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What is Sturdy Stax?

According to the official review featuring Bob Vila, Power Living Sturdy Staxis the smart new collapsible storage solution that helps you store more stuff and makes the most out of the available storage space. Power Living Sturdy Stax feature reinforced steel columns that hold their shape and do not collapse even when they are stacked on top of each other. The Power Living Sturdy Stax is made from Oxford weave and heavy-duty 600D Denier Vinyl fabric [the same material used to make top quality school bags, backpacks]. Oxford weaves make the Power Living Sturdy Staxbreathable, durable and resistant to wrinkles. the 600D Denier Vinyl fabric makes the Study Stax puncture resistant. Each Power Living Sturdy Stax bag can hold up to 40 lbs.




Why Sturdy Stax?

When you have to unpack the The Power Living Sturdy Stax collapses down, saving you volumes of space. With ordinary storage bags you stack things one over the other and you have no way of figuring out what lies beneath. Cardboard boxes are not great for storing things and they fall apart and can get wet and messy.

Sturdy Stax containers on the other hand just pop open and have built-in see-through windows on the front so you can always see what stuff is there on the inside. Just open the zip and take out what you want, it comes with a front and top zipper. The Power Living Sturdy Stax official review claims them to be moisture resistant so your valuable stuff stays safe inside them. Power Living Sturdy Staxhave handles on each side which makes it easy to carry them from one place to another.



Use Power Living Sturdy Stax For:

  • Storing winter clothing
  • Bedding & Blankets
  • Holiday Decorations
  • Toys
  • Sturdy Stax is a must have for Dorm rooms
  • Use the Power Living Sturdy Staxeven in the garage
  • Use them to organize your closets
  • Replace your Cardboard and Plastic bags with the Sturdy Stax


Sturdy Stax Storage


Sturdy Stax Dimensions:

  • 11.5″ (D) X 15.25″ (W) X 7.9″ (H)
  • 15.75″ (D) X 19.75″ (W) X 8.5″ (H)
  • Holds up to 40 lbs.



What do I get?

You can buy ONE Power Living Sturdy Stax set for $29.99 [including shipping] or buy TWO Power Living Sturdy Stax sets for $42.98 [including shipping]. Sturdy Stax is available only at the official website SturdyStax.com.


Sturdy Stax Official Offer


Price Comparison


Power Living Sturdy Stax Review

Okay Now let’s come to the actual reviews of the Power Living Sturdy Staxstorage bags. We had our product experts review these bags and yes, Power Living Sturdy Stax is one of those as seen on tv items that actually work.


Biz Size

The first thing that strikes me is the good volume of space the Power Living Power Living Sturdy Stax bags offer. The two bigger Power Living Sturdy Stax bags have a volume of 2644 cubic inches [2.6 liters], while the one smaller has a volume of 1385 cubic inches [1.38 liters]. The combined volume of the three bags is 6673 cubic inches [6.67 liters]. That is an awesome space to store a variety of stuff.


Wire Frames [Steel Structure]

The wire frames [steel bars] that support the Power Living Sturdy Stax have one BIG advantage over the “no-frame” bags, it makes putting things inside the bags much easier. The boxes sit by themselves and maintain their shape, you just have to put things in them. Just be careful when setting up frames, the steel frame is not very strong and can be damaged easily. It would have been more advantageous had the frame wires been removable.



Stacking the Boxes

Though the idea of stacking the boxes one top of another is great, our experts caution in their review that the steel frames are not strong enough to take the weight of the stacked bags above them. “It is not a good idea to have the Power Living Sturdy Stax bags stacked on each other for a long period, that puts pressure on the steel frame of the bags and the wire will eventually break”, our product reviewers caution. Putting too much pressure on the frame can cause the wires to bend and even pop out. That is what reviews of the other similar bags say. The other drawback of the Power Living Sturdy Stax box is that when the box collapses, the metal frame end digs into the fabric of the bag, there is no rubber at the tip to protect the fabric.


Flimsy Zippers

The light-weight plastic zippers of the Power Living Sturdy Stax bags are not good enough and can break if you stuff too many clothes in it and then try to zip it. Especially children, who are always in a haste may break the zippers.


Chemical Smell

There is a considerable amount of chemical smell that these Power Living Sturdy Stax bags give out in the beginning. The smell fades away in a couple of days though.



Versatile Storage Bags

Given the large volume of the Power Living Power Living Sturdy Stax bags, you can store a wide range of stuff in them. The Power Living Sturdy Stax bags are good to store large items that would otherwise be stored in closets. Since stacking might reduce the life of the Power Living Sturdy Stax bags [since the metal frame posts can tear into the fabric], keeping them separate on the shelf is a better idea, or on the floor.


Do Power Living Sturdy Stax Bags Really Work?

Yes, they definitely do work. We have analyzed several reviews and people are actually benefiting from this kind of collapsible stacking bags. The Power Living Sturdy Stax bags free up the closet space. The Oxford material is flexible and easy to shape. Power Living Sturdy Stax bags are great for storing the clothes that hang forever in the closet, when not in use [like summer or winter clothing]. Reviewers mention using these bags for storing string away clothes so they don’t get damp. Great to store TEEs and shorts during summer. Running out of drawer and closet space – stuff it in the Power Living Sturdy Stax bags.


The frame makes sure that the clothes in the bags won’t crumple. The two easy access windows makes retrieval of clothes easy. But make sure you use them to store only clothes and light weight stuff, don’t use it for something that is heavy, also don’t overstuff them.



No False Claims

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