Smart Touch Disinfectant Review | Reviews

About Smart Touch Disinfectant

As per the official review, Smart Touch Disinfectant is an water-based D2 category,  EPA registered disinfectant that claims to clean and disinfect like a medical grade disinfectant. The Smart Touch Disinfectant is claimed to be effective against the viruses like the SARS-COV-2 that causes COVID-19. The Smart Touch Disinfectant consists of two separate sprays, the Smart Touch Disinfectant and the Smart Shield RTU. The Smart Touch disinfectant kills the microbes, bacteria and viruses on the surfaces but cannot prevent new microbes from attaching to the surfaces, here is where the Smart Shield comes to rescue. The Smart Shield is supposed to be sprayed after the Smart Touch, to prevent new viruses from attaching to the non-porous surfaces in your house.

Smart Touch Disinfectant Review | Reviews

Use the Smart Touch Disinfectant to clean household surfaces like kitchen, desks, floors, bathrooms, doorknobs, cabinets, furniture, and even face masks and hand gloves. Smart Touch is a proprietary hospital grade D2 antimicrobial disinfectant that acts faster and is claimed to be safer than other traditional cleaners. Just spray and wipe it clean with a cloth after three minutes. The manufacturer’s review claims that Smart Touch is safe around food, pets and children.



How does Smart “Shield” RTU Disinfectant work?

As per the official review, the Smart Shield Disinfectant uses antimicrobial nanotechnology. The supposed Smart Shield formula used in the disinfectant consists of spike-like positively charged molecules that bond with the surfaces that it is sprayed upon. The positively charged molecules of the Smart Touch Disinfectant attract the negatively charged microbes. The spiked molecular structure of the patented Smart Shield formula supposedly punctures the cell walls of the microbe for up to 30 days.



What Do I Get?

  • 1 Spray Bottle of Smart Touch [650 ml]
  • 1 Spray Bottle of Smart Shield RTU [650 ml]
  • 10 Disposable Face Masks
The Smart Touch Disinfectants are available at the official website [] only.


Smart Touch Disinfectant Review?

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