Pac N Stack REVIEW | As Seen On Travel Vacuum Storage Unveiled

In this review we expose the Pac N Stack as seen on tv travel vacuum sealer.

What is Pac N Stack?

Pac N Stack “as seen on tv” is a portable cordless vacuum storage system that claims to reduce up to 50% volume of clothes, blankets, towels and other articles packed in a bag. When placed on top of a bag and connected to it, it creates a vacuum airtight seal with a simple press of a button. Pac N Stack is also called as a “space saver vacuum pump” or “space bag vacuum sealer”. Pac N Stack
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How does Pac N Stack work?

Doubles Space in Bag, Suitcase, Carry on, etc.

As a space-saving vacuum storage system, Pac N Stack promises to ease your packing and storage woes and yet have everything you need handy. Pac N Stack presents itself as a lightweight and portable device that creates space instantly. It extracts surplus air from a bag when kept on it, connected and switched on. Within minutes, the volume in the bag will reduce by nearly half, so you can store more things conveniently.


Useful for Storage of a Variety of Things

Pac N Stack is projected as a versatile space-saving device that can be used for storing a range of things other than clothes. It can be used to store woolens, bedding, valuables and more in reduced space without struggling to cram them into bags.


Reduces Airline Baggage Charges

Pac N Stack also claims it will ensure you travel lighter and carry everything you need and yet use only half of the space. You’ll carry lesser bags and save a lot of money too. Pac N Stack may seem perfect, but it’s better not to get taken in with its advertisements, as they may be a trap. Reading customer reviews for Pac N Stack will give a candid idea about its authenticity.


The Name “Pac N Stack”

The products are normally named after the functionality and technical aspect of the product. For example, such vacuum sealers are named as “Travel Vacuum Storage System”, “Clothes Vaccum and Bags”, “Space Saver Vacuum Seal Storage”, “Handheld Sealer”, “Clothes Vacuum Sealer”, etc. But Pac N Stack is an exception the product is named so considering the benefits it provides, ie.e “Packing and Stacking”.



Pac N Stack Price

Pac N Stack is available at the official website You get 1 Pac N Stack and 4 vacuum bags for $19.99. You can buy an additional unit of Pac N Vac for an additional $7.95. Shipping is Free but you still have to pay $8 to send the product back to the distributor.


Pac N Stack REVIEW

Not as Powerful as Expected

Ava Moore is one of the numerous customers who used Pac N Stack and then wrote about the disappointing experience due to this device. Ava says she’s been disappointed with it from day one as she noticed that it is simply not powerful enough to draw all air out of the bag. Ava’s highlighted the lack of suction while using Pac N Stack no matter how hard you try. In fact, she has begun removing the air out of bags manually, which completely beats the purpose of buying a product like this. She says she’s not going to recommend Pac N Stack to anyone but would like to tell all to steer clear of it.


Time-consuming and Faulty Mechanism

Another issue pointed out by several users of Pac N Stack is that it takes uncharacteristically long for it to perform its tasks. Some customers have reported that they spent two hours getting it to work. One of them, Barbara Adams, has recounted how, even after removing air from the bag, she found it inflated after just a couple of hours. Other users facing the same problem have said sarcastically that even a million uses will not set Pac N Stack right. Another problem that a large number of people experience while using Pac N Stack is that its power button does not work consistently. It does not turn on or off properly and has to be fidgeted with a number of times to get it to work. It gets exasperating and too frustrating to use it at times. She thinks Pac N Stack is a horrible product and no one should waste money on buying it.



However, there are some users who have written in a few positive things about Pac N Stack. Some like Steven Clark says that it is good for use while storing things made of fleece. He’s of the opinion that its usage is quite simple, and the instructions provided are very helpful. Instead of running down Pac N Stack, people should figure out its mechanism properly, use it accordingly and then comment on it.


Deceptive and Unreliable

However, quite a few customers, including Mark Hall, are not very happy with Pac N Stack. Mark has said that its basic design is flawed. It is not user-friendly and makes misleading claims too. For instance, making statements like more and more things can be stuffed in the bag without having to pay extra baggage charges while traveling after using Pac N Stack are illogical. Mark cautions users to think logically and understand that the weight of the back vacuumed with this vacuuming device will naturally increase if you keep more things in it. He’s also complained that its pump is very noisy and loud, which sometimes makes him want to scream.


Creates Wrinkles even on Clothes Stored Carefully

Paul Anderson has written in his reviews of Pac N Stack that cramming up bags with more clothes results in them getting wrinkled. A considerable number of users have also said that they found crumples and wrinkles on their clothes after they used Pac N Stack to suck the air out of it. They are not pleased with it and say there’s no point in using a device like that which ends up wasting a lot of your hard earned money.


Too Expensive

Jennifer Turner thinks that Pac N Stack is unreasonably expensive, as it does nothing worthwhile. Ronald Garcia also agrees with Jennifer’s view and says it’s not up to the mark and so is not worth what the price. Worse, the device itself is rather large and bulky as one expects a ‘compact’ thing to be just that, which it isn’t. They wonder what use buying a product like Pac N Stack is if clothes don’t remain neat, compel you to pay attention constantly after being released from compression and do not guarantee good bag closure.



Our Verdict on the Pac N Stack

Pac N Stack is not the only clothes vacuum sealer available in the market. There are several of them available on and other online retail stores and all of those invariably have the same pros and cons. Reviews have confirmed that portable vacuum space sealers like the “Pac N Stack” do not work if you have a large quantity of stuff to be “spacebagged”. Sealers like Pac N Stack come in handy for vacuum sealing kitchen leftovers but they are seriously underpowered to pack travel stuff. We do not recommend the Pack N Stack vacuum sealer for packing travel.


Instead, we would recommend Travel Space Saver Bags. They do not need vacuum pump like the Pac N Stack

11 Comments on "Pac N Stack REVIEW | As Seen On Travel Vacuum Storage Unveiled"

  1. Wayne Bee Sr. | July 6, 2020 at 4:46 am | Reply

    I ordered an extra set of bags in September and when I got my order, I received my order of vaccums but never received the extra set of bags that I PAID FOR!!!!!!!! It’s been almost a year. The last time I called back was in November, but was given the run around with no solution to the problem. They told me they was on a back order and was going to send them but i haven’t received anything. It’s been almost a year with no solution. I dislike the service I was provided but I enjoy the product. Please fix the issue and let me know when I will get my bags because I paid for the bags so I WILL GET THEM.

  2. Gennetta Norton | April 10, 2020 at 2:19 pm | Reply

    These items do not work. No way to contact customer service. The vacuum for 2 of these did not work and even when using the bags they do not keep the air out after pulling it out. Air comes back in 2 days or less.

    Poorest item I have ever purchased. Have been unsuccessful to get a live person or to return for a refund.

  3. Worse product I ever bought. Getting ready for our trip, I laid out all our clothes and put them in the bags. I did not over stuff anything. Then the pump wouldn’t work Checked batteries, all inserted correctly. Kept trying to pump and pump and it never started up. After an hour of frustration, I gave up. No paperwork was included. This should have been a sign so that I could not return it. Do not believe everything you see on TV. I will never order online again..

  4. Pac N Stack REVIEW | As Seen On Travel Vacuum Storage Unveiled –
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  5. I bought these on sale. I thought what the heck, had many before that didn’t work so I would give it a try. I packed a blanket and some sheets in one bag. Vacuum worked fine and bag went down to about an inch or two. Still packed just the way it was on day one. I think they are great. Had no problems with anything.


  7. Stuart N Zonies | October 31, 2019 at 1:46 pm | Reply

    I’m scared to use the device now. I just bought it.

  8. Pac n stack is terrible the pump breaks it doesn’t even work long enough for you to use it u thought that maybe just one was broken but i returned it and they all broke after just pumping one bag needs lots of improvement very disappointed and misleading product

  9. Marilynn Chambers | October 21, 2019 at 1:40 am | Reply

    I did not place an order using the phone. I found the women who answered the phone was pushing only one thing – ORDER and she was very argumentive which kept me from placing an order. Went online, read the comments and will not place an order with this company. Thanks you all for your comments.


  10. Suzanne gordon | October 19, 2019 at 8:02 pm | Reply

    I broke my golden rule, I did not check the reviews before I ordered pack n stack. This product is useless shit.A waste of money, that as a senior I can I’ll afford. The manufacturers should be ashamed.

  11. William Garguilo | September 26, 2019 at 7:23 am | Reply

    Thank you for saving me from the Pac N Stack scam. My son travels a lot a something like this would have made his travel packing much easier. But the cons seemingly outweigh the pros.

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