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NightHawk Light Spot-light offer. The As seen on TV offer costs almost $40 for 2 NightHawk Lights. What most buyers don’t realize is that they still have to pay $18 to ship back the product to the manufacturer if they are not happy with it.

What is NightHawk Light?

It alleges to be a security light with motion sensor technology featuring ultra-bright LED bulbs that can illuminate an entire house. It maintains that it is wireless so it installs in just seconds, anywhere.

NightHawk Light Uses – NightHawk Light can be used in backyards, sheds, closets and stairways.

NightHawk Light Features

NightHawk Light claims that its secret lies in its advanced Ultra-LED bulbs. These bulbs illuminate up to 675 sq. ft. of light coverage giving you peace of mind when it’s dark outside. NightHawk Light promises to give you 3000 uses on 1 set of batteries. This claim of NightHawk Light will be attested only once users review NightHawk Light.

NightHawk Light asserts that its motion sensor gets activated from up to 36 feet away shedding you light along the way. It automatically shuts off after 20 seconds and its built-in light sensor keeps it off during the day. Sounds too fanciful, NightHawk Light reviews will expose it soon.

It states that it is great to use on the deck, in your closet to see what to wear, in your garage, stairways, outside or inside your shed, and so much more.

It maintains that it can easily be adjusted to point in any direction using the mounting hardware included – down and up or left or right. Does it sound too good to be true? NightHawk Light reviews will soon reveal the facts.


What do I get?
2 NightHawk Light Motion Sensor LED Security Spotlights for $29 at the official website

NightHawk Light Infomercial – They make it sound like NightHawk Light is the only security spot-light available in the market. There are several tried and tested alternatives out there on

NightHawk Light Review

The NightHawk Light Review generated here discusses the genuine feedback provided by the users. The NightHawk Light Reviews in general state that the light works good in smaller areas and you can install them over entry gates and walkways. However, one NightHawk Light Review stated that the lights are dimmer for backyard purpose. Another NightHawk Light review says that the light gets out too quickly. You have to remain in continuous motion in the sensor zone to keep the light working longer.

Talking about the sensor zone, most of the NightHawk Light Reviews complained that the sensor zone is quite narrow and short. The light turns on when you are quite near and shuts quickly when you move a little away.

The advertisements of NightHawk Light say it to be a quite good beam light with motion sensors. If you do not wish to be swayed away by makers’ claims and want to get a real insight into the product, then you can read the NightHawk Light Review below.

One user shared that everything about the light is good, these are easy to install and have a nice beam, but the major drawback is its motion sensor that works when you are quite close to the light. 

NightHawk Light Animation

NightHawk Light Animation – The graphic is somewhat misleading. It lures users into thinking that it can move automatically.


An user’s Review of NightHawk Light

Brian Grant bought the NightHawk Light and says in his NightHawk Light Review that when he took it down he found things have corroded inside from moisture, and the movement sensor cover had condensation on it that prevented the sensor from working. He managed to clean the contacts which helped but it didn’t work as well anymore.

He complains that the NightHawk Light is good but is not long lasting. It costs $12 which comes to about a dollar a month plus batteries and is an easy way to light a path. The NightHawk Light would have been worth it if it had come with D size batteries and those batteries are not cheap.

It does its job though. It pivots and rotates with hand screws to your desired adjustments. He further adds that the NightHawk Light is bright, but the batteries don’t last as long as they should. Also, since his lights are used outdoors, he has to apply duct tape around the seam or water gets into the light casing when it rains. He says the light was easy to install and relatively easy to replace batteries, but he had to remove and replace the duct tape around the seam each time.

In his NightHawk Light review he complains that the quality of the NightHawk Light is average and it should have come with batteries for the price it costs and further adds that the batteries are not cheap. The NightHawk Light does its job. It pivots and rotates with hand screws to your desired adjustments. Light output is not as bright as he hoped for.

He says that he actually liked the spotlights, but they are not waterproof. If you put them under the eaves or sheltered from the rain then they work beautifully. If they are exposed to any amount of rain, however, they leak and get ruined. He installed 5 and 3 of them worked for years are still going strong but the other two filled with water. One was mounted under an eave that was just 6 inches wide and it lasted just a couple months, the other was mounted on a tree trunk. The one on the tree actually lasted over a year before filling with water. If you keep them dry, they work very well with a decently sensitive eye and a fairly bright light.

He mentions that the lights worked great during a recent city wide power outage, however when the temperature dropped to around 20 degrees they stopped working. He thought they were broken until it started heating up again outside and they started coming on again. These are spot lights for a small area, however if you are looking for a flood light rather than a spot light, look for something with more LEDs. He complains that although the description says “WEATHERPROOF” it is not true.

He also mentions that moisture does penetrate to the innards of the light and when this happens you will have trouble with the light. It is good enough to buy again and apply his hopeful fix to the NightHawk Light.

Our Verdict

As per the NightHawk Light Reviews provided by the users, the lights are okay in terms of illumination and installation; however, they majorly lack in the area of motion sensors. Their motion sensing field is quite narrow. As per one of the NightHawk Light Review, these shut down too quickly hence do not quite serve their purpose. Therefore, if you are looking for a beam that covers more considerable distance and does not go out fast, then you should look for other options.

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  1. Gerald Wilder | April 9, 2020 at 1:33 am | Reply

    I have purchased two NIGHTHAWK lights but one is not working, The one that does not work was an extra one and was not used until I needed it now. What should I do?

  2. I bought one for my elderly aunt so she could have light at night when she gets up to use bathroom. Didn’t last long, lights somehow went out and batteries are to expensive. I’m trying to find a good motion detection light that will last. Waste of money.

  3. claims to light up the front of a house realy bright…..but when its shown in a small closet,theres not much light at all. the way they show it lighting up the house and its front yard, when its turned on in the closet,it should be near blinding. ive never bought anything off of these tv ads,and never would. they talk absolute bullshit about there cheap,made in china plastic crap.

  4. Doesn’t suprise me all these things on tv they talk up but dont deliver was looking in to these lights but did not buy them I am glad I didnt I went for 120 led solsr light more expansive been using these gor a while now they are out in the weather as long as you install the solar panel in a good position tobthe sun even in low sun light it charges upthe 2 3.7 volt 4.7 lithium batteries 2200 Mah no worries the sencer rang is inpressive and angle is even more inpresive lux time on from 8 sec to 5 min the solar panel has a five meter cable on it I brought twin pack for $57 aus they are 1200 lum run time is 5+ continuously hours at full charg and the other one simular 120led 1000 Lum prety much same setting range same battrey pack two 3.7 2200 lithium 4.7 battrey pack and becouse this one is 1000 Lum the battrey lasts 8+ hours continuously very inpresive $35 aus the brightness compaired to 240 volt flood light not as bright but we are talking about 240 volt and 3.7 volt ebay has them They are very impressive easy to install simply screw the light to the place you want to light up mount the splar panel up to 5 metters away and leave in the off position and charge for 3 days only to start with one thing I did forget they have a switch toggle off,On,Auto this is very handy becouse if you need the light on you can switch it to on so the light wont go off and when you are finished switch back to Auto

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