump functions much better than the Always Fresh Vac Seal.”

“This product marshes down when it attempts to drain all the air out. One charge hardly gets almost a single bag through not quite. Really not very satisfied.. This is a way to fool the customers. One is buying into a defective sealing system that will have you shelling out your funds with zero satisfaction . Not really that great.”

“To seal anything properly Always Fresh Vac Seal took me more than 4 trials and now, just a couple of weeks later, it has ceased to function! The suction does not work (neither did it ever in the first place!).  Always Fresh Vac Seal was working fine for a short span of time on basic things such as cheese or vegetables. Basically no good using it for marination however for maintaining freshness in the fridge it wasn’t all that bad. To a point that it became absolutely useless and broke. Avoid purchasing this product its not worth your time at all.”

“Almost just after 30 days of using Always Fresh Vac Seal, charging stopped to function. One can’t use it at all since it loses power after 3 seconds. To be sure , even tried the power chord but still do the trick . Overall really not satisfied with the product! :'(“

“The Zip-lock physical pump (not electric) performs equally good if not better than the Always Fresh Vac Seal and doesn’t need to be charged . The manual vacuum appears to have comparatively higher power, too. In this case making analog a better option than digital.”

“Unfortunately exchanged this after a year since it wouldn’t function on a charge as promised and over the course of a couple of months this doesn’t hold a charge either. Always Fresh Vac Seal doesn’t really work with one bag and not possible to use it for more than one bags unless it’s fully charged. Do not waste your hard earned money!”

“Cant really last much on a charge. Doesn’t function either unless it is charged. A constant hassle of charging and recharging , bags are difficult to keep sealed for long.”

“Sadly this Always Fresh Vac Seal did not work as per my expectations . it had no suction what so ever, I was hoping it would work since I fish a lot and this would’ve been pretty handy for me, but lousy performance.”

“Doesn’t acquire amount of suction provided by sizable version.”

“The suction ability of Always Fresh Vac Seal isn’t really strong. In-fact A vacuum cleaner hose could get better results. Don’t waste your funds.”

“Doesn’t really hold a charge anymore. Always Fresh Vac Seal Bags have been noticed to have a leakage the last few times as well, which might have something to do with a weak vacuum from an almost dead unit (my main uses include sous vide). Functioned really well initially , but returning back to counter top model sealer.”

“Post few days in the refrigerator the seal broke letting the air to enter inside. Not something I would recommend frankly.”

Always Fresh Seal Vac verdict

The Always Fresh Seal Vac sealer belongs to the category of handheld, compact food sealers that are cheap alternatives to the costly tabletop food sealers like Foodsaver. Always Fresh Seal Vac is not the only handled vacuum sealer out there. There are several tried and tested sealers that are better than Always Fresh Seal Vac. Not that Always Fresh seal is a bad product but it has got a lot of limitations that are not highlighted in the infomercial. It is not meant for “heavy-duty” use. Most of the issues are related to the sealer bags and not the Always Fresh Seal Vac unit.

Do we recommend Always Fresh Seal Vac?

Nope, we do not recommend the Always Fresh Seal vac because there are far better branded alternatives available out there in the market.

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