Zero Germ Air Review | As Seen On TV Air Purifier Reviews

What is Zero Germ Air?

Zero Germ Air is a portable Ultra-Violet [UV-C] air purifier from InvenTel Products, LLC sold via the official website designed for home and small office use. Zero Germ Air air purifier claims to kill 99% germs and viruses in your home. The Zero Germ Air air purifier claims to remove germs, viruses and pollutants from a big as big as 400 sq ft.

Zero Germ Air Review | As Seen On TV Air Purifier Reviews

The Zero Germ Air functions Three Purifying tasks:

  • Disinfect: The Zero Germ Air claims to have a powerful UV-C lamp that neutralizes organic pollutants and viruses. This is the same technology used in the UV-C air purifiers in the hospital. The UV-C light from the Zero Germ Air Purifier disrupts the DNA structure of the viruses and bacteria.
  • Ionic Filtration – The Zero Germ Air generates charged ions that attach to dust-mites, pollen and air-borne viruses supposedly eliminating them from the air in your home.
  • Eliminate – The Zero Germ Air features 360 Degree 4-Stage Filtration system that comprises of:
    • H12 HEPA filter – Which removes all tiny particles and germs like staph, Influenza germs, other pollutants and viruses. The H12 HEPA filter claims to remove everything as small as 0.3 microns.
    • Activated Carbon Filter – The activated carbon filter breaks down smoke and gases. The activated carbon filter absorbs cooking odor, VOCs, tobacco smoke, insecticides and even cleaning chemicals.
    • Pre-Filter and Net Filter – The third of the filter used in the Zero Germ Air catches big stuff like pollen, hair, dust, dust-mites, mold spores and pet dander etc. As per the claims made in the official website, the Pre & Net filter help extend the life of the H12 HEPA filter and the Activated Carbon Filter up to 1 year.
  • The Zero Germ Air tells you when it is time to replace the filter by blinking the lights.
  • With a touch of a button you can switch between the various modes.
  • How is Zero Germ Air Supposedly Better than Other Filters

    The manufacturers of Zero Germ Air purifier claim that other filters suck air only from one direction, while the Zero Germ Air does it from all the directions thanks to the cylindrical design of the purifier. It filters, purifies and freshens the air from all the directions. Bigger and bulkier air purifiers are hard to move on carpets while the Zero Germ Air Purifier is portable enough to be lifted and carried in your hands.

    The Zero Germ Air Purifier has a 3-speed setting and a “Silent” mode to be used in the night. the fan is claimed to be whisper-quiet. The Zero Germ Air can be used anywhere, in the kitchen, office, living room, bedroom and just about anywhere. The air is getting bad day by day. The bad air is the cause you so many diseases and health ailments.


    Zero Germ Air Price

    The is priced at $149.99 + Free Shipping. You also have the option of paying three monthly installments of $49.99 but then you have to pay a shipping charge of $19.99 separately. If at all you decide to return the Zero Germ Air Purifier you still have to pay the shipping charge of $19.99. The Zero Germ Air is available only at the official website

    Pricing Analysis


    Zero Germ Air Review

    Not Sure if it Really Purifies the Air

    The most shocking reviews are that users are raising the doubt over the usefulness of this $150 air purifier. There are reasons to believe the claims of the reviewers. First the Zero Germ Air does not have a sensor that would automatically detect the quality of the air and then automatically shift between various speed option to purify the air. It just runs on the setting that you select, irrespective of the pollution level. May reviewers are of the opinion that the Zero Germ Air just blows the air. At this price you should get a sensor along with it. There are no independent tests done on the Zero Germ Air Purifier to verify the claims.

    No Effect on the Kitchen Odor

    One user reports in his review that he kept the Zero Germ Air purifier in his kitchen and there was no reduction in the kitchen odor originating from oven cleaning. The odor remained for a couple of days with the Zero Germ Air sitting nearby.

    No CADR Data

    The website does not provide any information regarding the CADR rating of the Zero Germ Air Purifier. CADR rating determines the amount of air an air purifier filters in one minute. Higher the CADR number, better is the air purifier. The absence of such crucial information makes us doubt this $150 Purifier.

    Does Not Make Noise

    The Zero Germ Air does not make noise and people like this feature. But it also raises the question “Is it really working?”. It gets a bit noisy at top speed but that is not intrusive. You can go to sleep in the night with this air purifier “On”. Good to have it nearby when watching TV.

    Nice Design

    The Zero Germ Air Purifier has a sleek and stylish modern design which enhances the ambience of the room. The control panel is on the top of the purifier which makes it very convenient to use. But being small compared to other bulky filters, many people still doubt whether the Zero Germ Air really works because there is no way to know the amount of air it has purified. The Zero Germ Air does not have a handle to carry it, you have to lift it with your both hands.

    Only the Net Filter is Replaceable

    This is bid of a disappointment, the H12 HEPA and the Activated Carbon filters are not replaceable, only the external net filter is replaceable. So once the H12 HEPA or the Activated Carbon filter gets clogged, you have n way of replacing them. Its better you clarify with the manufacturer regarding supply of these filters.

    Plastic Smell

    There is a small fraction of reviews that complain about the plastic smell smell coming from the Zero Germ Air Purifier.

    About the Company Behind Zero Germ Air

    The Zero Germ Air Purifier is marketed by the As Seen On TV Company InvenTel Products, LLC. This company sells “Made In China” products under their name. The same company which makes the Zero Germ Masks.

    Our Verdict On Zero Germ Air Purifier

    We do not recommend the Zero Germ Air Purifier because it is expensive and one really doe s not know if it is effective against all the germs, viruses and bacteria it claims to kill. Zero Germ Air is not the only Air Purifier out there in the market. There are several of them and they beat the Zero Germ Air in certain areas, like price and sensor. We recommend buying on of those instead of the Zero Germ Air.

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