MC Square Stickies REVIEW

What is MC Square Stickies?

MC Square Stickies

MC Square Stickies are special sticky notes that are completely adhesive-free which means absolutely zero to no sticky residue. Unlike the old sticky notes in the market these MC Square Stickies are ecological in the sense that they have been created by the makers so as to reduce the use and wastage of papers. In fact MC Square Stickies replaces up to approximately 12,000 Paper Notes over the time of use. MC Square Stickies claims to be useful because you can choose between using it with wet or dry erase markers!

MC Square Stickies have been created in a special way making it reusable, so now all you have to do is wash with it tap water and it’s as good as new! MC Square Stickies are so flexible that they stick to any smooth surface and really effortlessly as well making it super easy to use. The creators of MC Square Stickies were so thoughtful that they made this an economical product that not only is very helpful but it also saves you money!


MC Square Stickies Claims

MC Square Stickies

Stickies can be put to application almost everywhere and it is said to leave no sticky residue. Leave reminders and notes almost anywhere! Stickies dry-erase sheets are perfect for any home, office wall, door, desk or table. The applications are endless! Our patented self stick adhesive technology is removable & reusable. Safe for smooth walls and can easily be removed with no sticky residue left behind.

“MC Square Stickies”

MC Square Stickies

This is a name that includes a very smart term so that the viewers think that this is a scientifically proven item that is revolutionary in nature. By giving examples of how many thousands of sticky notes one can help save simply by purchasing a pack of these is a lousy way of trying to confuse and market the product. A very simple fact that even if the MC Square Stickies doesn’t end up functioning for very long and the buyers would simply discard it without a second thought is probable. Choose to spend your money wisely, don’t support such bogus products.

  • “Simply stick, then write, then hold on tight”
    Like most items which involve sticking onto surfaces, MC Square Stickies has been a common instance that after a certain period of time the sticky part reduces its effect and starts to slowly pull off the edges. Also this causes the part of the surface that it was stuck to, to lose its glow in the sense it is visible enough until cleaned thoroughly or wiped off. Don’t buy this product it’s a waste of money!
  • “Should your sticky get dirty, simply rinse back and re – use”
    These MC Square Stickies notes will get dirty, yes. But if one raises it that would only mean that the sticky part will slowly but surely reduce suction and slip off in time. This is obviously a false claim, compared to the usual sticky notes or sticky pieces of paper that could easily be taken off.
  • “Turn any wall, door, desk, cabinet or refrigerator & more into a dry-erase surface”
    In today’s time everybody is living in the world of smart phones. With the help of this technology one can now practically do so many things which at one point were supposed to be time consuming or would require physical presence. One such application of the phone is that you can set reminders and to – do things as well as edit it on the go! so that means no more dirtying the house with anything but art.

MC Square Stickies Price Analysis

MC Square Stickies’ $19.99 is an expensive number for something that isn’t really all that important for a daily use. Yes, people do need to set reminders but not every day of the year! These just seem to be an add-on to already clustered houses, kitchens where ever you want to place it. Today, less is more.


MC Square Stickies Offer

The manufacturer of MC Square Stickies say that on purchasing this item the buyer gets 1 pack of 6 Stickies plus an absolutely free set of bonus dry erase pens for only $19.99 plus $4.99 p&h. So in a way, they are also marketing their dry erase pens which on a regular day, no household would usually have amongst pens and pencils. Had the buyers been able to use any pen or paper it would be a different thing, but specific erase pens would only mean added expense once the inks dry out.

MC Square Stickies Review

MC Square Stickies

MC Square Stickies is a high-quality dry-erase material and patented micro-suction technology, with an adhesive-free sticky backside. MC Square Stickies can be put to application almost everywhere and its said to leave zero sticky residue. This enables you to place reminders and notes all over the place! They say these MC Square Stickies dry-erase sheets are great for any area be it a house, office wall, door, desk or table but that just makes things look so untidy and clumsy! It is better to keep such things off the wall and make mental notes instead. The application list for this product is endless so they say but in reality there is none but one! This patented self stick adhesive technology is retractable & can be reused as well that also multiple times but not as many as they’ve claimed. This MC Square Stickies is definitely hazardous for smooth walls and although it is not hard remove it might leave sticky residue remaining behind.

Our Verdict

We don’t think this MC Square Stickies is worth a purchase. For a minimal cost one can get the good old sticky notes and if not we’re sure everybody out there is using or has access to a cell phone! In this era of pace, continuous connected mobiles and computers, it is comforting to know that there is possibility of efficient and effective using of a sticky note. This note was used to help note down daily to-dos like reverting of emails, call backs, bill payments, and things like that. To get started, take out a single square post-it note and jot down your priorities.


What is the one thing you need to or must do today, which in case you complete it, would move you in the direction of your goals. What else is necessary for you to complete are things you should place in a convenient location like your computer monitor. You need something you can easily take reference from so it constantly reminds you of your goals despite everyday distractions and interruptions. With the help of these notes one can avoid losing time planning your next day. The time it takes “planning to plan” is substantial in a year, so it is better to save time when you can because time indeed is money! Instead, wake up, check your list and get going.

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