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What is OxyPow?

It is an air and fabric odor eliminator that promises to completely get rid of pet odors, coking odors, car odors, fabric odors and more! It guarantees to replace all of your other disinfectant sprays!

About OxyPow Company

OxyPow has its flagship operations in Phoenix and Arizona since the year 2013. They specialize in the use and applications of dry (gas) and wet (aqueous) based ozone treatments and services for odor removal and chemical free sanitizing applications. OxyPow plans to open new franchises and corporate locations all across North America and Europe. OxyPow claims they are recognized nationally as innovators in the uses of ozone and certified in applying ozone treatments and applications. We are also proud of our several patent pending processes and design patents that we have to our credit. OxyPow’s key business is sanitizing sports gear but they also offer products and other service applications for residential, commercial, auto and anywhere there is an organic based odor, bacteria, virus, mold or fungus you need to eliminate safely, naturally and with no harmful toxins or residues left behind.

How does OxyPow work?

Oxypow claims to use natural aqueous O3 technology to eliminate 99.9% odor-causing germs directly at their source. We have to wait for OxyPow reviews to verify this claim.

With just a single use, OxyPow alleges to permanently remove any unpleasant odor. This claim of OxyPow will be attested only once users review OxyPow. It further asserts that its effect continues to work long after you spray it. Such a claim can only be confirmed after OxyPow is reviewed.

Oxypow states that it ensures that the air returns it’s natural, fresh-smelling state. Sounds too good to be true? OxyPow reviews will soon reveal the facts.


OxyPow Odor Eliminator
Claims to be Powerful
Oxypow maintains that it is 50 times stronger than other air & fabric odor eliminators and claims to disinfect 3,000 times faster than chlorine bleach – without the harsh smells and toxic chemicals! Sounds too fanciful, OxyPow reviews will validate this claim.

Safe for Pets and Children
It guarantees to be is safe to use around children and pets! We wouldn’t believe these claims though till we look at and analyse OxyPow reviews.


OxyPow Logo
OxyPow Logo

What do I get?
4 X 4 oz. Bottles of Oxypow for $19.99 + Free Shipping | Official website: BuyOxyPow.com | OxyPow.com



OxyPow is a Ozone based Odor Eliminator, the first of its kind in the “As Seen On TV” segment.

How does OxyPow eliminate ODOR?

OxyPow contains Ozone (O3) which is chemically highly reactive. Ozone is an allotrope of oxygen, a combination of 3 Oxygen Atoms. It reacts with anything that it comes contact with (Air or Surface), the extra Oxygen atom readily attaches itself to other molecules changing their chemical structure and thus eliminating the bad odor. Ozone is a gas and can move freely through tight spaces and penetrate gaps – effectively deodorizing by chemically breaking down the odor causing molecules. Ozone is a preferred method of Sanitization.

OxyPow Price – It is priced at $20 (4 X 4 oz. Spray Bottle). The price of each OxyPow is around $5 which is at par with the price of other odor eliminators.

Ingredients – Apart from Ozone, OxyPow does not mention anything about other ingredients.

Do you recommend OxyPow? – OxyPow is not unique Odor Eliminator, there are tons of these Ozone based deodorizers available on Amazon.com. Some of these are tired and tested with over 500 reviews and 4+ Star ratings. We recommend Ozium Glycolized Air Freshener & Sanitizer instead of the OxyPow.


OxyPow Offer
OxyPow As Seen On TV Offer

OxyPow Pros

  • Works for “light” odors.
  • Good to get rid of foul smell in cars.


OxyPow Cons

  • Some users complain that the OxyPow odor itself is overwhelming than the offending odor.
  • OxyPow is not helpful for people with allergies or sensitivities.
  • OxyPow is a relatively new “Odor Eliminator”.
  • It is not long lasting.
  • OxyPow Not suitable for very strong odors.
  • You need to tons of them to get rid of really very strong odor.


User’s views about OxyPow

Users state in their Oxypow reviews that it leaves a sticky residue and it has a slight perfume odor. It is also more of a wet spray rather than a fine mist.

Many customers mention in their testimonials that OxyPow gets rid of the smell for a little bit but there is a bit of a scent. This just masks the smells but does not get rid of them. She says that it is slightly better than Febreze, but a little on the expensive side. One OxyPow user Marie Ross mentions that it as a cat urine spray because her cat had bladder stones. It worked for a few days then the awful smell came back, not as strong but still came back.

Marcella Gonzales mentions in her review she had really high expectations for Oxypow and was really excited about the prospect of an all-natural remedy for shoe and foot odor. Unfortunately, it only did an okay job. After applying liberally to feet and shoes in the morning, at the end of the day there was still a slight foot odor with a hint of mint over it. She has used cheaper drug-store aerosol brands that worked a bit better at preventing odor, however, she says she will continue to use Oxypow because she likes that it is naturally derived and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals. She states that it freshens up stinky shoes but doesn’t get rid of the smell entirely. Oxypow has a very strong peppermint smell which she likes but it might be too strong for some.

One Janis Leonard adds that she used Oxypow for the job of lifting the old musty smell out of her vintage upholstered couch but there were no miracles. She suggests you open the windows when you spray.

Users complain in their reviews that they used the Oxypow to take out cigarette odor in the cab of a truck her husband recently purchased. He sprayed the entire inside of the cab 5 or 6 different times waiting a few days in between sprays but the smell is still there.

Most reviewers think that OxyPow isn’t a cure-all for smells. It’s a masker. It does not get rid of anything deep like urine, etc.


Our Verdict on OxyPow

Our research conclude that OxyPow is the first Ozone (O3) based odor eliminator spray. Ozone is known to be an odor eliminator. There are several models of battery or electrically powered “Ozone Generators” that “oxidize” the odor causing bacteria, instantly killing them. Well, the ozone odor elimination theory sounds so convincing but does it really work in the case of OxyPow? the answer is – NO.. We do not know that is the exact proportion of the Ozone gas in the OxyPow spray, presumably it is very less to have any substantial effect. Also the ozone effect gets diluted owing to the presence of other chemicals in the spray.

So why all this hype about the OxyPow? well, Ozone generators and air purifiers are costly, they range from $50 to $400. So it is not possible for everyone to afford buying such expensive ozone devices. It seems that the manufacturers and promoters of the OxyPow have cleverly used the odor elimination properties of ozone to market their product with a fancy name “OxyPow”. They make it look like the OxyPow is an alternative to those costly ozone generators.

Having said all that about the OxyPow, you rally don’t need any “ozone induced” odor eliminator. There are tons of “natural” enzyme-based odor eliminators available in the market. They are tried and tested an we know they work. These are far better alternatives to the as seen on tv OxyPow.

A simple search for “odor eliminator” in Amazon.com will show you a list of dozens of them. We recommend buying one of those and not the gimmicky OxyPow.

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