Step Shield Review | Reviews

REVIEW Summary – You don’t really need a Step Shield Mat.

What is Step Shield?

It is a two-step sanitizer mat that claims to clean your shoe soles.

Step Shield Review | Reviews

How does Step Shield Work?

Promoters of the Step Shield mat claim that in these times of crisis mere gloves and masks are not going to protect you from the deadly viruses and bacteria. You might still be letting in harmful bacteria and viruses that are attached to your footwear. So how do you stop these microbes in their tracks – with Step Shield from As the name suggests Step Shield is a “2-Step System” that claims to kill disease causing germs that are attached to the bottom of your shoe. You literally have to to clean your shoes in two steps. The 2 Step Shield system consists of two mats – Step one mat to scrub and disinfect and Step two mat to wipe and dry.

Pour a disinfectant solution in the Step One Mat [where you scrub] of the step Shield and the mat absorbs the disinfectant and when you scrub your shoes on it, it applies the sanitizing solution to the bottom of your shoe sole to kill the harmful microbes. The retractable scrub removes the dirt and residue attached to the shoe sole. The Step One Mat retains the disinfectant solution for upto 36 hours. Before you pour the next round of disinfectant solution, make sure to rinse the scrub mat.

The promoters of the Step Shield claim that the sanitizer mat is meant for everyday use in this on-going pandemic. The Step Shield is great for pets too and can sanitize and disinfect dirty paws of your pets. You never know what you, your kids or your pets are inadvertently bringing inside your house. It is always great to have a sanitizer for your shoes. Reviewers in the Step Shield infomercial recommend buying multiple of these sanitizer mats so that you can have one in the front yard and backyard.

Step Shield Review

Now that we have seen how the Step Shield sanitizer mat works, let’s find out if it really works. We have analyzed scores of reviews and here are our findings related to the Step shield System.

Small and Thin

Many reviews mention that the Step Shield Mats are small in size and they are okay for kids and pets but not for adults. The Step Shield mats are not like your regular foot mat which are rectangular and can accommodate both your feet at the same time. The mat is too thin. Many reviewers complain that it is such a shame that the promoters don’t mention the size of the Step Shield mat in the commercial.

Does not Stay Put

Then there are complaints that say that the Step Shield thin and looks flimsy. Unlike regular mat, it is lightweight and moves when you scrub your feet on it. Reviewers complain that the Step Shield mat looks like a good idea on paper but is badly executed.


When you pour the disinfectant, the mat soaks and the disinfectant pools around the mat. The Step Shield creates a lot of mess. It is certainly not as easy as they show in the TV ad.

Not for Heavy Use

A reviewer who bought the Step Shield to be placed outside the church discovered that it is not suited for heavy use. The Step Shield is just okay for a small family. Heavy use will make the mat disintegrate in less than a month. The material of the Step Shield is mainly SPONGE.

Not an Unique Idea

Step Shield is not the only sanitizer mat out there in the market. Just search for “Sanitizer Mat” on and you will have a list of these mats. Though a new concept, there are a few tried and tested mats.


Cleaning the Step Shield is a hassle compared to the benefits it has to offer. You have to manually rinse the mat under tap water. Reviewers complain that cleaning process defeats the purpose of having a sanitizer mat. You still have to touch and handle the Step Shield mat to clean it.

Price of Step Shield

The Step Shield is priced at $29.98. You get two Step Shields for $29.98. The Step Shield Mats are available only at the official website The website is owned by Tristar Products Inc. The product is backed by 30-day money back guarantee. You still have to pay $9.99 if you decide to return the Step Shield mat.

Price Analysis

One of our product reviews says that when he compare the price of the Step Shield with other sanitizer mats he found that the Step Shield is:
  • 527% cheaper than the TMOUNT Disinfect Door Mat
  • 454% cheaper than the UILB Bump Household Floor Mat Door
  • 594% cheaper than the Halsey99 3D Sole Disinfection Mat
This shows that the only positive aspect of the Step Shield is that it is 525% cheaper than the competitors. This is the biggest selling point of the Step Shield.

Our Verdict

We take adequate measures to avoid the contract of the harmful disease by covering our faces and mouth with masks and shields, our hands with gloves but the leg and foot part is often ignored. There are several reports that shoes can bring harmful bacteria inside your home. It is a wise thing to invest in the sanitizer mats like the Step Shield System. Though not a mat that would last, it comes in handy to clean the shoes of your kids.

Do you REALLY need a Step Shield Mat?

Step Shield reviewers maintain that the as seen on tv sanitizer mat is too much of an hassle and the functional value of the Step Shield mat is too little. A review states that the chances of the viruses being transmitted by the shoes is very slim. Sanitizing the shoes with a disinfectant spray is all you need. You don’t need a Step Shield sanitizer mat for that.

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