Ninja Stool Review

What is Ninja Stool?

It is a new portable and lightweight stool that you can carry just anywhere for a perfect sitting solution outdoors. Telebrands, the promoter of the Ninja Stool claims in their official review that Ninja Stool is compact and the circular sitting area is of the size of a frisbee. The Ninja Stool according to the reviews can support up to 275 lbs of user weight.

Ninja Stool Review

How does the Ninja Stool work?

The Ninja Stool review demo video shows that the stool features a telescopic design, you just have to pull it and the stool opens. The Ninja Stool features hundreds of safety latches in place. This mechanism keeps you safely seated on the disc above. When you want to move on, just twist the disc to make it collapse down. You can carry the Ninja Stool with you anywhere you go. Besides the Ninja Stool collapses to the size of one square feet for easy storage. The Ninja Stool also features a carrying handle and shoulder strap for easy carriage.

Adjustable Height

One of the better feature of the as seen on tv telescopic Ninja Stool is the adjustable height. Though they do not mention how many height settings it has.

Where can you use the Ninja Stool?

You can use the Ninja Stool just about anywhere where you have to sit.
  • Use the Ninja Stool for Camping and Fishing
  • Use it for Hiking
  • Use the Ninja Stool in public areas where sits are not to be found
  • Use the Ninja Stool on the airports, bus and metro stations, malls, shopping, watching a baseball game, festivals etc.
  • Use it just about anywhere.

Compare Ninja Stools with other Seats

The promoter of the Ninja Stool – TELEBRANDS claim in their review video that the as seen on tv stool is much better than ordinary and clunky chairs

Tests Performed on the Ninja Stool

There are no technical tests performed on the Ninja Stool, though the official review video shows a supposedly 274 lbs of sofa resting on the Ninja Stool

Ninja Stool Review

Ok, now that we have seen all the fancy claims made by the manufacturer, let us focus on the actual reviews by Ninja Stool users.

Disadvantages and Complaints of Ninja Stool

Let us analyze the Ninja Stool cons first, as there are more cons than pros.

  • Weak Latches – Many users who tried the Ninja Tools complain that the latches that lock in place to stop the Ninja Stool from collapsing down, aren’t strong enough and with “heavy” weight the latches break causing the stool to collapse
  • Potentially Hazardous – There is a danger of latches breaking and anyone unsuspectingly sitting on the Ninja Stool can fall down. In-fact a few users have actually fallen down from the Ninja Stool. This stool is specifically dangerous for older people.
  • Not Very Long Lasting – Many reviewers mention that the Ninja Stool does not last more than a couple of months as it is made of cheap plastic.
  • Max User Weight – Many reviewers feel that the max user weight of 275 lbs is not correct. Reviews make it clear that the user weight is not even more than 175 lbs.
  • Too Short – The Ninja Stool is is still too short even though fully expanded.
  • Not for Hiking – Many users mention the reviews that the Ninja Stool is not suited for hiking, it could still be handy for camping, if at all it works.
  • Stick to Good Old Stool – The Ninja Stool is innovative but the innovation is not executed properly. Many reviews point out that the Ninja Stool is good on paper but has practical value. So buy a good old foldable stool like the Trademark Stool.

Advantages of Ninja Stool

Price of Ninja Stool

Ninja Stool is priced at $39.99 + $7.99 S/H and is available at the official Telebrands website


Standing or walking for too long can cause knee and lower back pain, and we Americans know this better. Carrying heavy chairs is not the best of the options, in such situations Ninja Stool claims to come as a savior. But unfortunately the Ninja Stool is not what it claims to be. Reviews reveal that it is not useful. Also, Ninja is not the only telescopic collapsible stool out there in the market. There are at-least half a dozen such stools out there in the market. A simple search for “telescopic stool” in would list all of them. Telebrands has copied the design from these stools and Ninja Stool is nothing new and unique. Here are a few alternatives to Ninja Stool you may want to try.
  • ALEVMOOM Portable Telescoping Stool
  • Antarctica Retractable Folding Stool
  • Adubor Retractable Folding Stool Lightweight Sturdy Collapsible Stool
  • KESITIS Folding Stool for Camping Retractable Portable Plastic Stool
  • Ploarnovo Telescopic Stool Portable Retractable Camping Stool
  • LUCKY CUP Folding Stool Fishing Stool Portable Camping Stool