Snap N Shine Review | Does the Light Work?

How does Snap N Shine Work?

Snap N Shine is a cordless rechargeable [USB] dimmable LED lights that claim to be “easier” on your eyes. You can attach the Snap-N-Shine light to any vertical surface with a “snap”. It is a handy light that you can use just anywhere, just make sure you charge it to the fullest and it will guide you in the dark.


Snap N Shine Review | Does the Light Work?


Snap N Shine Light Uses – You can use it in a closet, on a mirror, on the wall and just about anywhere. Put the Snap N Shine on the bathroom mirror and use it for closeup makeup and skincare. You can carry the Snap-N-Shine light like a flashlight. You can also use the Snap N Shine light as a night light while you are reading. Use it under the cabinets, in the basements, stairs or even in your car. Attach multiple bases at the various places where you want light and carry the Snap N Shine light with you.



Installation – Snap N Shine requires NO tools for installation. No drilling and screws required. Just peel, stick and “snap”. The Snap N Shine light features a magnetic bracket which attaches to any surface with adhesive. The magnetic bracket than “snaps” into the base and the magnets hold it securely. the The Snap N Shine light swivels up and down in a 120 degree angle for better illumination, though based on the reviews, we do not recommend this as it may cause the Snap-N-Shine base to loosen.

Features & Functions – You tap it to change the brightness levels. The best part is it comes with a Remote Control so you do not have to reach out to the light to switch it on or off. The Snap N Shine also comes with an optional USB power cord to recharge the inbuilt Li-Ion battery, you do not have to keep buying the AAA batteries.


Where to Buy the Snap N Shine Light?

The Snap N Shine Light is available at the official website only. The official offer includes:
  • 2X Snap N Shine Lights
  • 2X Magnetic Brackets
  • 2X USB Cables
  • 2X Remotes
  • Price: $29.99 + $6.99 S/h.



Snap N Light Review

Missing Features

Though the Snap N Shine is loaded with lots of useful features like a remote control and USB charging, given the price of the light, the Snap N Shine Light still lacks some of the basic and important features like Motion Sensor – The Snap N Shine light does not come with a sensor. You do not want to carry the remote when you go in the dark to turn on the light, you want it to switch on automatically when you are in the vicinity. The lack of motion sensor is a major disadvantage of the Snap N Shine light.


Lack Of Information

A lot of crucial information related to the specifications of the Snap N Shine light is missing on the official website For example there is not information about
  • Battery – No information about the type of Li-Ion battery used in the Snap N Shine light and its power.
  • Charging time – No information on how much time it takes to fully charge the battery.
  • Battery Runtime – The official website also does not reveal any information about how long the Snap N Shine light works continuously after the battery is charged dully.
  • Luminosity – The official website does not provide any information about the brightness of the light. Many buyers would want to know the brightness intensity to make sure that it suits their requirement.
  • LED Lights – Again there is no information about the number of LED lights in the Snap N Shine light. Normally such closet lights have up to 20 LEDs but you are not sure with the Snap N Shine



Be Careful with Mirrors

Do not recommend putting the Snap N Shine on mirror as the adhesive would leave marks on the mirror. Mind you, you cannot change the location of the bracket once you stick it to any surface. Of-course it is because of the adhesive. So once you fix this light in one location, be known that it is its permanent location. So before you attach the Snap N Shine to any location just make sure it is the perfect spot.


Great for Bathroom Closet

One user got the Snap N Shine light for his bathroom closet which is not well lit. The user mentions in her review that she was quiet satisfied with the illumination that Snap N Shine provided, uncomplicated and simple. “The Snap N Shine is especially food for small dark spaces, might not be very useful for large rooms”, she says in her review. She even says that in a way it is good that Snap N Shine does not have the motion sensor feature as many online reviews of such light mention the problem with the motion sensors.


Works as a Reading Light

The Snap N Shine also works as a good reading light. The light attaches well to the bed without having to drill the base. Provides just the right amount of light required for reading, not too bright. Works great on bed or on the desk for reading.



Not Very Bright

Almost all the review confirm the fact that the Snap N Shine is not as bright as you might expect it to be. But then most of the users have used it for small spaces and admit that it gets the job done. All the rechargeable cordless lights tend to have lesser brightness, the reviews claim. “It is brightest when you charge the Snap N Shine light and as the battery drains the brightness reduces” – one reviewer reports.

One user mentions that he purchased the Snap N Shine light after the recent power outage in Texas, it gets the job done. But many wish that it had motion sensors. But the important different between the Snap N Shine light and other lights is that this is specifically made for smaller areas. If you wish to use it for bigger rooms or garage you would need several of these Snap N Shine lights. The Snap N Shine light becomes dimmer and dimmer as the battery drains, so you have to recharge it after every two day. One reviewer mentions that it would have been great if the Snap N Shine had clear plastic cover instead of the frosted cover, the frosted cover decreases the brightness.


About Snap N Shine Efficiency

Though the official website does not reveal the information about the specifications, user reviews do reveal. One reviewer mentions that the Snap N Shine light holds the charge for about two days and needs to be recharged after that. It takes 12 hours to recharge the Snap N Shine light. As one reviewer suggests, it is a good to have a few of these so you always have the charged light handy.



Good Cabinet Light

The Snap N Shine light also works great as an under cabinet light, this is not we claim but as reported by actual users in their reviews. The Snap N Shine light is just powerful enough to help you with the food prep, not too bright something like a portable light. The remote is very handy and the magnets are powerful enough to hold the light. Just make sure that the light snaps perfectly in the bracket.

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  1. I ordered in March and yet no product or confirmation number. I have screenshots of when it was confirmed it was paid. So where is the product or my refund. This site is a scam.

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