ReCircles Reusable Towels Review | Do As Seen On TV Towels Work?

What are ReCircles?

“ReCircles or Re-Circles” are reusable, sustainable, multi-use towels that store to fit. ReCircle towels wipe, absorb and clean all the mess. ReCircles combine the convenience of a paper towel with the strength and durability of a a real cloth towel. When you are done, you just throw them in the included laundry basket to wash and reuse them over and over again. ReCircles are good for the planet and saves you tons of money every year.

ReCircles Towels Review



How does Re-Circle Towels Work?

ReCircles are made from special microfiber material that can hold 8x its weight. As per the official review [at], the Re-Circle towel picks up 3x more mess than the ordinary paper towel. Re-Circles can get rid of the toughest of messes like coffee stains on table, cooking messes etc. The Re-Circle towel instantly absorbs large and small spills on the floor. Use the Re-Circle towels to gently scrub the cooktops, countertops and kitchen all the appliances. The ReCircle towels are perfect for cleaning the bathrooms. You can even use the ReCircle towels to wipe your hand at the sink.

The Re-Circle towels have a circular shape and a hole in the center which makes storing them easy. Simply stack the Re-Circle towels on the included wooden stand. Re-Circles come in three colors – Green, White & Gray.

Millions of trees worldwide are fallen each year to make Paper Towels and they create billions of pounds of waste each year and can cost you hundreds of dollars a year.


Re-Circle Towel Price

The ReCircles System Includes:
  • 25 X Reusable Towels
  • 1 X Storage Stand
  • 1 X BONUS Laundry Basket
  • Pricing – $29.99 + $6.99 P&H. Official website



The Re-Circle Towel Review

Work as Claimed

According to the user reviews, the Re-Circle towels do work as claimed in the TV ad. They do absorb [though not exactly 3 times as claimed in the official review], clean and then you wash them and they are ready to be used again. Of-course it is hard to get rid of the tough stains on them but they are definitely the right alternative to paper towels. The reviews further state that the Re-Circle towels are great for cleaning the dishes, they work best with warm water and standard dish soap. Use another one to wipe the dishes clean.

It is a Cloth

These are basically small circular “cloth towels” and nothing more. But the bottom-line is “they work”. The Re-Circles are thinner than Scotch-Brite or Spontex. “There is nothing special about the Re-Circle towels, any cloth could do what they do, but I guess it is the marketing that has done the trick.” one review mentions. “Works great for cleaning the stainless-steel sink” – another review.

May Scratch Delicate Surfaces

Be Careful when using the Re-Circle towels on stainless-steel and other surfaces that scratch easily. Be gentle when using the Re-Circles on such surfaces, they may scratch. It becomes quite thick after regular use and you have to wet it or it could easily scratch.



Not Super-Absorbent

Not as super-absorbent as they claim in the TV infomercial review. Such high-sounding claims are generally associated with cellulose sponge or chamois. The Re-Circle towels do not absorb water like a sponge or a bunch of paper-towels or a cotton washcloth does. But they are great for cleaning small spills and table stain. The best part is they can be re-used until they wear off. When you wipe a wet area with the Re-Circle towel, make sure you do it slowly pressing hard against the stains, this will allow good amount of water to get absorbed. Wiping quickly will results in lesser water getting absorbed and a lot of smears on the surface. Frequent wringing the cloth helps clean better.

Leaves Residue

One Re-Circle user review mentions that the towels are fairly good at absorbing water [may be because of their size] but are not better than paper-towel when it comes to wiping dishes. “When I used the Re-Circles for wiping dishes – I had to spend more time cleaning them or they would leave residue. I don’t think they are a complete replacement for paper-towels”

They Get Smelly

There are a few Re-Circle towel reviews that mention about the smell these towels pickup after multiple use and the smell will make you dispose them off before they wear off. “You will not want to use them to wipe your hands with them once they become smelly” one reviewer comments. But yes considering the environmental impact they have, you can use them along with paper-towels. They will at-least reduce the use of paper-towels in your house. Their best use is to wipe messes on table and other surfaces. You have to dry them thoroughly.



Last Long

The Re-Circles are good for a long use, you wash them and over and over and keep using them. The texture becomes coarse after a good deal of washing and then the Re-Circles begin to scratch surfaces. But then you know they are going to be recycled so nothing is lost. Great for dishes, showers, tubs, baseboards and windows. With moderate use each one of these Re-Circle is good to last for a couple of months.


Our Verdict on Re-Circle Towels

There is nothing special about the Re-Circles reusable towels. They are just plain cloth towels that can be washed and used again and again. You will get the same results with any other towel.

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