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What is Miracle Mist?

Miracle Mist is an instant misting system that claims to cool any outdoor space. Miracle Mist system comes pre-assembled with adjustable all-brass nozzles that convert water into ultra fine cooling mist. Miracle Mist


Why Miracle Mist?

In summers the outdoor gets too hot to relax and fans just blow hot air. It is even impossible to relax outdoor in the scorching heat even with umbrellas. Miracle Mist comes in handy here with its 20 feet length tube an claims to reduce the temperature by 15 degree without making you wet. So you can safely enjoy hot days outdoors.


How does Miracle Mist work?

The secret of the Miracle Mist is the all-brass nozzles that convert water into fine mist. The mist is so fine that though it is refreshing and does relieve you of the heat, does not make you wet. The mist evaporates on the contact with your body. The result is a decrease in the temperature – the principle of Evaporative Cooling. If the claims are to be believed the Miracle Mist never leaks and rusts and hence is long lasting.


How to use the Miracle Mist?

Simply insert the brackets, snap in the tubing and attach it to the regular hose and turn on the water for instant refreshing mist. You can improvise with the addition of portable fan that would make the mist spread over a large area. Miracle Mist can be used in patio, by the pool and more. According to the claims it can be also used for irrigating the garden, green houses, safe for pets. The best part is that it requires a very little amount of water to produce high volume of mist, which makes it the most affordable method of cooling outdoors.


Miracle Mist Review

Does Miracle Mist reduce the Mist by 30 Degree There is a discrepancy on the Miracle Mist website GetMiracleMist.com. The website says it can decrease the temperature by 30 degree and the Miracle Mist video says it decreases the temperature by 15 degree. Very unprofessional marketing. Nonetheless bit claims are too far-fetched. There are no independent studies that attest this claims of Miracle Mist. Miracle Mist


What are Micro Vapor Nozzles? Just a fancy name given to the misting nozzles to make them sound hi-tech.


Is Miracle Mist really great for Irrigation? Nope. Technically it is used for spraying mist and is not like a drip irrigation. Also bringing the nozzles of the Miracle Mist in contact with the soil can clog the small pores.


What type of Nozzle does the Miracle Mist System use? Miracle Mist like all other misting systems uses “Impingement” nozzles. The Miracle Mist’s nozzle makes the water stream exit from a very small opening and then makes it collide with a pointed pin that further “atomizes” the water particles into fine mist.


Does the Miracle Mist leak? There are no reviews at this point to comment on this topic but like all other similar misting systems, Miracle Mist may also begin to leak after some time. Most of the times it is a “hit or miss” case with these misting systems. Some may leak others may just work fine. So you have to be “lucky” to get the right piece.


How to care for the Miracle Mist system? Misting Systems like the Miracle Mist is a delicate setup and needs to be maintained properly. With repeated use, from environment factors, the debris in water etc may cause the nozzles to clog, which may make them unusable. Here are the ways of cleaning and maintaining the Miracle Mist nozzles:
  • Use a wire brush to clean off all calcification that may have formed on the brass nozzle of Miracle Mister.
  • Make sure the water that goes in the Miracle Mist is filtered and is free of debris
  • Periodically soak the nozzles in cleaning solutions like Orbit Arizona.
  • Flush the tube before fitting the nozzles.


Disadvantages of the Miracle Mist

  • Does not include the nozzle cleaning set that is very important given the fact that atomizing nozzles tend to get clogged very often.
  • You cannot buy just one Miracle Mist. The ordering process is designed in way so that you have to buy 2 Miracle Mist sets for $30. The worst part is that it is available only at the official website
  • Miracle Mist does not come with any instructions of how to use it and how to clean it.
  • Priced at $30 for two kit, Miracle Mist is expensive. There are far better alternatives available at Amazon.com like the Orbit 20066 Portable 1/4-Inch Outdoor Mist Cooling System which costs only $12.00
  • Returning the Miracle Mist system could be even more costlier affair. You still need to pay $10 for each set to return it to the manufacturer.
  • Creative Concepts USA – the company that manufactures the Miracle Mist System is known to make crappy “as seen on tv” products. This brand cannot be trusted. It has no history of making quality products that too something like a misting system that needs precise engineering. This is important factor because this company has no experience of designing such specialized product (like the Miracle Mist). Normally only companies who design and manufacture plumbing pipes, plumbing accessories, fittings etc are adept enough to make “quality” misting systems. And Creative Concepts USA has no such experience at all.
Miracle Mist


Our Verdict on Miracle Mist

Miracle Mister is not tried and tested misting system, it is over-hyped, incomplete and expensive. It is not the only misting system available in the market. There are several tried and tested misting systems out there we would recommend one of those. A good alternative to Miracle Mist is Orbit 20066 Portable 1/4-Inch Outdoor Mist Cooling System.


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  1. Mary Ann Hale | June 25, 2020 at 4:06 am | Reply

    We need to order a nozzle as the one that came with the kit fell off when hanging the system

  2. Jenny umphress | May 18, 2020 at 2:05 am | Reply

    I have called customer service 2 times. It went to voice mail. I have never received my order or heard back from the company. What a rip off. You should be ashamed.

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