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What is My Full Moon Light?

If you are feeling too stressed and can’t seem to relax then the Full Moon Light claims to be the perfect light for you. As per the official website, My Full Moon Light claims to be a lifelike representation of the moon light that will calm you down and help you manage your stress.

How does My Full Moon Light work?

With a flawless 3-D printed texture, the Full Moon Light alleges it is completely customizable with 16 spectacular color options and 16 brightness levels. It promises to be the perfect light for any occasion so you can use it while reading a book, perfect light when you listen to music, or relax in a warm soothing bath, it even sets the perfect environment when you study for exams or are working at the office. Full Moon Light claims to be rechargeable, completely wireless and portable. Completely cool to the touch is one of the features the Full Moon Light claims to have, so you can hold the moon in your hands.

My Full Moon Light Review | Reviews

What Do You Get?

Full Moon Light is available at $19.99 + FREE Shipping. It includes:
  • Full Moon light
  • Wooden Stand
  • Full Light Spectrum Remote Control


Price: The Full Moon Light is priced at $19.99 + Free S/h. The My Full Moon Light is available only at the official website You can buy two My Full Moon Light Sets for $29.98.

  • 2 Full Moon lights
  • 2 Wooden Stands
  • 2 Full Light Spectrum Remote Controls


My Full Moon Light Review

Short cord but easy to assemble

Pretty Neat

One reviewer says that it’s very pretty. Quite close to the pictures, but a bit less detailed and a bit less pink-purple with the white led lit. The cord is pretty short, and does not come with a wall plug. The stand assembles easily and holds the lamp well. The lamp is not printed with any of the galaxy coloring. It uses the battery even when it’s plugged in, so when you turn it off at night, it then has a very bright blue glow while it charges back up.

No Charger Block

One review mentions that her daughter has it plugged in to the USB port on her TV. She adds that you will need a charger block or a USB port to plug it in because it doesn’t come with one.


Beautiful but overall faulty

Another reviewer states in his review that it is a beautiful light and she wanted to get one for every room. It is easy to charge and flip through different colors and brightness. However it is faulty. The first one simply stopped working after a day and the second one stopped working in 5 days.


Priced affordably, buttons don’t function well

One reviewer is happy with the price of the light but complains that the remote has some settings, but the buttons don’t do exactly what they say they do. This is a great nightlight or small light for moving around in the dark.


Small but perfect light

One reviewer is happy with her purchase although she adds that the light is smaller than expected.


Beautiful Colorful Light

One review mentions that it is very colorful. It is not perfectly round but is kind of irregular in shape. It is fun and has a nice size and is a good night light for any room. One reviewer mentions that it is beautiful as long as you very strategically place/hold it as there’s a big white uncolored patch on the bottom that doesn’t match the rest. It makes it look cheap, but as long as you set it just right so that spot cannot be seen, it’s otherwise gorgeous.

Does the Full Moon Light really relax?

Not really, but it is definitely good to create a good ambience for a low light party.


Is it a night light?

Reviews mention that the Full Moon Light is too bright to be a night light. And it cannot be hung or put on the wall like a night light. It would have been great if you could hang it like a real MOON. You won’t fall asleep faster with this Full Moon Light on, as claimed in the official review.


Is Full Moon Light too bright?

Nope. The Full Moon Light has 16 levels of brightness so you can go from no moon [little moon] to full moon. One reviewer says it would have been even great if it could change the phases like a real moon.


What are the Pros and Cons of the As Seen On TV Full Moon Light?


  • It is a great novelty light
  • Comes with a remote so you don’t have to walk up to it and touch it to switch it on or off
  • The Full Moon does look like a real MOON
  • Unlike other Moon Lights, the “FULL MOON” is rechargeable
  • Makes a Great Gift
  • Stand is Included


  • The Full Moon Light is flimsy and won’t last too long
  • The stand looks wooden but is made of plastic
  • The stand being light-weight it moves easily
  • Takes longer to charge fully
  • The Full Moon Light stays on [Lighted] when charging
  • The Full moon Light is small in size
  • The Full Moon Light globe does not attach to the stand and the light can easily topple.
  • Many reviewers complain that the Full Moon light does not look like a real MOON. The light looks more like a 3D printed sphere when it is not glowing.


How is Full Moon Light powered?

The Full Moon light comes with an in-built rechargeable battery that draws power from the electrical supply of the house. The light provide whole light illumination. Reviewers mention that this is a particular advantage the Full Moon Light has over its competitors which are battery powered, you have to keep buying new batteries for them.

Poor Workmanship

While the concept of the Full Moon Light is really good, but the light itself is poorly made. But then you get what you pay for, this particular complaint is common with all the “MOON LIGHTS” that are in this price range, not just the As Seen On TV Full Moon Light. There are many reviews that say that the Full Moon Light is cheaply made, the texture of the “moon” is not smooth. The MOON is made of flimsy plastic and it looks like it can be damaged pretty easily, it is a delicate light so you have to be very particular when you handle the As Seen On TV Full Moon Light. The light is not something you can touch too often, so you cannot keep the light in the kids bedroom [as they would like to touch and play with it].

Charging Cable Issue

The charging cable is not made correctly, some users complain that they had to “force” the plug into the socket. Reviews confirm that the Full Moon Light is not something that would last several years. Its not the sphere that would break but it is the plug assembly that gets pushed inside the sphere and then you won’t be able to charge the Full Moon Light rendering it unusable. There are complaints about the charging cable becoming loose inside the Full Moon Light and then dying after shortly afterward. You have to lay the light and the wire at a specific angle to make it charge, reviewers complain.


Comparison of Key Parameters


  • Finish – Polished
  • Material – Plastic
  • Power Source – Rechargeable Battery
  • Voltage – 5 Volts
  • Wattage – 1.26 watts
  • Type of Bulb – LED
  • Switch – Remote
  • Special Features – 16 color options, 16 brightness levels
  • Usage – Novelty Light, Party Light, Late Night Ambient Light
  • Battery – Rechargeable Lithium Ion

Our Verdict

Reviews conform that all in all the My Full Moon Light is a decent night light. There are more disadvantages than advantages but th. Kids love the Full Moon Light especially if you kids have a liking for space and astronomy. But this is not the only FULL MOON Light in the market, there are several of them. But Invariably they are all the same. The Rechargeable battery, the 16 colors, 16 brightness levels make the Full Moon Light special. We do recommend it.

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