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Wherever Lite LED lights work fine but eat up batteries like crazy. This is the biggest complaint about the Whatever Lite LED light.Almost 90% of the reviews are about the lights consuming batteries.

What is Wherever Lite?

It is an ultra bright, wireless remote controlled light with LED bulbs that claims to emit a soft, natural white light lasting up to 100,000 hours. Wherever Lite alleges to be easy to install! To use Wherever Lite firstly set any matching sequence on your switch and light, peel & stick or use the permanent brackets, just twist for easy attachment or removal, stick your switch in any easy and convenient place, multiple lights match the sequences, then hold “On” to activate the built-in dimmer. Does this light really work as promised? We have to wait for Wherever Lite reviews to make up our mind.

Wherever Lite LED Light Kit

Wherever Lite LED Light Kit – The led light, remote, the base and the 3M peel and stick.

Wherever Lite CLAIMS

Emitting a strong frequency, Wherever Lite maintains that it allows you to activate the light through walls and ceilings with absolutely no interference. We wouldn’t believe these claims though till we look at and analyse Wherever Lite reviews.

The best part about Wherever Lite is that it emphasizes that you can program one wireless remote to control multiple lights. But we will need Wherever Lite reviews to validate this claim. It also features a built-in timer with a 15 or 30 minute auto-shutoff timer.

Water resistant and cool to the touch, Wherever Lite promises to be perfect for the bedroom, garage, living room, closets, stairs and more!


What do I get?
2 Wherever Lite Sets for $27 at the official website: BuyWhereverLite.com

Wherever Lite LED lights mention about “New! Cutting Edge LEDs” but they do not reveal the details and types of the LEDs.

Wherever Lite Review

Wherever lite, as claimed by the makers, can brighten up any space. You need to only peel and stick the LEDs under the cabinets, in closets, pantries and other areas to illuminate them. These lights come with a wireless wall switch that can be operated from a 50 feet distance. Wherever Lite is said to be a hassle-free way to light-up spaces without spending money on installing light fixtures. But do these fulfill the claims made in the advertisement?

Here we bring you Wherever Lite Review based on the feedback given by the users. As per one Wherever Lite Review, the lights do illuminate brightly for a few days, but they start getting dimmer. The lights eat away the battery quite fast. Most of the Wherever Lite reviews say that the batteries die too quick; hence you will need to replace them quickly.

Another Wherever Lite review states that the lights turn on randomly after turning them off. The turning on of lights was mentioned in other Wherever Lite reviews too.

One of the Wherever Lite reviews shared that these do come with 15 and 30 minutes auto shut off timers and to avoid draining batteries too quick you should bring them into use. There is also some issue with the lights adhesive as per Wherever Lite Review that says the lights come off quite easily. 


Excerpts from Wherever Lite User Reviews

“Wherever Lite LED lights are the stick-on lights claimed to lighten up hard-to-reach places. These are remote controlled, easy to install lights that can illuminate any space. You do not require the services of an electrician to fix them as these can easily stick to any surface. Thus, these save you from unwanted expenses and find use in lighting-up tricky places like closets and attics.”

“Wherever Lite LED lights are claimed to light-up spaces, but they are not bright enough to do any work. Yes, you can use them in a dark corner, close, attic or the hallway, but they provide dim light which may not let you trip; however, if you wish to use them for doing any work or for reading purpose, then there might be issues. The light is dim and not a good option for large spaces. You can use it as an additional light, but that too cannot be left on for longer duration.”

“Wherever lite uses batteries that die quite soon, the AAA batteries can drain within a week of using the lights for long night hours and need to be replaced, hence Wherever Lite turns out to be quite expensive in the long run. However, if you do not use them for longer duration, then they will work fine but that too only for a few weeks. Hence, they do not stand strong, if you are looking for a long term solution.”

“Wherever Lite is a beautiful light that can solve the purpose of lighting up darker corners and prevent you from tripping but cannot function as the main light in large areas. The remote control provides ease of use but has a short range; therefore, it does not serve the purpose altogether. There are also complaints that the lights come-off quickly.”

“Thus, if you are looking for bright working lights that can function for long, Wherever Lite might disappoint you, instead, you should look for LEDs that are rechargeable and more powerful.”

Wherever Lite LED Lights

Wherever Lite LED lights mentions that its LEDs last for 100000 hours but do not give any details to support the claims – Buyers should think about it.

Wherever Lite Verdict

Wherever Lite do illuminate spaces, but you should not expect too bright light. Also, you must install them near the place that you want to brighten up. These can be a good option if you do not wish to spend on electrician for creating additional lighting fixtures. However, as per the Wherever Lite Review, you must remain prepared for spending quite some amount on batteries. Also, setting up the light functioning can be a trouble. You must look for other options available before making a choice.

“Wherever Lite” is not the only “peel and stick”, “remote controlled” and “dimmable” LED light available in the market. There are plenty of these tried and tested led lights available on Amazon.com

Wherever Lite LED Light in Bathroom
Wherever Lite LED Light in Bathroom”

Wherever Lite LED Light in Closet
Wherever Lite LED Light in Closet”

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  1. Terry Strain | May 8, 2019 at 1:57 am | Reply

    Lasted a couple of months – new batteries do nothjing – just does not work any more!!

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