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About Sani 360 All-Purpose Cleaner

The Sani 360 All-Purpose Cleaner is a multi-purpose cleaner and deodorizer packed with instant enzyme cleaning power. It guarantees instant results simply by ‘pointing and pressing’ it at the affected area, which prompts enzymes and essential lemon oils in the cleaner to instantly start dissolving grime and dirt. It results instantly in clean, sparkling, fragrant surfaces. The cleaner’s bottle has an extra-long nozzle which helps clean the tiniest areas easily. It is composed of fast-action expanding foam which contains enzymes and essential lemon oils that also leave behind a fresh, lemony aroma after cleaning.

What Sani 360 All-Purpose Cleaner Claims to do?

The Sani 360 All-Purpose Cleaner guarantees it cleans surfaces impeccably with its unique instant enzyme cleaning power. Its fast-action expanding foam contains enzymes and essential lemon oils that thaw dirt and grime sturdily and make surfaces sparkle.

Further, the cleaner offers a host of solutions and advantages. It claims to be:

  • Powerful yet gentle enough to clean virtually any surface
  • Ideal for use on countertops, stove, kitchen backsplash and microwave
  • Great at cleaning spout, shower tiles, bathtub, floors and sink disposal too
  • Able to reach the toughest areas effortlessly

It’s an all-purpose cleaner that optimizes foam in the form of a cleansing component to clean surfaces flawlessly.


Sani 360 All Purpose Cleaner Review | Reviews



Sani 360 Price and Where to Buy it?

Sani 360 All Purpose is available only at the official website You get two bottles for Sani 360 All Purpose Cleaners for $14.99 + Free S/h.



Why Does Sani 360 All Purpose Cleaner use “FOAM”?

Foam is a cluster of small bubbles created by a foaming agent. Air and water and air are also essential for creation of foam. Foam is used in such a way that it stays on dirty surfaces for adequate amount of time, so wetting agents, degreasers and detergents clean affected surfaces effectively.

The Sani 360 All-Purpose Cleaner has cleaning foam that extends the required application time. It enhances the effectiveness of the treatment since foam offers more adhesiveness. This property of this foam ensures the solution doesn’t flow away soon, which makes it ideal for disinfecting or cleaning bathroom walls and other vertical surfaces. With its exclusive creeping capacity, Sani 360 All-Purpose Cleaner foam cleans the tiniest of corners as well as surfaces that are hard to access.  Cleaning foam creates less aerosol (small liquid droplets), which enhances safety while using foam. It’s possible for you to view what is being cleaned by the foam.



But Does the Foam in Sani 360 All Purpose Cleaner Really Work?

Television advertisements often compare the amount of foam used by a particular company with that of another to prove superiority of the former. The ads also assert that the amount of foam used indicates the quality of the product. At this point, it’s necessary to note that the quantity of foam in Sani 360 All Purpose Cleaner cannot really reveal the efficiency of the product directly. Having a large amount of foam doesn’t really aid the process of cleaning; companies provide it for just aesthetic purpose. The only time foam works is when you set to clean a vertical surface or if you want to see exactly where the detergents are spread. For instance, while cleaning a wall, you require foam for cleaning. The foam works by biding tightly to the wall or the sides gradually. It gives the detergent sufficient time to clean the surface.

To put it simply, foam is basically an indicator that helps you determine the process of cleaning. It’s important to note that advertisements and TV marketing don’t give a true picture of what products do. It’s better to invest in a genuinely good quality leaning product that cleans the surfaces of your home properly.


How do the enzymes in Sani 360 All Purpose Cleaner Work?

Although they’ve been around for a while, bio-enzymatic cleaners like the Sani 360 All Purpose Cleaner are now making their presence felt and raising interest in them.

Here is a glimpse into its nature and how it works:

The Technique and Procedure of Bacteria in Sani 360 All Purpose Cleaner This cleaner is basically composed of non-pathogenic “good” bacteria that digest wastes, dust, stains and foul smell. For doing this, the bacteria produce enzymes, which are specially devised to break down certain particles like soil, waste, etc. into smaller fragments. These tiny pieces are like food for the bacteria. They ingest these elements and break them down into water and carbon dioxide. The bacteria multiply and continue consuming the soils until its food (soils) shrinks. Subsequently, the amount of bacteria declines or smoothens out. It can be washed away during the next cleaning session, or it continues consuming new soils if left behind.



Enzymes in Sani360 All Purpose Cleaner

The enzymes in the Sani360 All Purpose Cleaner are basically non-living things. They cannot grow or replicate independently. This cleaner is composed of various enzymes to break down various soils, and this is how it works:

  • Proteases– They break down protein-based molecules such as food and blood.
  • Amylases – They break down starch molecules.
  • Lipases – They break down fat molecules (e.g. oils and greases).
The Sani 360 All Purpose Cleaner encompasses a mix of these enzymes as well as bacteria, which allows it to successfully fight different types of stains and soils.


Advantages of Sani 360 All Purpose Cleaner

  • The Sani 360 All Purpose Cleaner cleaner is far safer for the environment and human health.
  • The bacteria/ micro-organisms are able to enter very small gaps and cracks, which eliminates soils and other undesired substances that ordinary chemicals cannot remove.
  • The enzymes and bacteria from the Sani 360 All Purpose Cleaner foam deposited behind continue cleaning for up to 80 hours. As a result, the cleaning agent is able to keep cleaning surfaces impeccably.
  • On account of natural competition for food and resources, the non-pathogenic “good” bacteria can relocate pathogenic bacteria and protect humans.
Although the exact formula for every bio drain cleaners is not revealed, each one is a compound of additives, enzymes and bacteria found in natural sources. Further, bio-enzymatic cleaners like the Sani 360 All Purpose Cleaner are useful in places like restrooms because they can remove the pungent stink caused from urine. Moreover, the cleaners like also penetrates cemented surfaces easily and removes dirt and odor found in constricted, inaccessible areas.



Disadvantages of Sani 360 All Purpose Cleaner

The Sani 360 All Purpose Cleaner may work wonders, but it is still not what you can call perfect. To begin with, you have to be prepared for the cleaner to take a pretty long time to show results, as much as some days to clean your walls satisfactorily. The Sani 360 All Purpose Cleaner may therefore be a viable option for maintenance or touch-up of surfaces when there’s no hurry rather than urgent basis usage.


Our Verdict

Foaming enzyme spray cleaning method is used in hospitals to clean medical equipment. The Sani 360 All Purpose Cleaner is the first multi-purpose cleaner that uses “Foaming Enzyme” cleaning technique for household use. But as the review above reveals, the Foam spraying is more effective on vertical surfaces, like the walls of the bathroom and kitchen. Thus, the Sani 360 All Purpose cleaner cannot be the preferred cleaner for all the surfaces in your house. You could get the same results from your good old “tried and tested” multi-purpose cleaner like the “Mrs. Meyer’s”, “Pledge”, “Windex” or “Puracy”. The liquid sprays are more economical than the Sani 360 All Purpose Cleaner.



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