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Smart Solar Pathway Lights Pricing

You get 1 set of Smart Solar Pathway Lights for $19.95 + Free Shipping. You have the option of buying a extra pair of Pathway Lights for $6.95. Smart Solar Pathway Lights are available at the official website


How to Care for the Smart Solar Pathway Lights?

Since the is solar powered, you need to clean the pathway lights periodically. Dust and mud accumulate over these outdoor lights and can hamper the functioning of the solar cells. Also the performance of all solar powered outdoor lights reduce substantially in winter and cloudy weather, in certain parts it is just too much for the lights to be of any use. Consider removing and storing the lights in such situation.


Advantages of Smart Solar Pathway Lights

  • Good Design – Though the Smart Solar Pathway lights are made of plastic, the construction is good and the lights are designed for optimal performance. They throw the white light downward to illuminate maximum area around. The glass casing is surrounded by plastic grill structure that protects the glass. The construction keeps water out when it rains moderately. But the design will eventually yield to heavy rains & extreme weather.
  • Good Yard Lights – The Smart Solar Pathway Lights are ideal to be used as yard lights as they throw decent amount of light up to 7 feet.
  • More of Decorative Outdoor Lights – The Try lights are more of decorative lights than lighting up the pathways.
  • Fairly Well Built – Smart Solar Pathway Lights cannot stand the extreme winter of Oregon. The buyers from that part have reported to us that the plastic shafts of the lights crack when you try to insert the lights in the ground. There is no metal part in the Smart Solar Pathway Lights, everything is plastic and works well until you encounter really harsh winters. Having said that, they are not built to take hit from a vehicle or for extreme weather.
  • Easy to Assemble – The Smart Solar Pathway Lights are easy to assemble and use. You can use the lights right out of the box. Users have had no problem putting the staffs in the soil.


Disadvantages of Smart Solar Pathway Lights

  • Not Very Bright – Smart Solar Pathway Lights are not very bright, the brightness is just okay. Many buyers complain that they are not as bright as they claim in the infomercial to be. The problem is not with the LED bulbs but with the glass casing that makes the pathway lights look dimmer. Reviewers have complained that the pathway lights appear too bright in the tv ad, while actually they are not so bright. This is a sort of misleading advertising on the part of the manufacturer. This issue is common with all the solar powered lights and not Smart Solar Pathway lights alone. The height of the lights is too short to be effective pathway lights. Cannot be noticed when it rains heavily or has heavy fog.
  • Illumination Duration – Reviewers mention that for the first couple of months these “Smart Solar Pathway Lights” stay lit throughout the night but then their illumination period begins to decrease and the lights now stay lit for just 4 hours.
  • Missing Information – The official website does no provide information regarding the technical matters like battery type, changing the battery and how to access it. So if you have to replace the battery for some purpose it is almost impossible, rendering the Smart Solar Pathway Lights unusable.


Smart Solar Pathway Lights Question and Answers

What is the average life expectancy of these lights?

Based on the reviews we have received we can safely assume that these pathway lights are good for 6 to 12 months if you have moderate climate. These are “MADE IN CHINA” “use and throw” lights and the as seen on tv stuff is pretty much unreliable.


What are the Dimensions of the Smart Solar Pathway Lights?

The lights are 3.5″ wide and the post is approximately 16″ tall. Each pathway light weighs approximately 6 lbs.


Should You Buy the Smart Solar Pathway Lights?

Yes, if you want to use them to decorate your outdoors. You are always on the fence and you don’t know when one of them would die, leaving your pathway in the dark.


Our Verdict

The Smart Solar Pathway Lights are fine if you need a decorative light around your yard. But if you are looking for outdoor light that would light up your pathway in the night, we would not recommend the Smart Solar Pathway Lights. This is especially true in the region where the climate is extreme [too much of rain and heat].

There are better alternatives to the lights when it comes to reliability and quality.

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